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Easy Sudoku for 25/March/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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25/Mar/16 12:00 AM
25/Mar/16 12:01 AM
No damage from the storm last night and a beautiful day today.
25/Mar/16 12:02 AM
Good morning people of the world.
25/Mar/16 12:05 AM
25/Mar/16 12:07 AM
Wolf, I believe, by the time the storms got to us, it was just all noise. At first, I could not tell it was the storm coming in or Fort Hood doing drills. The storm did bring a beautiful, crisp morning.
25/Mar/16 12:07 AM
I'm not going to ask where the name Dolly Soda came from.
25/Mar/16 12:10 AM
Have Fish Tales this morning. Sorry no Kitty Tales, yet.
We are steadily loosing our fish. About one or two a week, lately. I thought fish lived forever or until they went to a fish fry. We have had them for three years, started off with about 25 of I think the same variety. Now we are down to More...
25/Mar/16 12:12 AM
I think I had better try and get some sleep. This time tomorrow we will be half way to Japan and although I generally get some sleep on the plane it is not as restful as being in ones own bed!!
25/Mar/16 12:57 AM
Good morning and have wonderful travels, June!
25/Mar/16 1:11 AM
You can ask Hal, but you need to ask about Dolly Sods as well. That is a US Wilderness in the Monongahela National Forest, part of the Allegheny Mountains. This is what I found:

The name derives from an 18th-century German homesteading family — the Dahles — and a local term for an open mountaintop meadow — a 'sods'.
25/Mar/16 1:17 AM
Safe journey June........looking forward to seeing pictures when it can be arranged.
25/Mar/16 1:34 AM
Joyce, I had been trying to post that line about Sally Sods for the last hour (work does tend to get in the way at the worst times!)
25/Mar/16 1:42 AM
Dolly Sods, Im nearly as bad as Hal
25/Mar/16 1:43 AM

Safe travels, June! Have a wonderful time!
25/Mar/16 2:15 AM
I rather like Dolly soda and Sally sods. A nice ring to both.
25/Mar/16 2:18 AM
Because Serena is going to be missing for awhile, I'll post a poozle today.

In each of these puzzles, a list of words is given. To solve the puzzle, think of a single word that goes with each to form a compound word (or word pair that functions as a compound word). For example, if the given More...
25/Mar/16 2:24 AM
Not exactly in the columns I typed. I wonder why it changed when I pasted it? Well, you get the idea.....
25/Mar/16 2:28 AM
Good morning.
25/Mar/16 2:30 AM
Safe travels June. I think you'll love Japan.
25/Mar/16 2:31 AM
Think we'll go overseas later in the year. Tasmania sounds nice.
25/Mar/16 2:32 AM
Do I hear gallumping? I know he's up.
25/Mar/16 2:33 AM
25/Mar/16 2:34 AM
Almost forgot to post the answers from yesterday!
CHASE,cease,lease,leash,leach,peach,perch,parch, patch,CATCH

The timely ''What's Up, Doc? Crown'' goes to winners Judy, Joyce, DotCom, and Hal
25/Mar/16 2:35 AM
Oops, miscounted. Late smilie then....
25/Mar/16 2:36 AM
Safe and wonderful journey, June!

Less fun at this end ... some water is puddling in the basement, so I'll be down there swabbing the deck. And still it rains ...
25/Mar/16 2:48 AM
we went from 80+F yesterday to 40F this morning with winds gusting to 30mph.
25/Mar/16 2:54 AM
Safe travels June. Hope you enjoy Japan as much as I did last year.
25/Mar/16 2:55 AM
Happy Thursday!
Safe travels, June! Where is your destination?

Went to Paint Nite with some friends last night (at El Torito Restaurant) and came home with a nice painting. It will probably cost more to frame it than what it's worth, but it was a fun evening.
25/Mar/16 3:27 AM
Those rocks are very unusual. The shapes, and colour, are very interesting.
25/Mar/16 4:46 AM
Good afternoon to all! It appears that rock lives on in that park!
25/Mar/16 4:47 AM
Once again, my thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, They helped make my day more special!
25/Mar/16 4:48 AM
Morning all, so it's Dollys pet rock.
Have fun in Japan, June.
25/Mar/16 5:09 AM
to everyone that celebrates !
25/Mar/16 5:15 AM
Bon voyage June, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time in Japan.
25/Mar/16 8:29 AM
Have a great time in Japan, June.
25/Mar/16 10:32 AM
I have fond memories of Tokyo, June. I hope your trip is as memorable.
25/Mar/16 10:45 AM
Five minutes and no posts.
25/Mar/16 10:51 AM
Hey, people. I'm trying to give you a chance for a page change.
25/Mar/16 10:55 AM
OK, no more mister nice guy. BOPP
25/Mar/16 11:00 AM
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