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Easy Sudoku for 23/September/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning, sayeth the runes.

23/Sep/09 12:00 AM
Good Maen
23/Sep/09 12:00 AM
good morning ian, good morning john , and good morning whoever else has snuck in before me
23/Sep/09 12:01 AM
HI all! Yesterday's Spoonerisms saw some good answers from Rena, Kathy, Ian, CG, Judy, Plum and Angie. I was looking for the following:
1) round hole & hound role
2) beer mug & mere bug
3) basket case & casket base
4) sly fox & fly socks
23/Sep/09 12:08 AM
are you playing with those old stones again Ian? Do they predict a good day on the site?
23/Sep/09 12:09 AM
Here's today's one - it's not difficult but quite nice to read through. Answers to the autumn inbox please.
She so peaceful, yet causes fear
Him so bright and full of cheer
She rests the body, he wakes the soul
Him so light, she black as coal
Her with mole and tiny bright More...
23/Sep/09 12:14 AM
2:25 I may need new glasses. I solved the puzzle and it didn't resolve into a photo and the timer didn't stop. Hmm. Clicked on Check Moves; everything was correct. Scanned the puzzle multiple times before finding one square not filled in. Will it be "that kind of a day?"
23/Sep/09 12:19 AM
Fiona!!! Beautiful new portrait. The camera loves you, babe.
23/Sep/09 12:22 AM
Another great shot, Tami.
23/Sep/09 12:25 AM
Good morning!
First day of Autumn!
23/Sep/09 12:31 AM
Still feels like summer here, with temperatures predicted over 100* for the next several days ... Goin' to the beach!
23/Sep/09 12:34 AM
Lovely picture to start your nice day with.
Wishing all of you a very nice day wherever you are.
23/Sep/09 12:37 AM
Good Maen, y'all!
23/Sep/09 12:52 AM
does anyone know anything about the suicidal tendencies of flying ants? we had a tornado of them earlier this afternoon, you couldn't go outside, and they seem to have all agreed to die in my pool. any information would be most welcome.
23/Sep/09 12:52 AM
Well done to Judy - the only person to solve yesterday's puzzler!
23/Sep/09 12:58 AM
Fiona, where's Jim from Jupiter? I am sure he'd know!
23/Sep/09 1:06 AM
I'm not sure, Fiona ... but I've seen photos of your pool, and I wouldn't mind spending my last minutes there ...
23/Sep/09 1:07 AM
Going to have lunch with # 2 son today. He's in town for a job interview. Cross your fingers everyone! He's been unemployed for over a year due to a company merger resulting in the company downsizing and leaving the area. This new job would require a seventy-five mile commute. More...
23/Sep/09 1:07 AM

A 110 yard long train traveling at 30 MPH, enters a one and a half mile long tunnel.

How long will elapse between the moment the front of the train enters the tunnel and the moment the end of the train clears the tunnel?

***** YESTERDAY'S More...
23/Sep/09 1:07 AM
Awesome photo --
23/Sep/09 1:08 AM
Heat wave here too.
23/Sep/09 1:19 AM
23/Sep/09 1:19 AM
Hi Dave.
23/Sep/09 1:20 AM
Keith - I'm always so happy to see you capture 22. After all, you "called it" and the game is to see who can take it away from you, and you're up against a tough bunch of players.
23/Sep/09 1:23 AM
Good morning (barely), everyone! Got in late last night (flight was 3 hours late) and am trying to get caught up with laundry, etc. I have some pictures of the short-but-sweet Michigan get-together plus some from my other Midwestern adventures. Hopefully, I'll post them later today. Don't know More...
23/Sep/09 1:30 AM
23/Sep/09 1:31 AM
all - another 100° scorcher today - yesterday was filled with fires (3 - probably a fire bug - since it was hot & windy & the fires were within spread accross 25 miles)& lost power due to the fires on a main transmission line (no air conditioning). Looks like they More...
23/Sep/09 1:38 AM
So glad you made it back safely, Jane. It was an immense pleasure to meet you.
23/Sep/09 1:48 AM
everyone. Doesn't feel at all like fall here in FL either! 93* here yesterday. (Eve, how did you make that degree sign after 100?)

Jane, glad you're home safely. We've already seen some pics of the MI get together, but I'm curious about your reunion with your old More...
23/Sep/09 2:08 AM
Good Afternoon to everyone.

Terri - Beautiful picture!!! Thanks

Shiela - Good Luck to your son!

Jane - Welcome Home! You were missed!

23/Sep/09 3:04 AM
Good luck to your son, Shiela
Kathy, try Alt 0176 (on the numbers pad) for degrees ° (hold down the Alt key and type in the numbers)
Way to go, Keith!
23/Sep/09 3:28 AM
Looks like your pool was turned into some type of brothel, Fiona!

"Periodically, usually following by 3-5 days a heavy rain, the winged reproductive forms emerge from the colony in large swarms. Such swarming behavior is usually synchronized by other nearby colonies so large numbers of More...
23/Sep/09 3:34 AM
ok, it figures! It rained very heavily this last weekend, the mating game explains the twisters I saw, and I now have a pool full of dead males...thanks Kathy, that explains a lot. Later this evening, the swallows and starlings arrived in droves to eat what was left hanging around - spectacular flying show - I felt I was in The Birds!!
23/Sep/09 4:44 AM
You should have a phone booth put up in your back yard ... er garden for just such occasions.
23/Sep/09 5:21 AM

Throughout her married life a wife kept a padlocked chest at the foot of bed. Her husband often asked her what was in the chest, but she always refused to divulge the contents. Then, on their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary, she finally agreed to open it.

Inside were two More...
23/Sep/09 5:26 AM
That is a wonderful photo Terri.
23/Sep/09 5:41 AM
Come have fun by the poolside!
(No lifeguard on duty, swim at your own risk!)
*Management not responsible for injuries from low flying birds.
23/Sep/09 6:19 AM
1:57, everyone.
23/Sep/09 6:29 AM
I just work up and thought everything was on fire as there was a red glow in the bedroom. It is eerie as Sydney has been enveloped with the red dust from Central Australia. I have put a photo on my page.
23/Sep/09 6:49 AM
That photo is amazing, June
That dust is bad for the chest I guess.
The South Mediterranean has a similar problem with dust from the Sahara at certain times of the year - but that dust is yellow - not red - very ash-fix-iating.
23/Sep/09 7:00 AM
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