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Easy Sudoku for 25/June/2008


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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25/Jun/08 12:00 AM
G'day/nite friends..
25/Jun/08 12:00 AM
Good Maen
25/Jun/08 12:00 AM
25/Jun/08 12:00 AM
New pictures of Sammi on my Flickr
25/Jun/08 12:00 AM
Good Maen, everyone! GannieMo, John, Appy, Sue,... So nice to be here!
25/Jun/08 12:03 AM
2:20 Maen! Just stretchin' out...
25/Jun/08 12:03 AM
all....time for
25/Jun/08 12:04 AM
And another shot, Mo, of the sexy silk jacket over which we are all drooling! Maybe we could make a list ... keeping it for a month apiece, and then mailing it on to the next pursuer! Then all of us could be as hot as you!
25/Jun/08 12:09 AM
Good morning! Well, tomorrow's my flying out day! Am nervous! Not about the flight, nor seeing family nor meeting new friends nor the long drives I have once I'm there. No, I'm nervous about the two men I'm leaving behind, my hubby and my dad. Hopefully both will remain in good health and the two homes will still be standing when I get back!
25/Jun/08 12:10 AM
This is hilarious. I've met sudoku friends who live on the opposite of the earth and the ones who live near by in the same state as I do I haven't met yet! No, did get to meet Keith! Judy, Aileen, Caligirl we have got to correct this! Eve, you are included!
25/Jun/08 12:13 AM
Good day all-- just getting ready for work!! Have a great day
25/Jun/08 12:14 AM
2:28 Good evening all.
25/Jun/08 12:15 AM
hope you all have an amazing day/night.
25/Jun/08 12:16 AM
shosho - have a great trip!!
25/Jun/08 12:19 AM
Whose dog is she? She does look like a sweetie pie.
25/Jun/08 12:19 AM
2:28 and tied with Anne! Lovely warm day here, and ... the countertops are coming, the countertops are coming!!
25/Jun/08 12:20 AM
Bon Voyage, shosho. Have fun and be safe.
25/Jun/08 12:22 AM
Congrats, Cathy! I am waiting for windows.
I have to order my countertops for the art supply storage area in my new room! I am very over budget on the cabinets and am considering all my options! Maybe cheap now & expensive when I do over my kitchen in a couple of years & then match it to them???
25/Jun/08 12:33 AM
Hi all! well done to lots of people for yesterday's riddle, but think Appy and Jamie were first - the answer was 42,47.
25/Jun/08 12:36 AM
Shosho, worry till you get out the door & then have a fun & safe trip!
25/Jun/08 12:36 AM
Good Maen to everyone around the world!

shosho - I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip!

Looks like a playful buddy!
25/Jun/08 12:37 AM
to all the First Pagers & others. Shosho, try not to worry - the older men in your life will survive without you somehow while you go to spend some time with your younger men! Hope you have a good flight & good driving with your little traveling companion. Can't wait to meet you on Fri.!!!
25/Jun/08 12:37 AM
25/Jun/08 12:37 AM
Kathy is right, shosho. When you get back, you will find that the menfolk appreciate you more.
25/Jun/08 12:40 AM
Nope, Fiona! I was first yesterday! (Had to say it because it'll probably be the ONLY time!!!!)
25/Jun/08 12:41 AM
Cathy, you must be nearing the end of your long kitchen project - how exciting! Rob & I are just beginning to get estimates on ours. My mind is boggled by all the choices that will have to be made Could you tell me more about why you chose soapstone?
25/Jun/08 12:41 AM
Here's today's teaser:
"Mr Reid and the kids, Cam, Em and Bert were in a restaurant and asked the waiter for a juice glass, a dinner plate, water, a match, and a lemon wedge. Cam poured enough water onto the plate to cover it.
"If you can get the water on the plate into this glass More...
25/Jun/08 12:41 AM
oops! sorry Shiela!! As you say, it doesn't happen often! So...WELL DONE SHIELA!!!!!
25/Jun/08 12:43 AM
enjoy the trip Shosho and have a lovely time with Kathy!
25/Jun/08 12:44 AM
Hello everyone. Hope all is well. Summer school has started so I have a bit more time than usual on here.

Everyone who is taking a trip, be safe and I will be thinking of you.
25/Jun/08 12:51 AM
Shosho - Make sure your guys can find the can-opener!!!!!
25/Jun/08 12:53 AM
We are going up to Frankenmuth for lunch with my BIL/wife today. It is about an hour's drive North for us and they live about an hour North of there. We thought it would be a good "meeting place." Have a great day/evening everyone.
25/Jun/08 12:56 AM
Debby, sounds like a great place to meet & a fun afternoon to me!
25/Jun/08 1:09 AM
2:31 Hi to all. Have a good time shosho and enjoy it as I know you will.

Thought for the Day:

All these nervous breakdowns are driving me crazy.
25/Jun/08 1:12 AM
Ah ... Frankenmuth ... I remember it well! Does the town still have those great chicken dinners? and good German beer?
25/Jun/08 1:14 AM
Shosho, safe trip, and, contrary to popular belief, don't worry about the guys ... they can take care of themselves.
25/Jun/08 1:26 AM
Kathy, soapstone response is on your page ... by the end of next week, all should be finished on this two-month kitchen project that ended up taking four!
Shosho, have a wonderful time and enjoy your visit with Kathy--how could you not?
25/Jun/08 1:26 AM
Shosho, be safe & enjoy your trip
25/Jun/08 1:29 AM
Shosho! Have a safe and fun trip!
We'll be waiting for photos!
25/Jun/08 1:53 AM
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