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Easy Sudoku for 24/June/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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24/Jun/10 4:44 AM
Hazy, humid day here, and at 1:40 I felt one heck of a tremor. Pictures rattled on my office walls, the cats took off and hid; sounded like a huge truck thundering down the street. (No, I hadn't had a thing to drink). All's quiet now, and I'm off in search of the scaredy cats.
24/Jun/10 4:45 AM
Well for goodness sake.... I know Keith and Lynne are coming to Ottawa tomorrow, but it appears they sent a "gift" from California in advance. We just experienced a 5.5 magnitude earthquake and the epicenter was only 50 kms north-east of Ottawa. Evidently the tremors were felt as far south as Boston and right across the whole provinces of Ontario and Quebec.
24/Jun/10 4:47 AM
Cathy, blame Keith and Lynne!
24/Jun/10 4:49 AM
Well, good afternoon to all. After the recent shake-up here, it's nice to see a rose.
24/Jun/10 4:58 AM
Keith and Lynne, what'd we ever do to you?
24/Jun/10 5:03 AM
Earthquakes in Ottawa???
Whatever will we get next?
24/Jun/10 5:07 AM
Little green men Shiela.
24/Jun/10 5:40 AM
Um ... Lynne and I never felt a thing. Might have been when we were focused in on the most wonderful beavertails. Hope there wasn't any damage or injuries.
24/Jun/10 6:29 AM
Keith's rockin' and rollin' reputation obviously preceded him! Look out, Ottawa!
24/Jun/10 6:32 AM
HI Karen, how nice to see you again and get some news from the girls - you really should drop in more often - goes for Jill too.
24/Jun/10 6:38 AM
Poor CG - earth shakes in Ottawa! Gives you a good idea of what's on the way; boom, shake, boom, here comes Keith!!
24/Jun/10 6:39 AM
I wonder if my little family could move the Richter scale in California in a few weeks?? Can't wait to find out. How do you do it? Just jump up and down on Sunset or what? Maybe what would do it!!!! Judy will have a field day with that comment.
24/Jun/10 6:41 AM
I see the yanks have finally figured out how to play proper football. Through to the next stage in the World Cup - wonders will never cease. I await a barrage of indignation...
24/Jun/10 6:42 AM
Well, no I won't wait, I'm off to bed, night night from a striking France.(everything stops tomorrow, everything, everything everything - Kathy I'm on strike now so you'll have to take over the riddle!)
24/Jun/10 6:44 AM
Kudos to the Aussies for their effort. I was hoping Germany would be defeated today. Also, well done for England and the USA. The first time the USA made it to the elimination round in 80 years I think.
24/Jun/10 6:47 AM
2:15 - a bit longer than normal. It was good to see Australia get a win at the world cup, just a shame it wasn't enough to get them through to the round of 16. Well done to the USA, England, Germany and Ghana for making it through.
24/Jun/10 7:01 AM
Our dear sweet Appy ...so it's FOOTBALL ... please forgive my ignorance ... let me go and check how the Indian FOOTBALL team is doing in the World Cup ... oh ...
24/Jun/10 7:22 AM
Appy - "Soocer" to me... (football)
24/Jun/10 7:53 AM
"Poor CG - earth shakes in Ottawa! Gives you a good idea of what's on the way; boom, shake, boom, here comes Keith!!" Harrumph, Fiona. I know I'm a bit overweight, but ...
24/Jun/10 8:32 AM
Think of it as Ottawa wriggling with anticipation, Keith.
24/Jun/10 9:24 AM
I heard that quake was felt all the way through New Jersey. It ALMOST made it to Maryland. That would have started Kathy out of her belfry.
24/Jun/10 9:27 AM
Good morning all.
Wow, Karen called in and it's Thing 2's birthday. Happy Birthday - but I can't believe that a year has passed so quickly.
I miss you and Jill, Karen!
24/Jun/10 9:45 AM
Breaking news - Australia now has a female Prime Minister - Ms Julia Gillard.
First female PM in Australia.
First immigrant PM in Australia
First time a PM has been rolled in his first term.
24/Jun/10 9:52 AM
Morgan - 1 already! How time flies!
24/Jun/10 9:53 AM
Interesting how many games are known as football. To be honest, even though to me Aussie rules is football, I think that soccer, as the game most widely played throughout the world, has the greatest claim to the name. There seems to be very little actual kicking of the ball in some codes, so their claim to the name "football" is a bit thin!
24/Jun/10 10:09 AM
So the earth moved for Greg and Cathy in their respective abodes.......
24/Jun/10 10:24 AM
Mmmnnn - not sure what to think of the big change politically here in Oz.
24/Jun/10 10:26 AM
I am intrigued by Karen's talk of her "three girls" and "BTW, I know I only have two, but for some reason I did not think there would be much difference if another one joined us. I thought wrong."
24/Jun/10 10:29 AM
I guess if I went to her page I might find out more...
24/Jun/10 10:29 AM
Ok, I'm off. 4T is home from work unwell, and I need to clean up after my cooking efforts of the last few days, put stuff away etc! Bye!!
24/Jun/10 10:31 AM
Vicki - I always hoped our first female PM would have been elected by the people - not backed by the unions!
24/Jun/10 11:07 AM
Oh, you people think that this year has gone by fast, we are celebrating Thing 1's birthday Monday, with a big party weekend planned, the last 4 years have flown by.
There is a very, very brief update about the girls on Canuk Gregs page, I left off diaper details. Hopefully I can update my page after this weekend.
24/Jun/10 12:34 PM
As for the third girl, CP, in an insane moment, I told my daughter's classmate's, mother that it would be OK if the girl came over 4 days a week, while the mother was in school.
What was I thinking? Oh, wait, I a mother of two angles, I was not thinking.
24/Jun/10 12:37 PM
24/Jun/10 1:29 PM
UCLA STUDY (very interesting )

A study worth sharing with friends both male and female:

A study conducted by UCLA's Department of Psychiatry has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. For More...
24/Jun/10 1:31 PM
Richard is out with his friends and stops by his grandmother's house for a visit.
There's a bowl of peanuts on the coffee table.

So Richard and his friends start snacking on them.

When they're ready to leave, his friends say, "Nice to meet you, ma'am,
And More...
24/Jun/10 1:36 PM
Yuck, Jerry!!! I almost lost my dinner just imagining it!!!
24/Jun/10 2:16 PM
Wow Karen, after all that college work, you'd think you could out think children! After 31 years of teaching children, they still offer some quirky surprises!
24/Jun/10 2:18 PM
Shall I dood it?!?
24/Jun/10 2:18 PM
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