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Easy Sudoku for 23/September/2009


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Submitted by: Gath

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It's eerily beautiful, June, but what a mess to clean up if it seeps into the house!
23/Sep/09 7:07 AM
This is getting ridiculous! Geez!
23/Sep/09 7:08 AM
Hope all those fellow Cats fans have a great weekend! Gary has done us proud this week, and I think the boys are ready to make it 2007 and 2009! GO CATS!!!
Have a lovely day everyone. We are getting some much needed rain while other parts of Australia are covered with red dust, there are fires burning in Queensland and floods in South Australia! Can't win!
23/Sep/09 7:12 AM
Good afternoon to all! Super photo Terri. Did you do the Brewster Ice Tour while you were up there and walk on the glacier? I've done that twice, and quite enjoyed the experience both times.
23/Sep/09 7:17 AM
Agree. Awful red fog in Sydney this morning.

http://www.smh.com.au/environment/sydney-turns-red-dust-storm-blankets-city-20090923-g0s o.html
23/Sep/09 7:17 AM
Make sure all those people in Sydney keep windows and doors shut tight - pull blinds and curtains if you can - that minimises how far the dust seeps and how much cleaning you need to do!
23/Sep/09 7:17 AM
Glenn, puzzlers aside, how did Leah fare on the post card request, and how is she faring at university?
23/Sep/09 7:20 AM
Everything is shut tight. I drove to work with the aircon on recirc. The car is filthy - had to use the windscreen washer three times before I could go (it was 5.50am). I am now inside at work and can still taste it. Asthmatics should not go anywhere today. You would swear the photos have been taken with a filter but I guarantee you they have not!
23/Sep/09 7:21 AM

Tr y again ... there seem to be spaces put into theat URL. If they reappear before the last o delete them!
23/Sep/09 7:22 AM
Fiona, flying ants? Flying uncles are much more dangerous. They not only invade your pool, they also drink all your beer, wine, whatever and they raid your refrigerator. Count yourself lucky!
23/Sep/09 7:24 AM
Your weather is nothing if not varied, Mariane!
23/Sep/09 7:26 AM
Kate, that is quite the phenomena. The picture on the Web looks like it was taken on Mars. I hope there are no accidents related to the limited visibility.
23/Sep/09 7:36 AM
we get the Sahara desert dust occasionally, makes an awful mess of cars, and window sills, and plants, and doorsteps, and window panes, and...need I continue? Good luck with the clean-up June and Kate!
23/Sep/09 7:41 AM
Kathy, maybe we could stop the word association of 'madam', 'brothel' and 'birds' in your posts today - will give people quite the wrong idea. I only had two million ants at it in my garden this afternoon, that's all. Maybe that's what whipped up all that dust in Oz? The butterfly flaps its wings phenomena?
23/Sep/09 7:46 AM
Dang! Good one CG. Wish I'd thought of that.
23/Sep/09 7:57 AM
Well, they died happy, Fiona!

I have discovered that my "one coat" paint, isn't.

The kitchen calls....
23/Sep/09 8:09 AM
http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw-act/weird-red-dust-haze-covers-sydney/story-e6freuzi-12257 78401324

More photos here ...
23/Sep/09 8:12 AM
http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw-act/weird-red-dust-haze-covers-sydney/story-e6freuzi-12257 78401324

This programme keeps putting spaces in my URLs - no spaces!

