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Easy Sudoku for 25/January/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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, y'all! Chilly & still dreary here in SC.
25/Jan/15 12:02 AM
all. Same here, S'gal.
25/Jan/15 12:14 AM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world.

No such thing as a pretty/nice spider!!!

25/Jan/15 12:32 AM
Peter, have a great day doing what you like best.

25/Jan/15 12:35 AM
Perhaps it looks pretty to the opposite gender?! I confess to finding certain species fascinating and I'll observe from a safe distance. The wolf spider as big as my palm in a camp cabin? Got smacked with a broom and escorted out the door!
25/Jan/15 12:50 AM
to Peter! Make it a good one!
25/Jan/15 12:51 AM
Peter! And what Lizzy says above ^^^^^! If you can!
25/Jan/15 1:44 AM
25/Jan/15 2:02 AM
For this weekend's puzzle, we'll take a break from Rebuses - don't everybody cheer at once. Our arch-enemies, the Udokus (a clique of intellectual snobs), have seized the following 10 proverbs and run them through their Double Speak algorithm. Translate them back to their familiar phrases so the More...
25/Jan/15 2:23 AM
Peter ... all of the above.
25/Jan/15 2:48 AM
Happy Saturday 2 days off!
25/Jan/15 2:52 AM
Got 8 of them right away ... 2 to ponder.
25/Jan/15 3:07 AM
Spiders are fine outdoors, but inside they're a nono.
25/Jan/15 3:19 AM
When it comes to spiders, I stomp first, and ask questions later! Except for Daddy Long Legs, which I do not find threatening! I pick those up and free them outdoors. Although I do have to wonder if they survive out there without the leg or two that invariably fall out ...
25/Jan/15 3:31 AM
Upon further deliberation, the advice and actions I describe above might be applicable to men, too ... snicker ...
25/Jan/15 3:40 AM
Good Maen, good people. Winding down from a busy two weeks. Now to get ready for Little Plum's upcoming birthday parties. BTW, Little Plum is about to turn 15 and is taller than I am. She says she needs a new Sudokuland moniker, no offense to GannieMo who named her oh, so many years ago. *sigh*
25/Jan/15 3:44 AM
25/Jan/15 3:49 AM
Judy, I'm with you on daddy long legs. I've always liked them, probably a result of the tickly sensation of them walking across my hand as a kid. Sort of like pill bugs/roly polys.
25/Jan/15 3:54 AM
Well ... close enough.
25/Jan/15 4:00 AM
Gallump ...
25/Jan/15 4:00 AM
25/Jan/15 4:00 AM
25/Jan/15 4:01 AM
How 'bout Plumbob?
25/Jan/15 4:03 AM
The problem is coming up with a name that 'fits' with the rest of our site names. The rest of us have (a) one syllable words that (b) sound like names which also (c) put a positive spin on some aspect of our (d) personal interests.

We have myself, my hubby Burl, our daughters Starr and More...
25/Jan/15 4:46 AM
C'mon, Plum, Mom's are supposed to have an immediate solution for everything. It's part of the job description.
25/Jan/15 4:54 AM
Pretty is not the word I'd use.
25/Jan/15 4:55 AM

1) alter + native = alternative
2) fur + ring = furring
3) war + den = warden
4) lug + gage = luggage

In the today we have Kathy, lonewoof, Joyce and Judy. Once you get More...
25/Jan/15 5:00 AM
DorA - I've rather painted myself into a corner with the 'rules' I've created. I'll likely have to revise at least one to create a new name for her.

And speaking of 'rules' I think all moms fail if we have to follow the one you just gave.
25/Jan/15 5:28 AM
25/Jan/15 5:37 AM
Ack! I'm an arachnophobic! I see one at least a couple of feet away I'm fine. But let it come closer and I squeal in fear, do the frantic 'get it off of me' dance (I'm amazed at how limber and flexible I become during this dance!) and sometimes go running away like a raving maniac!
25/Jan/15 5:42 AM
It didn't help when we discovered black widows in the storage shed! I always would approach the shed with a broom. Then when my classroom would be invaded by scorpions, number one rule was never, ever, stick your hand in a dark crevice! I even made a scorpion catcher which the kids could use to rid our room of them! A clear plastic cup and a hard cardboard.
25/Jan/15 5:45 AM
Good afternoon to all! A cute spider? Give me a break.
25/Jan/15 5:45 AM
I've been missing in action. I was fighting what I thought was a regular cold, but after waking three days ago with one eye basically sealed shut by dried pus I went to the doctor. I found out I had pink eye and was put on penicillin. Feeling better but 7 more days to go with the pills. C'est la vie!
25/Jan/15 5:49 AM
Happy birthday Peter!
25/Jan/15 5:50 AM
S'gal, I sent in my answers. Let me know if you didn't get them.
25/Jan/15 7:06 AM
Morning all, no definitely not pretty .
25/Jan/15 7:19 AM
25/Jan/15 7:23 AM
Peter , haveagreatweekendmate.๐Ÿป๐Ÿค๐Ÿค๐ŸŽ‚
25/Jan/15 7:27 AM
We had storm warnings with heavy rain for last night ,still waiting.
25/Jan/15 7:32 AM
Can I do it?
25/Jan/15 7:33 AM
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