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Easy Sudoku for 24/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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all. From Guayaquil. The tour is over. It was a great tour but I'm tired... and sore.
24/Feb/16 12:26 AM
Good morning people of the world.

24/Feb/16 12:33 AM
Now does that mean you are back home or you still traveling, HalT?
24/Feb/16 12:34 AM
After a way too busy night, with one child sleep walking and talking in her sleep, I finally got her to stay in bed, though she was extremely restless, I wake up to another child that is extremely explosive on both ends. The volatile child is now sleeping peacefully. Which she should after what she More...
24/Feb/16 12:38 AM
I was planning on finishing giving my car a mid-season cleaning, since I am going to have a neighbor in it tomorrow. Thankfully, I was ambitious enough to clean out the inside this weekend and was going to do the exterior today. We have had this dry weather lately, along with a new housing addition More...
24/Feb/16 12:44 AM
no sun here today. Hopefully we will get the rain as promised. Still a beautiful day in OK.
24/Feb/16 12:45 AM
Hello Hal & Karen.
24/Feb/16 12:46 AM
Now back to washing bedding. Not sure if this was a good thing or not, but the violations started before child came to inform me that she was having tummy woes.
Not a parent aspect I care to have, but thankful they are not sick kids all the time.
24/Feb/16 12:46 AM
I must get ready I have an appointment in Tulsa this morning.
24/Feb/16 12:48 AM
today I hope!
24/Feb/16 12:48 AM

Karen, that reminds me of one Christmas when my family was here. Everyone was sick except my son and myself. All we did was wash sheets, towels, etc., and replenish the ginger ale supply. Believe me, you don't want five barfing people in the house. Be grateful you only have one.
24/Feb/16 2:18 AM

Fill in the answers to the clues by selecting the correct syllables from the list below. Each syllable can only be used once and the number of syllables to be used is shown in brackets. When the correct words are filled in, the first and last letters reading down will reveal a More...
24/Feb/16 2:21 AM
Good morning to all just à Quick hello before my breakfast...Got up Very late This morning ...have a great day!
24/Feb/16 2:58 AM
Karen, we are still in Guayaquil waiting for our flight to Miami at 12:15AM tonight. We will arrive in Charlotte tomorrow morning at 8:30AM. A red-eye flight.
24/Feb/16 3:08 AM
Hello, hello! Safe travels home, Hal; nice to hear from you Karen; see you later following your appointment, Sue; nice to have a quick howdy, Orianne.
24/Feb/16 3:09 AM

Enjoy your late breakfast, Orianne. Your body must have needed the sleep if you got up 'very late'. Nothing wrong with that as long as you're well!
24/Feb/16 3:10 AM
Safe travels, Hal. If your time isn't already messed up, it will be after the red eye flight!
24/Feb/16 3:11 AM
Good morning.
24/Feb/16 3:24 AM
Have been resisting getting up for a few hours and did get more sleep but on the 3rd wake up I decided to get up.
24/Feb/16 3:26 AM
And here I am.
24/Feb/16 3:29 AM
I don't see Keith anywhere. Is he lurking or asleep?
24/Feb/16 3:30 AM
Asleep, I guess.
24/Feb/16 3:30 AM
I guess.
24/Feb/16 3:44 AM
24/Feb/16 4:02 AM
Gadzoooks! Mechanical vehicles seem to have a vendetta against my family. Just heard from a cousin who was on her bike when a truck hit her. She fared better than hubby but needs a lawyer to go after the miscreant! And the police cam and possibly the store video have recorded the incident!
24/Feb/16 4:04 AM
Hubby is getting better, occasionally he forgets he needs the care and will walk or rather with a limp away and have to come back for the cane! Ack! Reminding him constantly TAKE IT EASY!!!
24/Feb/16 4:05 AM
LIke chasing a toddler to prevent him from re-injuring himself or overdoing it!
24/Feb/16 4:07 AM
CP!!! See you later!
24/Feb/16 4:07 AM
Would that be through 'fire superiority', Peter?
24/Feb/16 4:08 AM
Oh Geez, I almost 'walked on' shosho.
24/Feb/16 4:10 AM
For those of 'a certain age', who remember when music really was...

24/Feb/16 4:11 AM
Note to self, do not take up bike riding. Very dangerous.
24/Feb/16 4:26 AM
Kathy, Man was sick last week, Ugh. If I have to have a sickie, I prefer the girls. Though I really hate seeing those full of energy girls feeling bad.

I am not a nurse maid, so if those five people were at my house, they would have had to take care of themselves.
24/Feb/16 4:28 AM
I am ready to send my girl back to school. After her eruptive start of the day, she slept just about all morning and woke up hungry. Her beautiful brown eyes were bright again and she is arguing and jibber jabbering. I have informed her that live an extremely quiet life, and that she should try it. She is failing miserably.
24/Feb/16 4:33 AM
I'll have to enjoy it while I can!
Lots of snow in forecast.
24/Feb/16 4:55 AM
RIP, Sonny James...

He started an impressive run on top of the country charts with 16 consecutive number one songs between 1967 and 1971.
24/Feb/16 5:02 AM
I am waiting for a new bathtub...
We decided to go ahead and get new flooring to go with the renovated second bathroom. Good choice! The carpenters discovered water damage under the tub! They could put their screwdriver right through the floor and tub was actually sinking! Originally we were More...
24/Feb/16 5:07 AM
Choice of a new bathroom floor probably saved my life!
It's a cast iron tub weighing over 300 pounds and it sits directly above my computer! I am just imagining it eventually falling on me and my husband seeing only my feet coming out from under the tub - kinda like the Wicked Witch under the house in the Wizard of Oz!
24/Feb/16 5:11 AM
Good morning. Still dark here. Autumn is coming. A nice long nights sleep.
24/Feb/16 5:23 AM
getting ready for my visitors. Two more days.
24/Feb/16 5:24 AM
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