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Easy Sudoku for 25/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Allie from Sydney: Mark Twain said, 'Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it thousands of times.'
Kristina, QRP stands for Queen Red Pen.she will be using her red pen to write speeches for the wedding party. Are you up on the Wedding Plans with Andre from Eng and Trevina from Trinidad? suggest you read some of the archives if you are interested. if you join the guests at the wedding we will look forward to seeing you at the Villa.
To Pam of Canada: Do not buy any more cigarettes. Accept all those offered to you. After a while they will realise they are not getting offered any. Soon they will stop offering and you will be able to give it up completely. You may lose one or two friends (but they were smokers any way.)
Mum from Poco,I'ts all yours.In fact have these matching earings too.
On the subject of smoking,i quit for 7 months and then started again so i understand Mark Twain's sentiments.{got a light}
I quit smoking 21 years ago--my husband wouldn't let me get pregnant until I quit. It was the most difficult thing I've ever done--more so than 8 months of chemo for breast cancer. I haven't had one cig since I quit--just like an alcoholic, didn't trust myself. It's a big mind game you have to play.
Dear QRP - yes we have drawing rooms which we keep butcher's paper and crayons in for when we come home from work. Now - where is my candlestick?
lol Brian from Woolwich ( i live in woolwich too...... just canada ) I'm quitting smoking not quittng friends!
That's Bill from Woolwich you mean Pam!GO GOONERS
I'm quiting quiting.
Any more cheek from you, young Reeverend, and you will be on the end of a rope in the library.
(What is butcher's paper?)
lol your right i read Bill's and typed yours! I'm sooooo sorry !
Dear QRP, check correspondence in hard section and comment if you are still standing (3rd bottle?)
Oh, God. Two typos in one evening. I am mortified. It's the vodka. Better take to my bed. As soon as I've finished this bottle.
Butcher's paper = large sheets of white paper perfect for sistine chapel-like scrawing.
4:15. Tried all your remedies to become a faster lady - merlot wasn't my choice, so tried chardonnay and then bubbles. Maybe I should have tried the sudoku whilst imbibing (rather than early the next morning!!). Gave up smoking 1987 - one of the best things I've done, but a girl has to have a More...
It was the Reverand Green with the candlestick in
the kitchen.What do i win?
No prize for you, Brian from Wales. Not with spelling like that. The A is not close enough to the E on the keyboard to qualify reverand as a typo.
One hour's detention.
4:54 I think I'm doing pretty well. I've got a higher score than most of you.
Brian/QRP - if you got sick at a dance party in South Africa - would you be a 'Raverand Green' ???
Jimbojak, haven't your realised yet? We only do the Sudoku to have an excuse to be on the site. The real purpose is the conversations. Who cares about scores. I don't - unless I get an exceptional one!!
Sorry, QRP. the extra 'r' was a typo. I promise.
Pam, my hubby quit 'cold turkey' on NYE 25 years ago as I have asthma - need strong motivation!!! and much psyching up before hand. Sweetrascal, love Stephanie Plum, talk about lol, get funny looks on train!! have all 11! Also enjoy 'The Cat Who...' series by Lilian Jackson Braun. Ted, I've just More...
Well said, Mandy.
Your prize is a whole day of dropping your apostrophes.
Butcher's paper? it's what you wipe your *rse with when you have run out of newspaper and phone books. Gloria(Sydney) Of course you can go to the wedding. Any girl that has a vice or two and doesn't smoke has got to be a big hit
No real news out of south Florida yet, except massive power outages. I have to call in the big guys with chainsaws to clean this place up. Bizarre thing is that we have a post-hurricane cold front, going to drop into the 40's tonight (that's sub-arctic temps for Florida) Is the villa ready? I'm not used to the cold anymore.
I've never posted before because my times have been an embarrassment (although I read everyone else's comments) but I'm happy to say today I got through in a commendable 3.13!!!
All that talk of weddings girls, reminds me of when I planned my own wedding a few years ago. Everything was great down to the last little detail only one problem....
...couldn't find a groom!
2:49. Stand in awe of my Sudoku power.
QRP, what has become of you? How could you put a ? on the end of a statement, and leave the necessary 'that' out of a sentence? 'I am hoping THAT the third bottle.....' We will expect a higher standard from you once you have slept off that vodka.
Tried a new technique--squares more than rows--and came away with a good time.

Great book: Handling Sin by Michael Malone. Anyone I know has lol even when alone while reading this great, funny book.
2.31 Great picture. Sudoku is making me so late for everything. I think my fiance is a little annoyed.
2.58 What a beautiful photo. I wonder where it was taken.

Good to hear some in Florida are back on line.

Hello to everyone out there. Must get back to my work/studying (decided to finish year 12 - after 8 years out of school - by correspondence and try to do my homework at work!!). It's very tiring. Exams in a month and I'm stressing out big time.
3:43 Wow, Go away for a few weeks and miss too much conversation.
4.17- maybe i can blame it on using a different computer...
great picture though- anyone know where it is?
Danielle- good luck with all your exams!!! I should be writing essays for uni at the moment, but obviously i'm not doing too well. Pretty amazing of you to go back and finish it after so long- hope it all goes well for you.
Thanks dm (danger mouse?!). good luck with your academic pursuits also :)
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