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Easy Sudoku for 24/May/2019


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, all!
24/May/19 12:00 AM
24/May/19 12:11 AM
24/May/19 12:23 AM
24/May/19 12:34 AM
Forgot to say Good Morning all. And Happy Birthday, Tony!
24/May/19 12:47 AM
The amount of panic yesterday made me feel better. It seems I'm not the only one who needs to connect here to start the day.
24/May/19 12:58 AM
Everybody!! Slept late!
24/May/19 1:27 AM
24/May/19 1:48 AM
24/May/19 3:03 AM
24/May/19 4:19 AM
Great photo , Kate. That spider looks very comfortable on the flower.
24/May/19 5:56 AM
Morning all,even the spiders like flowers.
Happy birthday,Tony .
My youngest grandson Thomas has his 26th birthday today.
24/May/19 6:17 AM
1:36. Good morning everyone.
24/May/19 6:56 AM
Hello all - it will be a Holiday Weekend here in the states; Monday is called Memorial Day similar to Anzac Day in Australia & Remembrance Day in the UK.
24/May/19 7:50 AM
This weekend also heralds the 'beginning of summer' as it is believed that anytime after Memorial Day it is safe to plant annuals & veggie gardens.
24/May/19 7:51 AM
Have a good day everyone - our lovely sunshine seems to be more frequent lately; hope you too find sunshine in your day!

24/May/19 7:53 AM
Hi Everyone, Joyce we have a holiday on Monday too. It is Reconciliation Day, a celebration of all things Aboriginal and a step towards the integration of the original inhabitants into the wider community. It is only held in the Australian Capital Territory.
24/May/19 9:43 AM
Afternoon everyone.
24/May/19 9:45 AM
Late getting here today. New keyboard, to replace the one with a broken space bar.
24/May/19 9:46 AM
So nice to have it working like it should.
24/May/19 9:47 AM
24/May/19 9:47 AM
& a CP.
24/May/19 9:47 AM
It's hard to mention a space bar without thinking of Star Wars.
24/May/19 9:49 AM
2:07 Good afternoon one and all. Had a lovely breakfast out this morning for volunteers where I vollie and work.
24/May/19 2:30 PM
I woke up this morning and forgot which side the sun rises from, then it dawned on me.
24/May/19 2:31 PM
I like that one Anne.
24/May/19 3:03 PM
Um ... I couldn't figure out why the ball kept getting bigger ... then it hit me.
24/May/19 5:21 PM
Practice makes perfect, but then nobody is perfect so what's the point of practicing?
24/May/19 6:07 PM
Keep 'em coming, it might encourage people to read the previous page when they post early the next day.
24/May/19 6:16 PM
A REALLY old take on Anne's first joke above ... I woke up this morning and it looked so nice out ... I left it out all day!
24/May/19 10:54 PM
Good Maen, good people. Strange that I was here 'earlier' (yesterday) but didn't post my usual greeting. Sorry about that.
24/May/19 11:44 PM
Today I am Skye's first ever live Cosmetology school model! So far I have been shampooed and am now receiving a clarifying treatment. It is a damp gray day, a bit cool. But I am under a hair dryer drinking cold water and it is all very relaxing.
24/May/19 11:46 PM
Water all around. We all need to drink more water. 😉
24/May/19 11:47 PM
I thought I was coming in for a simple trim and have ended up with the 'full treatment.' Hmmm. I could get spoiled fast!
24/May/19 11:48 PM
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