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Easy Sudoku for 24/January/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Jane I have tagged the time and place for sunday assuming that you are 2.30pm at the moment
24/Jan/09 6:33 AM
Mo - It is 2:40 pm here at the moment. Unfortunately, the photo on Google will be the same, and I don't have Skype (nor even a laptop), so you'll just have to pretend you see four happy lobster munchers on Sunday! And now I'm off for a bike ride!
24/Jan/09 6:40 AM
Jane, I've never done the Google Maps thing and checked out street view. Amazing stuff. Putting in the address you gave, it seemed like a residential area and I didn't see what looked like a restaurant. Next, of course, I typed in my own address, and ... THEY HAVE A PICTURE OF MY HOUSE!!! Big brother is watching!
24/Jan/09 7:10 AM
Jane, wish it wasn't so far away or I would love to join you.
Kathy, we madly clean before we go away because we cannot bare the thought of coming home to a house that is not clean and tidy.(and we need a rest after all that travelling!)
24/Jan/09 7:26 AM
I found my house too, Keith! Looks like the lawn had just been cut
24/Jan/09 7:41 AM

I love street view, but I wish they had let us know, I would have put make-up on and got dressed instead of standing on my balcony...in my dressing gown!!!
24/Jan/09 7:51 AM
2.08 Sheer joy
24/Jan/09 7:57 AM
Morning all!
GannieMo those winds sound terrible! 100kph can do a lot of damage, 135???!!!
24/Jan/09 8:31 AM
hehe Gail - what's your address so I can go and check out your dressing gown?
24/Jan/09 8:33 AM
When I received this (with photos), I thought of Heidi. With all the dog/cat photos lately -

If I Didn't Have a Dog... OR CAT......

* I could walk around the yard barefoot in safety.

* My house could be carpeted instead of tiled and laminated.

* All flat More...
24/Jan/09 8:38 AM
I found my house, really wish they would have come on must wear clothes day.

Gail at least you had a dressing gown on, my hair wasn't even brushed.
24/Jan/09 8:43 AM

I loved the Kiwi joke Greg, & it is already doing the rounds of my Kiwi friends.
Lamb is the only food for Australia Day!
Sam Kekovich would be proud! (He does the ads here promoting eating more Aussie lamb)
Thanks for the recepie Angie.
24/Jan/09 9:17 AM
Marinated lamb on the barbie ... I'd travel a long way to get some of that ... wait, I'm going to.
24/Jan/09 9:25 AM
I just discovered Google's "street view" feature a few weeks ago, and when I saw our house with my car in the driveway and Jaime's pickup in front of the house I thought to myself, "I wonder if any of the pictures have cars that shouldn't be there? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Philanderers beware!!! hehehe
24/Jan/09 9:37 AM
Keith, wait for me!!! I'll even bring my own wine!
24/Jan/09 9:38 AM
Just got a letter from Rayray. As Kathy said yesterday, he is slowly - but surely - recovering. I had sent him our half-baked efforts at kitchen appliance poetry, telling him how much he was needed back on site, and he submitted the following:

MY GAS COOKER - by Rayray

My spouse More...
24/Jan/09 9:43 AM
2:20, all.
24/Jan/09 9:59 AM
Thank you Jane for the update on Rayray, now back to read the rest.
24/Jan/09 10:11 AM
I should have elaborated a bit more on Rayray's condition. As of January 16 (the date of his letter), he was still catheterized and thus still under his friend's care. He, therefore, does not have access to his computer, and he is afraid he will have forgotten all his passwords by the time he More...
24/Jan/09 10:23 AM
Great hearing the updates re: Rayray and loved getting a poem after the long drought...thanks Broni!
24/Jan/09 10:29 AM
Howdy still on my abba kick and went to "take a chance on me" have the words on youtube, so can sing out loud ---
24/Jan/09 11:12 AM
G'day Sudokists, I have just arrived back in Oz after another 3+ wonderful weeks with Jim/Jupiter in Florida. My trip was filled with more wonderful experiences some of which were meeting up with Kathy/Valrico and Rob in Orlando, spending New Year in Jupiter and then down to The Keys including Key More...
24/Jan/09 12:18 PM
Good morning all. Haven't been here for 2 days and so much has happened.
Firstly - a big sigh of relief that Kathy and Jane have heard from Rayray. And his Gas Cooker poem
24/Jan/09 12:44 PM
Greg - I'm still giggling about the Kiwi joke and loved the small Raven rhyme.
Eve - We only have one dog and your post applies to us. And, I am missing out on a trip to Port Macquarie with hubby next week - where I could have met up with our Viv - because I have no-one to look after the dog at More...
24/Jan/09 12:52 PM
GMo stay safe in that weather. BTW, we have a Prius and are very happy with it, especially consumption 4.6litres/100kms.
24/Jan/09 12:54 PM
To all the Aussies - have a great Australia day Weekend! I have party food for Monday!
Angie - thanks for the Lamb Souvlaki recipe - I hope Jane picked it up for the Sudoku Recipe Book. We can all work out our own quantities - for 11 of us in my family, I don't think I'll need 10kg More...
24/Jan/09 12:59 PM
Just to finish with a CP - my YouTube for Australia Day - Botany Bay - Mirusia Louwerse
Here's some Australiana to start the weekend -
24/Jan/09 1:04 PM
Morning everyone.. hope all are having a great day/evening and night
24/Jan/09 1:43 PM
Wonderful batch of smilies, CynB.
24/Jan/09 2:44 PM
Thanks Keith - more on Monday!

Jaz - glad you enjoyed yourself with Jim and the alligators. Are they as dangerous as our crocs?? You can tell I never watched Steve Irwin.
24/Jan/09 6:23 PM
Good evening all,
Hubby is off "playing trains" and the visitors left after lunch today. SIL and BIL from China have been with us for over a week. We love to have them here and they will be home permanently in July, after 5 years teaching in China.
We decided that we needed to More...
24/Jan/09 9:53 PM
I should add that hubby is a train driver and absolutely hates his job - especially when he has to work on weekends when the rest of us are at home.
Fortunately he does have a "secure" job - unlike many Australians. My job is ok at the moment but I wouldn't be suprised if the hours More...
24/Jan/09 10:01 PM
Long weekend - and I'm on call for the hospital ALL weekend (for baby hatching only). So it really will be a very long weekend for me. However, planning to spend Australia Day on the banks of the River Muddy, oops I mean Murray. Planning on loin lamb chops on the barbie, lots of fresh salad, a swim after lunch, but no drinkies for me.
Beautiful weather forecast for our region all weekend.
24/Jan/09 11:28 PM
Hello everyone,we have had a storm here this afternoon that knocked out the power over a wide area it was restored after 10pm, it gave us a chance to try out the generator that we had brought for the caravan so while the power was off we were watching the tennis on TV. Glad you liked the doggy photo Jim.
24/Jan/09 11:42 PM

What's happenin'?
12/Jun/11 7:46 PM
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