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Easy Sudoku for 24/July/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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24/Jul/12 12:00 AM
Bet I can't be
24/Jul/12 12:00 AM
24/Jul/12 12:00 AM
Mornin' Hal
24/Jul/12 12:00 AM
24/Jul/12 12:01 AM
Good Morning Halt and Jerry.
24/Jul/12 12:01 AM
And mornin' to you, Old Hickory
24/Jul/12 12:01 AM
Yep, you too Grass-hopper.

Got to 'run'. work crew will be here shortly. Y'all have fun...
24/Jul/12 12:02 AM
That's a scary picture.
24/Jul/12 12:05 AM
Howdy Jerry, G-h, and Old Hickory.
24/Jul/12 12:06 AM
Worked this one from 9 to 1
24/Jul/12 12:08 AM
Hi there Hal.
Now that's a turtle with character.
24/Jul/12 12:08 AM
Good Mornin' OH & J too.
24/Jul/12 12:10 AM
24/Jul/12 12:11 AM
Good Morning All,
I'm beginning to like being on this first page..lol. Have a great day/night where you hang your hat. Peace.
24/Jul/12 12:13 AM
Actually it's time for Good Night as it is past midnight & tomorrow I will be a real pain if I don't get some sleep.
24/Jul/12 12:15 AM
awesome picture!
24/Jul/12 12:15 AM
Don't get the picture today. The turtle does have plenty of attitude though.
24/Jul/12 12:17 AM
Good to see you Mammacita.
Now it really is off to
24/Jul/12 12:19 AM
24/Jul/12 12:28 AM
Hmmmm, is Keith around???
24/Jul/12 12:29 AM
I dood it . . 22!!!
24/Jul/12 12:29 AM
Shall I go for a CP, too?
24/Jul/12 12:30 AM
Yep! CP!
24/Jul/12 12:30 AM
Getting grandson today after a 2 week hiatus. Home's going to be noisy again! Bye!
24/Jul/12 12:31 AM
Good Maen friends!
You certainly did dood it, Shosho!
24/Jul/12 12:39 AM
Good Maen, good people. Hope I got the answer in to Kathy's MATH poozle on time. Just got here and started reading yesterday's posts.
24/Jul/12 12:39 AM
Fabulous shot! Yahoo indeed!
24/Jul/12 12:42 AM
Good morning people of the world.
24/Jul/12 12:45 AM
Hot Enough for You Day
Gorgeous Grandma Day
24/Jul/12 12:46 AM
Exceptional photo behind today's Easy.
24/Jul/12 12:48 AM
24/Jul/12 1:01 AM
24/Jul/12 1:03 AM
I'll have to call my Grandmother and let her know she should celebrate today.
24/Jul/12 1:03 AM
Still waiting for the crew.
24/Jul/12 1:04 AM
Lurking gently in the background today. It is too hot to do much and as it is Gorgeous Grandma Day I think I will just lounge in the shade ( or inside) and read a book.
24/Jul/12 1:06 AM
I think someone is trying - in the background and without fanfare - to go through the long list of fixes and upgrades necessary for the site. Photos have reappeared after a long absence behind the kakuro puzzles and the Hard puzzle today had a curious checkbox pop up I don't think is supposed to More...
24/Jul/12 1:12 AM
Therefor I suspect if anyone's sent in a problem report, it may be in a stack that someone's working on, bit by bit? (I can't think of any other reason for what I've observed.) If so, wear your hardhats. There may be glitches?
24/Jul/12 1:16 AM

That turtle seems to be surprised to have it's photo taken. I've seen that photo somewhere else, but can't remember where.

You made it in time, Plum!
24/Jul/12 1:19 AM
New page?
24/Jul/12 1:20 AM
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