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Easy Sudoku for 23/August/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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And I'm here too!
23/Aug/15 12:00 AM

Well done Greg!!! first of the day!
23/Aug/15 12:01 AM
all. Hi Greg.
23/Aug/15 12:02 AM
Well done Hal on LPOTD......work got in the way for me tonight to make a race of it
23/Aug/15 12:03 AM
And Lizzy.
23/Aug/15 12:03 AM
Just missed it.
23/Aug/15 12:04 AM
Ready for whatever comes next.
23/Aug/15 12:11 AM
good morning from beautiful OK. We have liquid sunshine this morning.
23/Aug/15 12:13 AM
Yesterday was a buys but fun day.
23/Aug/15 12:16 AM

Im not too sure if Sue went to the markets or was flat chat doing fun things?!?!?!
23/Aug/15 12:39 AM
Good morning to all (again)! I tried for both the last post and the first post but Hal grabbed the last post. C'est la vie! Hal's sneaky.
23/Aug/15 12:46 AM

The owners of Bowie would of had their hands full!!
23/Aug/15 1:11 AM
Happy Saturday!
23/Aug/15 1:30 AM

I love Border Collies....but they are HIGH energy!
23/Aug/15 1:36 AM
23/Aug/15 2:33 AM
No problem with a Border Collie, I'd take it out for run with me. After three miles I think I would have worn out the little guy! Now I'm trying to sneak up to four miles without letting my body know! My body would creak and groan if it knew what I was trying!
23/Aug/15 2:35 AM
Bowie is a cute pup! I love how he sits with his front paws separated like that.
23/Aug/15 3:27 AM

Seems Shosho has taken the rest of the site with her on her run!!
23/Aug/15 3:27 AM
, y'all! Dealing with either a mild migraine or sinus headache. Lack of sleep Monday-Tuesday triggered something, but I thought I'd gotten over it. It's tolerable, might see if some OTC pain meds kick it.
23/Aug/15 3:31 AM
For your weekend Poozling Pleasure, a return to the Rebuses! Decipher the 10 word-play puzzles below to reveal common phrases. Answers to my 'Or is it Rebii?' Inbox, winners announced in two days!


23/Aug/15 3:37 AM
Now THAT'S a face anyone can love!
23/Aug/15 3:41 AM
Can I?
23/Aug/15 3:46 AM
23/Aug/15 3:46 AM
mAen! I so rarely get here before the wee hours I don't often get the chance to use it. I am not quite sure what 1:00 or 2:00 am is - m or n?

23/Aug/15 4:48 AM
This young border collie already has that steely gaze they use to control other animals.
23/Aug/15 4:48 AM

I bought way too many peppers when I got the tomatoes earlier this week. So I'm making lots of stuffed peppers tomorrow and roasted the rest of them today and just packed them in olive oil and some good herbs.
23/Aug/15 5:21 AM
Silvergal - I hope your head feels better right away. Hate to see you waste your weekend because you don't feel like yourself.
23/Aug/15 5:22 AM
Good Morning.
23/Aug/15 5:40 AM
Having trouble with my eyes this morning.
23/Aug/15 5:42 AM
Or it could be that I just need more sleep
23/Aug/15 5:43 AM
No more shat,I'm off.
23/Aug/15 5:46 AM
23/Aug/15 5:46 AM
Sarah, I would say it depends...if you haven't headed off to 'Dreamland' yet, in my opinion, it would be If you're getting up after sleeping, I would call it

As for the border collie having that 'controlling gaze', I feel controlled!
23/Aug/15 6:25 AM
We have rain - yay! If it hadn't, I would've been dragging sprinkler hoses around.
23/Aug/15 6:57 AM
One of the things I'd hoped to do this afternoon was make a digital copy of a 1960 45rpm record of Girl Scout songs, borrowed from a younger leader who received it from her fiance's grandmother. Unfortunately, it has a severe warp in it - so severe the needle jumps, making it unplayable.

23/Aug/15 7:00 AM
I was able to flatten it a bit with a little heat to where I could play it from the 2nd or 3rd song on each side, but I didn't want to overheat the vinyl since things can go wrong in a hurry. I've decided to flatten it gradually with weight (between cardboard under books) over the next few weeks, a trusted way of taking warps out. My goal is to make that digital transfer and burn some CDs!
23/Aug/15 7:01 AM
Now I'm off to practice two skits for tomorrow's children's church. Back to school kickoff. My character is a Lieutenant, an instructor at a school for superheroes... and the training of the new recruits isn't going too well! I already know how I want to do my character, but I still need to commit some lines to memory.
23/Aug/15 7:06 AM
Morning all, hello Bowie.
We have some much needed rain this morning, it's only light hopefully it will get a bit heavier later on.
23/Aug/15 7:11 AM
Just in time.
23/Aug/15 7:21 AM
23/Aug/15 7:22 AM
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