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Easy Sudoku for 23/September/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A new page???? Yes!
23/Sep/12 5:03 AM
Spring is well and truly here in Oz. We celebrate the spring on the 1st September. The wattle generally starts flowering in August.
23/Sep/12 5:05 AM
Good afternoon to all! Spring? Not here. The leaves are starting to get colorful and the weather is much cooler. Spring is a long way off for us topsiders.
23/Sep/12 6:04 AM
I just spent over four hours copying files from my computer unto memory sticks and then deleting the files from my PC. Unfortunately, this old computer (just like me) is running out of virtual memory. Probably time for a new computer, but hard to get a new me.
23/Sep/12 6:07 AM
Peter, I don't know about that IQ comment, but regardless, it would be hard to leave the great white north.
23/Sep/12 6:09 AM
Nice Topp Mama. About time!
23/Sep/12 6:09 AM
One more for DP and for me!
23/Sep/12 6:10 AM
I need a new computer, too, Greg. I just can't gear myself up for the hassle.
The old me is just fine.
23/Sep/12 6:10 AM
23/Sep/12 6:30 AM
May have to buy a new computer but am trying to get old files out of old computer. Then will bite the gullet and subscribe it iCloud to save my photos and iTunes. I am so scared of losing my pictures. Will find tomorrow when I take my computer to the tech guy.
23/Sep/12 6:33 AM
Problem is that the iPhone 5 just came out and the place will be kind of crowded. But the first day of buying the phone was Thursday so hopefully the excitement will have died out by tomorrow.
23/Sep/12 6:35 AM
from beautiful Middle Tennessee. Our trees are just starting to change and the mornings are cool. Just perfect. I have to share with you how much money was raised for the county library at our 'The Salad Luncheon'. We are just $25.00 short of 2,000.00. That is a record! Last year we netted $1,100.00 and we thought that would never be topped. We did it!
23/Sep/12 6:57 AM
Hello everyone!!
Congratulations GmaJackie!!!
23/Sep/12 7:28 AM
2:04. Hi everyone.
23/Sep/12 7:45 AM
I commiserate with all those who need new computers - it's not much fun replacing them! My husband finally had to get a new one when he tried to upgrade his Kaspersky anti viral program. He'd upgraded mine with no problems, but it's newer than his! When he tried to do his he was told it (the new More...
23/Sep/12 7:48 AM
Thanks again Kayo!
Which man was older - Winston or Franklin? The older one was probably the seventh cousin to the other one's father! Not necessarily so though, I have a first cousin once removed who is exactly the same age as me & she's my father's first cousin!
(I can feel The Phantom coming up with some odd connotations there!)
23/Sep/12 7:58 AM
Peter's 'wifey' hope you both have a great day celebrating!
Have a bottle of Tassie bubbly for me. Have had some nice Tassie wine & bubbly!
23/Sep/12 8:02 AM
jacalmi he has a flying sled pulled by 6 white Boomers (kangaroos)!!!!!!
23/Sep/12 8:03 AM
So right Heidi, sorry should have read further before I commented!
23/Sep/12 8:05 AM
Keith, Santa doesn't need a conversion kit - he's Santa - these things just happen!!!!!
23/Sep/12 8:07 AM
Thanks you Mama for your gentle words!
23/Sep/12 8:08 AM
Hello all & everyone else!! Have a great day evening night, Saturday, Sunday!
23/Sep/12 8:10 AM
Almost forgot - last comment on yesterday was from Rayray -
'Dear Mr Phantom,
I may be 'an old fella' right now, but I become younger each day as my hip improves!'

So pleased things are going so well for you, Rayray!! Hope the improvement gets faster & faster for you!!
23/Sep/12 8:14 AM
2.26 good morning all
23/Sep/12 8:54 AM
When my mother had her hip operation it wasn't long before she wanted to go out dancing. I had never seen her dance! She felt that good though and was so happy she had the hip surgery. maybe Rayray can find a dance partner.
23/Sep/12 9:16 AM
Morning all,the wattle has been beautiful this year. Good news about Rayray,thanks Kate.
I managed to sleep in this morning,well 7:15am is late for me but now I'm wishing I hadn't. Bill is driving me crazy with questions while I was trying to do the puzzle.Grrr!
23/Sep/12 9:19 AM
My baby grandson is in hospital with suspected whooping cough. He is in isolation with his mum. I am going to go in to visit shortly. THe doctors have told her they will give any other family members with symptoms a script for erythromycin. He coughed and sneezed all over me last week so i am also coughing
23/Sep/12 9:56 AM
Hello kath, GmaJackie & Amelia!
23/Sep/12 10:02 AM
Hi Mads, hope it isn't Whooping Cough!!! Thinking about you & your family!
23/Sep/12 10:04 AM
Linda from Melbourne. Hope you have a great day full of wonderful surprises!
23/Sep/12 10:29 AM
They are sufficiently convinced that it is whooping cough so are giving family members who are coughing a script for antibiotics.
23/Sep/12 3:53 PM
everyone. Sorry to hear about the whooping cough, Mads. We had an outbreak in our community a few years back and people were really unwell.
23/Sep/12 4:26 PM
Mr C you were right about our weather. Today was wet, windy and cold. We even lit a fire. Still it gives us something to look forward to.
23/Sep/12 4:28 PM
I took time today to load some pics of my spring garden if anyone wants to take a look. You're all welcome.
23/Sep/12 4:30 PM
Also on my page I have put a plea for help from anyone who knows about camera settings. Cos I get so frustrated when the camera focusses on the wrong bits! To illustrate I have put a dud photo of a grevillea flower in my photo gallery. This doesn't happen all the time, so I don't know what I'm More...
23/Sep/12 4:35 PM
Good evening!
23/Sep/12 6:21 PM
to Linda and to Peter's wifey.
23/Sep/12 6:22 PM
Gorgeous day in Canberra today.
23/Sep/12 6:23 PM
For the first time, Mr P and I made a visit out to Tulip Top Farm, about 30km out of Canberra. It's a private version of Floriade that is on at the same time as Floriade each year.
23/Sep/12 6:28 PM
I won't give up on Floriade, but we had a lovely time today. A beautiful display of tulips set around and under blossom trees. The crowd was nothing like we usually encounter at Floriade. All in all , a lovely day.
23/Sep/12 6:32 PM
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