Delete all spaces before hitting enter!
23/Sep/09 8:15 AM
There is no space between the two 7s in the URL!
23/Sep/09 8:15 AM
I'm a happy girl! I am holding in my grubby mitts a copy of Diana Gabaldon's latest book in the Outlander series, An Echo in the Bone. It was released today, and I've been first on the waiting list at the library for 6 months! Jamie, I you!
23/Sep/09 8:29 AM
Woo Hoo Judy! Another book to add to my list - after I finish the Twilight series. I borrowed them from my niece and I'm taking my time reading them. One Twilight book, one by another author, one twilight book etc.
23/Sep/09 8:58 AM
Good Morning.
23/Sep/09 9:44 AM
Glenn - I think you make it very difficult for yourself. At 30mph it take 2 minutes to travel a mile, thus the front of the train takes 3 minutes to travel the tunnel. The rear is 1/16th (half a furlong)of a mile behind so it take an extra 2 minutes divided by 16 i.e 7.5 seconds. Total time 3 minutes 7.5 seconds.
23/Sep/09 10:30 AM
The last time I heard that joke, it was eggs under the bed but it is still funny.
23/Sep/09 10:31 AM
Good morning all - wow, those pics of the dust in Sydney are amazing! I feel for the asthmatics, being one myself.
23/Sep/09 10:36 AM
Expletive Warning - Do not read if easily upset
A little girl goes to a pet shop and asks 'excuthe me do you have any
widdle wabbits?'
The shopkeepers heart melts, he gets down on his knees so that he is on her level and says 'do you want a widdle white wabbit or a thoft fwuffy bwack More...
23/Sep/09 10:42 AM
My natural penchant for procrastinating got the better of me. That's why it's taken me so long to get my pictures of our Colorado train trip into my gallery, but I finally got it all done. We had a good time. I hope that comes across in the pictures. Enjoy.
23/Sep/09 10:49 AM
Just rang D2 in Sydney who is an asthmatic. As we suspected no ventalin and nebuliser left behind in Tasmania. She says the cigarette smoke as people lit up as they got off the train was far worse. Staying inside AC building all day and hopes things will be better by nightfall.
23/Sep/09 10:59 AM
I had intended to get back on site to post pictures this afternoon, but a broken water main in the neighborhood sent me to the store to purchase water and, of course, the stores on the island were sold out, so I had to go to Brunswick. And while I was there, I figured I might as well restock the More...
23/Sep/09 11:02 AM
Hi all, another of my pictures today. Yes C. Greg, we did the tour of the ice fields. It was great. We took a bottle with us to collect the freshest water you have ever tasted!
23/Sep/09 11:08 AM
Keith - loved your Colorado pictures. The restaurant where you had lunch is close to our favorite restaurant in Vail - Sweet Basil! Generally, the food is always good in ski towns. Of course, after a day of skiing, I guess ANY food would taste good!!!
23/Sep/09 11:19 AM
The dust has reached Brisbane - outside is a really weird orange colour and it's so windy. Everyone driving past has their headlights on.
I'm glad I didn't get the opportunity to wash my car on the weekend.
23/Sep/09 11:52 AM
I too, experienced the dust storm and I have put a photo in my Gallery.
23/Sep/09 11:53 AM
Every car in Sydney that was either outside overnight or has since been driven needs a bath.
23/Sep/09 12:16 PM
The red/orange pictures from Sydney are simply amazing. The dust must be causing numerous problems, but it certainly is creating a striking surreal beauty.

Thank you, Jane.
23/Sep/09 1:20 PM
For those of my fellow Aussies who are still experiencing the dust, I am happy to report that the sky over Sydney is now fairly clear and poor old Farmer Jones' precious topsoil is now well on its way to our friends in New Zealand.
23/Sep/09 1:42 PM
to you,
to you,
dear Linda!!!
to you!
May your special day be wonderful with a and lots of !

23/Sep/09 1:51 PM
Yeah thanks Ian, you sent it up here!
23/Sep/09 1:52 PM
Well, Marianne and Ian, we're having the same as you! In LA we reaching triple digit temperatures with dry winds, just ripe for wild fires and we have one already with 6,000 acres burnt. And on the other side in Georgia we have pouring rain not stopping for a week, now with severe floods. Yours hitting the nearing of summer and ours at the end of summer! Are we having fun yet?
23/Sep/09 2:02 PM
shosho, it is lots of fun - just as long as you aren't sitting in it.

On a serious note, I have had lots of scary moments during my flying career, but bushfires (wildfires) really frighten me. I feel for those who are caught in them.
23/Sep/09 2:21 PM
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