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Easy Sudoku for 23/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all.
23/Jul/16 12:00 AM
23/Jul/16 12:09 AM
Keep smiling, everyone!
23/Jul/16 12:46 AM
Quiet here today! Everyone sleeping late in usa?
23/Jul/16 1:02 AM
Not sleeping late, Denny, I was just doing household chores. It's a necessary evil occasionally.
23/Jul/16 1:33 AM
Greg isn't the only one experiencing hot summer weather. Our temps are predicted to be hovering around 100+° this weekend. So, not summer weather, I'm calling it ''simmer weather''.
23/Jul/16 1:38 AM
23/Jul/16 1:52 AM
23/Jul/16 1:53 AM
Yup, we too are suffering a heat wave! But it looks like it'll break after Saturday! Somewhere in the high 80's but next week it'll come down to high 70's. Yay!
23/Jul/16 1:56 AM
Seen this photo before.Good one though.
23/Jul/16 2:42 AM

We're simmering away here in Cleveland, too.
23/Jul/16 3:12 AM
The Republican National Convention ended last night here in Cleveland. Now lots of visitors can't get out of town due to Southwest Airlines having computer problems yesterday throughout the US. Apparently, the planes are here but the flight staffs have already flown their allowed hours so must delay flights for another day.
23/Jul/16 3:15 AM
Good afternoon to all!
23/Jul/16 4:22 AM
''Simmer'' weather here as well Kathy. Will feel like 97F (36C)soon. Where's the snow?
23/Jul/16 4:24 AM
Oh, lucky you, Dottie R! Just what you need...a whole lot of hungover delegates who can't get home!
23/Jul/16 4:28 AM
Good one, Kathy! I like that! 'Simmer' weather does certainly describe it!
23/Jul/16 4:29 AM
Lucky you, Shosho. We in the east are just getting started with the heat wave. Just in time for me to take vacation in my UN-air conditioned house. well, maybe that's not the best description...I do have window A/C's in the kitchen and bedroom, but I hate being limited to just those two rooms. Maybe I'll switch up my body clock and do things overnight and sleep in the A/C by day...
23/Jul/16 4:44 AM
Hot and humid here in SC also. (sweat, not tears)
23/Jul/16 5:38 AM
Good morning.
23/Jul/16 5:44 AM
Cold and windy here in Canberra.
23/Jul/16 5:45 AM
Shiver weather.
23/Jul/16 5:45 AM
23/Jul/16 5:46 AM
Heading out for morning tea/brunch this morning. Hope we're not sitting outside!
23/Jul/16 5:47 AM
Good mAen, good people. Yesterday I installed my living room AC and downstairs dehumidifier. The a storm rolled through and we lost electricity for several hours. Thankfully the temps dropped 15-20 degrees behind the storm front!
23/Jul/16 6:21 AM
Today the temps are back up so we put some rocks and a little water in a stock tank for Skye's bearded dragons. They are loving it.
23/Jul/16 6:24 AM
Still hoping to rehome the dragons. They are a proven breeding pair. If anyone knows anyone who is interested, private message me.
23/Jul/16 6:27 AM
Well, I'm limited to standing at my front door watching the world go by. My leg is feeling better Just hope it is healing as it should- will be a long 2 weeks I think.
May even, I will master 2 finger tapping on my iPad- looks like I need to work on contact with the space bar. I sue know where the backspace button is.
23/Jul/16 6:48 AM
Morning all,a friendship star.
Mymare, you will soon get used to the tapping.
23/Jul/16 8:31 AM
Cold and very windy here this morning, there are a number of trees around the place that have been toppled overnight.

1:39 for the Sudoku.
23/Jul/16 9:57 AM
Happy Friday!
23/Jul/16 10:34 AM
Here we are, still on page one. And it's my bedtime. What's happened to the good old days, when we would be on page two, three, or maybe even four by now.
Oh, well. Night all.
23/Jul/16 12:50 PM
Quite a record: 47 of the lower 48 states had temperatures over 90F/32C today.
23/Jul/16 1:29 PM
The Cats are coming to get you, Wombat.
23/Jul/16 10:20 PM
And the Brumbies were ripped off. Their try was good, they should have won.

Hate bad decisions.
23/Jul/16 10:23 PM
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