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Easy Sudoku for 24/February/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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I wonder if Rupali our regular spammer will strike again today?
24/Feb/15 12:04 AM
, y'all! Started raining last night, and it hasn't let up yet. What a dreary Monday! They've changed the forecast yet again, we may get snow, or snow showers tomorrow and Wednesday. As often as they've been wrong? I'm not holding my breath.
24/Feb/15 12:04 AM
Yeah, don't get too excited about 112 messages the previous day. 35 of them are spam, plus a parting loathing comment from yours truly. I didn't know he was a regular.
24/Feb/15 12:06 AM
He has been spamming the site for months on the forum pages under different names of course but the same ol' messages. There are also 11 posts of his on the forum page yesterday.
24/Feb/15 12:11 AM
Where's Dale?
24/Feb/15 12:29 AM

There is a clock that has a special way of telling the time. It does not have any hands or numbers on it, but it has a chimer.

If the time is 1 o'clock, it chimes once. If the time is 2 o'clock, it chimes twice, and so forth. The More...
24/Feb/15 12:37 AM
Good morning to all! This little guy looks like he's gone squirrely!
24/Feb/15 12:51 AM
Answers to the ‘Cold and snowy’ weekend puzzle:
1. tissue and issue
2. stable and table
3. Moray and (Stones of) Mora
4. orally and rally
5. Mable(-gate) and able
6. precise and précis
7. Leon and (Melissa) Leo
8. forget and forge
9. chaste and haste
10. Spam and Pam More...
24/Feb/15 12:52 AM
Good morning people of the world.
24/Feb/15 1:00 AM
To our dear friend.
24/Feb/15 1:01 AM
There is a possibility that it is cold outside. Some may consider 31F is warm, but add wind and wet, I do not think so.
We do have ice, but in the trees, makes for a fun walk to the bus stop at 6:30 AM to dodge.
24/Feb/15 1:03 AM
Our eldest, you picked out a coat this year more suited for the Northern states, and we have deemed our blue Eskimo, somehow ended up with my scarf as I was kissing her goodbye. It was a thin scarf, being a warm Texan, I did not realize how that little scarf was keeping me warm. I had my coat on, More...
24/Feb/15 1:07 AM
Dealing with man sickness is not fun and extremely loud. The moaning and groaning and snoring were so loud last night. I kept waking him up to tell him to turn over or do anything to stop the outrageous noises, but he would just moan some more. So, around 1:30 I went on a hunt for another place. Girls take after me, and like to spread Eagle style across the bed, so it was the couch for me.
24/Feb/15 1:10 AM
Got all comfy and realized how bright the aquarium was, so back up and turned off the lights. Wish I could have turned off the air filters, too.
24/Feb/15 1:12 AM
Got all comfy again and remembered I have kitties, whose favorite time to do their exercises is late at night. The couch is part of their running track and it did not matter that I was in the middle of their running regime.
24/Feb/15 1:14 AM
Around 3 AM, they finally got tired. One went to snuggle with her best buddy, M. But the other decided I needed company. Think sharing a bed with a child is fun. Try sharing a couch with a 5 pound or less kitty.
24/Feb/15 1:16 AM
Beautiful sunshine!
but... C-c-c-chilly at -3F. B-b-brrrr!
It's supposed to get colder as the day progresses!
24/Feb/15 1:17 AM
I do have renewed hope that Shelby Lou may still be a dog. I keep fresh dog food out for her, even though she gets Pikachu to feed her kitty food. I told her to stay out of the kitty bowl and she listened, so her buddy sneaks her food.

Anyway, she ate a cup and a half of her own food last More...
24/Feb/15 1:20 AM
My fingers are sore!
We are turning our small formal living room into an 'office' for my hubby. (That's the definition of a 'man cave' for a retiring businessmen!) We added a larger living room a few years ago making our house have three 'living' rooms. Changing it into an office meant we have More...
24/Feb/15 1:40 AM
Where's Keith?
24/Feb/15 1:41 AM
24/Feb/15 1:41 AM
24/Feb/15 1:41 AM
Not much of a race...
(I think Karen must have fallen back !)
24/Feb/15 1:49 AM

Must have been a typo, Greg. I have Mable - able on my printout of the weekend puzzle. Must have typed it wrong when I sent the answers. Not the first time I've done that, and I'm sure it won't be the last!
24/Feb/15 2:02 AM
Kathy, I'm talking stable/table where you submitted able/table. You did have the Mable/able answer correct.
24/Feb/15 2:14 AM
What kind of person takes the time and energy to continuously spam this site? Must have a very empty life.
24/Feb/15 2:14 AM
Ah. Yes, looking at my ''work'', I did screw that one up, Greg.
24/Feb/15 2:16 AM
Chip appears to be well fed.
24/Feb/15 2:54 AM
Mornin’, all Y’all.
I had four replies to the ‘’Who Said That’’ inbox.
Two people answered correctly.
Serena (Vermont) Was first in.
Followed by Kathy (Maryland)
The correct answer was, of course, ‘’Phantom’’.
No one gained the ‘’Extra Credit’’.
Others mentioned were Jeb, More...
24/Feb/15 3:00 AM
24/Feb/15 3:11 AM
To help with Serena's puzzle, read the second-to-last sentence as: ''How many seconds would it take you to know the time, after A first chime is heard, if it is 8 o'clock?'' I wasn't sure where to go until I figured that out!
24/Feb/15 3:11 AM
For the benefit of the 'newly arrived', Phantom was on the site for a year. Virtually every day she / he entertained us with a witty synopsis of the previous days posts. There was a heck of a lot of time and energy spent on these posts.

Miss ya PHANTOM. I do understand having a life outside of Sudoku though.
24/Feb/15 3:51 AM
Yes, DoA, Phantom was phenomenal! We do miss that clever person!
24/Feb/15 3:55 AM
24/Feb/15 3:56 AM
It rained here all day and night! So everything was wet when I went for a run this morning! Fun, avoiding puddles and branches, while I ran! Even the migratory birds weren't out, well not everyone, a few were having breakfast.
24/Feb/15 4:01 AM
Returned during lunch break to work the Easy & Medium, maybe the other levels. 1:53, nice sequential one today.
24/Feb/15 4:01 AM
Well as long as we are this far long the page, I might as well as push to the next!
24/Feb/15 4:02 AM
Ooooh Silvergal, want to race???
24/Feb/15 4:02 AM
Will be fun . . .
24/Feb/15 4:02 AM
But my question is was Mable able to set a stable table?
24/Feb/15 4:02 AM
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