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Easy Sudoku for 26/January/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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took my towel and tossed it down
there are aussies all around
beach boy! bring my cosmo 'tini
did you notice? no bikini
feel the sun warm nether regions
trade my rain for summer season
ahh the tini's made me melt
love the cards my fate has dealt
soft breeze blowing, music's tight
come join the party till the night!
Looks like the brain is functioning very well! nice poem
2:57 PB... Im getting better and better... Oh yea and happy Australian Day all..
Jaz - thanks for the lyrics to the Aussie National Anthem & Waltzing Matilda! I'll go back & read them again now that some of the words have been defined!
Mel - glad Stosur & Raymond won. Never heard of the Chinese gals they'll play next!
Suzanne - great rhyme - you're good at that!
to Catherine from France - I think Mauresmo (how did you get the accent over the e in Amelie - does your keyboard have one?) has a good chance of beating Clijsters in the semi's since she is playing very well & Clijsters is coping with injuries. I think Henin-Hardenne will beat Sharapova. More...
Very late posting today - almost tomorow for me already! At least it was warmer this am - minus 17°C. Actually I don't live in Prague but about 350km east, in the hills near the Slovak border.
Catherine, j'espere que vous n'avez pas nos temps et chez vous aujour d'hui il est plus beau qu'ici. Have good day everyone!
On a serious note for a moment, while we are partying today lets spare a thought for those folks fighting fires here in our wonderful OZ. There are serious fires all over our State today, the worst in the Grampians, south-west of Melbourne, 6 towns under threat, many farms and animals already victims, 123,000 hectares (475 square miles) already devastated.
God Bless !
What happened? I typed comments in chatrooom, but they were not entered?? Is there both an LK and an LKinMN? I'll go back & try again.
hey wanna chat?
wanna talk 2 me?
Does anyone here like brocolli? My brother wants to prove his point to me that no one likes it, but I disagree...
That is sad news about the fires. I did not know about them. U.S. does not carry much news from Oz other than tennis right now. Firefighters have such a hard dangerous job. I hope they can contain the fires soon & prevent more loss of animals & farms. Please post an update. Thank you.
Fraid its 2 late 4 me 2 chat, Rosemary and Kathy. Maybe next time! Good MAEN!
Hannah, your brother's wrong. I love broccoli!!!
Really sorry about the fires on Australia Day, or any other day, for that matter.
Broccoli is my favorite green vegetable. So there, Hannah's brother!
Haven't been in for ages, go in this am & low & behold it's my own photo! That's sunset at Moreton Island, off Brisbane, if anyone is interested.
Who's that over there with the balls? Hey, I think it's Glory Boy! Cooee, Glory Boy can I come and play? Ouch....these silly braids and beads
3:20 Yippee....Aus Day Holiday even better!
You and your silly braids, Bo Derek. Spare a thought for me. I'm the one lying here with a group of people trying to push me back out to sea. Can't they see I'm me, in costume?:(
On another note I will be thinking of my fellow Victorian's after what happened here in the ACT 3 years ago hope that they weather does not reach the 40's like predicted.
good night Richard! je crois que j'ai la même heure que vous:23:34!
Kathy, yes Amélie Mauresmo don't have win in a major. I don't have sport channels and I cannot see the match enterely. At News we see a few minutes of a match!
my keybord have many accents:^ ¨ and é, à ù !
to RL : we know about the very hot temperature but not about fires! I agree with Kathy and Richard. God bless!
Ok girls be nice to each other. Let's have a game of beach cricket. It's the true Aussie way to spend a delightful day.
Anyone seen 'Po', Sandy and Bud?

wwoowww nice br.....braids, Bo
(2:50 - close to a pb I think?) Happy Australia Day to all Aussies, and thoughts going out to the all the firefighters battling the blazes here in the west.
talking all the way
not noticing
'nudist beach'
To Sweta from India: go ahead, type MAEN on WIKIPEDIA's search. You will be pleasantly surprised. A wonderful MAEN to everyone.
Happy Australia Day to all our friends in OZ.
4:52 The worst time I've had in months. Congrats to Sweta in India: not many of us have had the opportunity to impact the language. Good maen to all.
I also love brocolli.
3:52 Guess it's OK.
Woke up this morning with an s d f g h
z x c v b n
on my forehead. Does that mean I overdid it last night. Tongue tastes like a dry sock
Happy Australia Day to all.
Oh and hi Andy.
4:13 I actually remembered to set the timer. Have a wonderful evening.
thank you warren for explanation and Anne/VT you made me laugh can just imagine everyone now.
Have just been to see Brokeback Mountain have to say a little disappointing however got it on a two for one Orange deal so not to bad!
Hi to G from D am surprised you are up already all that merlot lol :)
3:37 - first time I've broken 4! Haven't been posting for past few days. Mum was visiting and we were just too busy!! Missed the arrangements for the beach party, so will have to check out the details. Happy MAEN to all. Happy Australia Day. C U all l8er.
(To the tune of My Favourite Things)
Bouncing the beach balls,
bubbling the bolly,
hocolate the sweet calls,
oh this is so jolly.
I'm tired of being a goody two shoes
Shed inhibitions - let yourself lose.

I love brocolli, my wife hates it. I am also a big fan of lima beans. Sweta you are to be congradulated, on your achievment and for being a good good person. My wife and I will say a prayer for those unfortunate people and animals in Oz. People can often flee or fight a fire but animals can not. I More...
WOW! Sweta, your name will go down in the history books of linguistics! Just went to Wikipedia (i tried the merriam webster one but they wanted me to sign up for a 'free trial' period)and found maen. In another year or so I predict MAEN will be used in all chatrooms around the globe. Kudos,congratulations, and Mazel Tov to you!
ferrimagnetic minerals breathing deep in me
pulling in the oxide growing by the sea
i was carried here from erosion in the bed
now i pull towards you slowly it is said
they dig away and search for me but i am hidden true
full of magic powers waiting just for you
i'm not from these shores but have come to rest
for the sea waters tell me Australia Day is best
All of your clothing,
Right down to your knickers,
Wow it's absolving
I'll need from the vicars.
I'll be a partying, wearing no things
Enjoying all of my favourite things.
When the sun goes
When the night comes
Then we'll have a ball
Sudokuists stark naked and playing with one and all
I love brocolli!!! fan of the brocolli appreciation club united!!
Hi everyone! glad to see the party is under way! but are you at the right beach??? it is at Maslin's not Coroker?? so please make sure you go to the right one!! now off to get ready for the party will need plenty of spf30+ as we are expecting 40 degrees today=approx.104.
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