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Easy Sudoku for 25/August/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good morning all! Looks like the temperature is rising! Going to be a warm weekend. Thanks for all of the migraine cures. Your thoughts and advice were very much appreciated. What finally worked was the infusion of coca cola and chocolate with a cold cloth on the front of my head and a heating More...
25/Aug/07 12:00 AM
Good Maen !
25/Aug/07 12:01 AM
Had a woderful SA Meeting today. Linda from Pioneer is in Australia and I was able to organise to taker Linda and her husband out for the afternoon to do some sight seeing We visited the Olympic Park then drove south to Wollongong. We drove them around for abouy 8 hours. Tomorrow they go to the Blue Mountains,I have posted a couple of photos on my page,
25/Aug/07 12:01 AM
I'm back and brought the heat with me. It will be in the low 90's (that is better than the 100's I was in for over a week). all, glad to be home and have my puter working.
25/Aug/07 12:02 AM

Tonight my sheep were wild and frisky -
(was that caused by tea and whiskey?).
They frolicked all across the lea,
beside themselves, and fancy-free.
They leapt like fleas or kangaroos,
quite mindless they were grown-up ewes.
They regressed to lamb-hood once again More...
25/Aug/07 12:05 AM
3:12; should be better
25/Aug/07 12:06 AM
I have just heard the definition of optimism! My hubby was desperately hoping that a team (St Kilda) would lose tonight cos then there would be a 2% chance that his team (Dockers)might get into the finals!! 2%!!!!
25/Aug/07 12:09 AM
3:13 very slow time tonight. Good evening everyone.
I hope you have a lovely weekend.
25/Aug/07 12:10 AM
Good one Rayray! Cute!
25/Aug/07 12:10 AM
OK -
What is it??????
25/Aug/07 12:12 AM
Haven't seen the score Emels, but I for one hope St Kilda did NOT lose!!
25/Aug/07 12:12 AM
Time for me to go to bed - driving to Sydney in the morning.
25/Aug/07 12:14 AM
Bird's "eye" view of life?
25/Aug/07 12:15 AM
Sorry CP but looks like the Dockers have that huge chance of getting into the finals!!
25/Aug/07 12:15 AM
So what is it? Where are the guesses? the picture is definetly interesting. Rather spacey!

Did you know that the only Rock & Roll Music that was sent out of this solar system on to the universe was Chuck Berry's. Check my u-tube for my toast to him in conjuction with the end of the Britt Classical season. Roll Over Beethoven!
25/Aug/07 12:16 AM
The phrase ""detached retina"" came to mind.
25/Aug/07 12:18 AM
stella~~~so glad to hear your doing better this morning. i lit a little candle for you yesterday. glad all the college moving is over for you, or is it???
rayray~~~your funny!!!!
eve~~~welcome home!
hope you all have a great day and a fantastic safe weekend.
25/Aug/07 12:19 AM
Oh wow! Gath fixed the quotes thing. I hadn't noticed. Wonder how long I've been putting two in when I no longer had to.
25/Aug/07 12:21 AM
25/Aug/07 12:23 AM
well think its the graphic picture of the process of conception??
25/Aug/07 12:23 AM
The site is unusually busy for a Friday night.
25/Aug/07 12:25 AM
June - thanks for sharing, sounds/looks like you had a lovely time.

Rayray -
"If the sheep get zapped am i a sinner
If I'm thinking roast potatoes and lambroast dinner?"

Em - 2% is still a chance...sort of...
25/Aug/07 12:30 AM
gawd appy - now i have to do the puzzle to see what you're talking about...
25/Aug/07 12:30 AM

Eve – my own impression is that the picture is of:
The Earth being steered by an angelic laser guidance system, away from the clouds, oceans, and asteroids of it normal, immediate environment, so that it will pass through a wormhole; after which it will resize and become transformed More...
25/Aug/07 12:33 AM
This is a little late since most have already gone on vacation--but maybe you could use it as a furture reference.


(Can come in handy when you are away.)

1. Go to a second-hand store and buy a pair of used men's size 14-16 More...
25/Aug/07 12:34 AM
I agree with Keith. Time to call in the opthalmologist!

Stella, happy to hear your poor head is pain free
My DIL gets migraines and is totally incapacitated for the duration
25/Aug/07 12:35 AM
This picture looks like what my head FEELS like at times! Not quite migraine, but close.
25/Aug/07 12:37 AM
...a beach, with an eye's iris on it, with a planet heading into the iris - which will cause it some pretty serious damage, some taddies , clouds and birds, all in all I'd say it was quite abstract...
25/Aug/07 12:37 AM
Karen, love the home security system idea! Great way to save money. I'm heading off to the second-hand store....
25/Aug/07 12:48 AM
karen hope your feeling better too
25/Aug/07 12:51 AM
Looks rather erotic to me. Am I the only one with a perverted mind?
25/Aug/07 1:05 AM
And speaking of farm animals: Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy. A kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you?
25/Aug/07 1:09 AM
Jane, all I can say is it's a good thing Judy's on the road heading back up to the mountains.
25/Aug/07 1:11 AM
an intergalactic bean being shot out of intergalactic pea-shooter.
25/Aug/07 1:11 AM
Good morning everyone.
Yeserday It was a Happy Day .It was our "34th Anniversary" .Happy days like Birthday, Anniversary Day,Party Day,etc we do it to keep ourselves happy,while there are many many ways to keep us happy forever and not for a specific Day or Date.Keeping others happy More...
25/Aug/07 1:12 AM
wagdy to you and your wife!!
25/Aug/07 1:18 AM
Diffirent big black hole?
25/Aug/07 1:22 AM
Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, Wagdy!
25/Aug/07 1:29 AM
Happy anniversary Wagdy! It was our 18th anniversary on the 19th of Aug. My parents have been married for almost 55 years and they are still like newly weds! My mum suffers from parkinsons disease and my dad looks after her personally. Truely a marriage fixed in heaven!
25/Aug/07 1:29 AM
Happy 34th Anniversary to you and your lovely wife, Wagdy!
25/Aug/07 1:31 AM
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