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Easy Sudoku for 26/November/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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One and all
26/Nov/12 12:00 AM

G'day mates, here's today's medical daffynition:
Serology - Study of english knighthood.

..And here's today's factoid:
The Columbia University's football team mascot, Leo the Lion, inspired the MGM lion.
26/Nov/12 12:00 AM
No today!
There's a bit of snow on the ground this morning!
26/Nov/12 12:03 AM
Good Maen all!
Wish I was looking out your window, Shiela!
26/Nov/12 12:08 AM
26/Nov/12 12:08 AM
Love it when you hit five, Vici!
(Off to get ready for church now!)
26/Nov/12 12:11 AM
Three very handsome generations!
26/Nov/12 12:11 AM
Me too, Shiela - thanks!
26/Nov/12 12:11 AM
Brrr - COLD here in Oaxaca de Juarez, OAX, Mexico. Seems colder this year than usual. Our 'Snow Birds' will be disappointed.
26/Nov/12 1:01 AM
Slow morning. I thought I'd have already missed it.
26/Nov/12 1:10 AM
I like multi-generation photos. We would have to travel to get one of our kids. I really should do it before it's too late.
26/Nov/12 1:11 AM
Three happy people.
26/Nov/12 1:23 AM
everybody & Sandra!
We're on the road again. Headed to our beach house at Fripp for a week of R & R.
26/Nov/12 1:46 AM
So envious. Have a great time.
26/Nov/12 1:49 AM
Kieth, Are you waiting around until it get's closer to your 22?
26/Nov/12 1:55 AM
I'll help you out with a couple pointless posts.
26/Nov/12 1:55 AM
Good morning people of the world.
26/Nov/12 2:02 AM
Flossing Day
Buy Nothing Day
26/Nov/12 2:03 AM
Another day of Christmas movies, though with an interruption of going out to eat.
26/Nov/12 2:04 AM
Serena, you are too nice. I have never claimed to be nice, so I will continue on.
26/Nov/12 2:05 AM
I am giving opportunity, since I am not speedy.
26/Nov/12 2:06 AM
Hello 22.
26/Nov/12 2:06 AM
Harrumph, I wait around and wait around, and then she sneaks in while I'm off doing other puzzles.
26/Nov/12 2:08 AM
Well, Keith, what can I say.

I can say, I did not sneak. I made my intentions clear and there was not speeding involved. Better luck next time.
26/Nov/12 2:26 AM
Thanks for trying, Serena. All I can say is ... Karen doesn't even sneak very well.
26/Nov/12 2:36 AM
The house survived the gale last night and is intact.
By E-Mail, I communicated with my neighbour living in the top of the house immediately underneath the roof.
He replied as follows:
“I have been experiencing gale blowing over the roof.
So far all in one piece including me.
The More...
26/Nov/12 2:42 AM
I will not be partaking in buy nothing day. Little boy need socks and underwear.
26/Nov/12 3:09 AM
Karen, little boy likes your cat avatar.
26/Nov/12 3:09 AM
Good Lord, Rayray, that's like an earthquake! But we only get for a couple of minutes not the whole night!
26/Nov/12 3:10 AM
So glad to hear all is well, Ray. Your beautiful home survives. Good to know you're OK, too.
26/Nov/12 3:10 AM
Karen, no way do you sneak! You are a presence that is bigger than life. You are THERE! No one can ignore you, sweetie pie! Kind of like my grandie!
26/Nov/12 3:13 AM

Happy to hear you (and your neighbor) are safe and sound, Ray!
Safe travels, Kathy!
Hi, Sandra! Nice to ''see'' you here. I've been to Oaxaca!
26/Nov/12 3:25 AM
There is a photo on my page of four generations of the women in my family. Well, calling the littlest one a ''woman'' might be a stretch.
26/Nov/12 3:28 AM
The answer to yesterday's poozle: 26
The question reads, ''How many letters in this teaser'' The letters alternate between the top and bottom lines.

I'm sure the supply is getting low, so another load of for winners, Captain J, Keith, Greg, Chris, Sarah Beth, Serena, Sarah, and Margo!
26/Nov/12 3:34 AM
Shocker. Plans have changed. Man wants to go little town, to pick up Christmas lights, which I know we have a huge tote full of new ones, because I buy clearance. But he could not find that red tote marked Christmas lights. Did notice in storage that the boxes are marked on the top and the side, More...
26/Nov/12 3:45 AM
If I am pronouncing the name right, Oaxaca, it feels neat saying out loud.
26/Nov/12 3:47 AM
Shosho, I like to think of myself as quiet known presense.
But I think that thought is better when physically around.
26/Nov/12 3:48 AM
And for today.....

Find the TWO six letter words that are combined in each row of letters. Their letters are in the correct order.


Answers to the ''Do opposites really attract?'' inbox, please.
26/Nov/12 3:49 AM
Well, you know I am going to do it. Again, no speeding.
26/Nov/12 3:49 AM
Bye-bye page one.
26/Nov/12 3:50 AM
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