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Easy Sudoku for 25/May/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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25/May/15 12:00 AM
25/May/15 12:02 AM
Rain, rain, rain ... flooding, flooding, flooding ... when ever will it stop?
25/May/15 12:26 AM
Binge watching Outlander. A liking I acquired thanks to Sudoku!
25/May/15 12:28 AM
25/May/15 12:28 AM
Once again...yesterday's comment on today's page.
25/May/15 12:29 AM
I promise it will stop Wolf, just cant say when
25/May/15 12:30 AM
now for manners

fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world, if not hope it improves soon
25/May/15 12:31 AM
Shiela, have a great day doing what you love most.
25/May/15 12:31 AM

Wolf, I have family in Ft. Worth. They are expecting it to clear up Tuesday....at least until the weekend....more rain then. But, that should be the last of it(fingers crossed!). Hang in there!
25/May/15 12:49 AM
As I responded the last time SB said it, Lynne and I are watching Outlander, too. We have recorded all of them as they were shown so we can watch them when WE want to. Well done series.
25/May/15 12:56 AM
Wonder if Rob & Katitude ate there.
25/May/15 1:03 AM
For those, like me, who have / had not a clue what the Eurovision Song Contest is, I submit this from 'Mr Wiki':


Isn't the internet grand?
25/May/15 1:15 AM
25/May/15 1:18 AM
25/May/15 1:19 AM
Happy Sunday and Jane and Shiela!
25/May/15 2:05 AM
25/May/15 2:24 AM
I have read Diana Gabaldon's books, very long tomes but still haven't found the patience to watch the entirety of the television show! I enjoyed the reality of her stories, she really did her homework. AND best of all she did get her idea from my favorite television show - Doctor Who! The More...
25/May/15 2:32 AM
Close enough to go for it.
25/May/15 2:42 AM
Am I by myself?
25/May/15 2:43 AM
We shall see.
25/May/15 2:43 AM
25/May/15 2:43 AM
Had a solemn family get together but loved listening to my nieces and nephew. My sons couldn't attend because they were scattered, one in Massachusetts watching a sailboat race and the other in Twentynine Palms Marine base.
25/May/15 2:50 AM
Yes, Keith, I waited! Almost twenty minutes! Knew you were around. Did some reading of the Marine base while I waited.
25/May/15 2:52 AM
Wolf/Dallas, wish you could give us a lot of that rain! We're still suffering from the drought! Vernal pools around here are drying up and getting the migratory birds preparing for their flight elsewhere. I took first and second graders around the marsh preserve. Had a little four year-old stopping to inspect each hole in the path for gophers.
25/May/15 2:55 AM
Our eldest grandson, who recently graduated from college, is visiting Europe for a month. He started in Dublin and is now in London. Paris and the south of France next.
25/May/15 3:02 AM
Woo Hoo! 'Egg McDorA' sandwich for brekkie!
25/May/15 3:07 AM
Road kill eggs??? Yuck!
25/May/15 3:37 AM
Good afternoon to all! Road Kill Café? Hum, I wonder what's on their dinner menu?
25/May/15 4:19 AM
The menu must include everything mentioned in this song:


25/May/15 4:21 AM
Yes Keith, we did eat there! I'm fairly certain that's where Robert tried his first Bison Burger! 😝
25/May/15 4:31 AM
What a wonderful experience for him, Hal!
25/May/15 5:14 AM
CG, I understand they'll cook anything you bring in.
25/May/15 5:15 AM
mAen. Timely picture. I've got an old friend about to show up any minute now who lives just a block off Route 66.
25/May/15 5:24 AM
1:02. Good morning everyone.
25/May/15 6:42 AM
Morning all,the mind boggles at what could be on the menu.
Do they get skunks around there?
25/May/15 7:33 AM
Shiela and Jane, have a great day both of you.
25/May/15 7:37 AM
I'm watching the golf at Fort Worth and I can see some blue sky there. Hope that makes you feel better Wolf.
25/May/15 7:42 AM
Has Karen gone AWOL ?
25/May/15 7:43 AM
25/May/15 7:44 AM
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