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Easy Sudoku for 26/November/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Leaving for Austin soon for a big feast tomorrow.
26/Nov/15 12:01 AM
I'm not really a fan of driving myself but my kids love it.
26/Nov/15 12:03 AM
No question! I don't look forward to the driving part.
26/Nov/15 12:18 AM
26/Nov/15 12:29 AM
The Dr. Geezer joke yesterday reminded me of a saying I once heard.

'Inside every older person is a younger person who is wondering....

What the he11 happened?'
26/Nov/15 12:33 AM
1:46 one and all!

Those young chaps certainly look like they're having fun.
26/Nov/15 12:47 AM
Good morning.
26/Nov/15 1:34 AM
Hi everyone.
26/Nov/15 1:35 AM
Today was the day I was going to be here for changover since I woke up at 23 something.
26/Nov/15 1:37 AM
Closed my eyes and it was 00.06.
26/Nov/15 1:37 AM
BUT.... I forgot I hadn't changed that clock to DST, and it was an hour behind!
26/Nov/15 1:39 AM
26/Nov/15 2:41 AM
I know I'm a day ahead by USA time, just thought I'd get in early.
26/Nov/15 2:43 AM
Day trip yesterday was succesful and means I don't have to fo on another one on Friday.
26/Nov/15 2:45 AM
Yes, we bought a caravan.
26/Nov/15 2:45 AM
It's very nice and meets all the criteria we had set for what we wanted. Mr P and our neighbour friend will go and pick it up on Friday.
26/Nov/15 2:47 AM
No traveling for us this Thanksgiving.
26/Nov/15 3:26 AM
26/Nov/15 4:37 AM
Morning shosho.
26/Nov/15 4:38 AM
Dueling turkeys
26/Nov/15 4:38 AM
to the promise land.
26/Nov/15 4:39 AM
26/Nov/15 4:39 AM
I never travel on Thanksgiving because I host the dinner on that day! Been doing it 24 years at my home and some years before at my parents' home. This year, I could have anywhere from 20 to 25 people. I always pick a few strays along the way and my nieces always ask to bring boyfriends!
26/Nov/15 4:39 AM
Well it's a good thing I dawdled! Keith!
26/Nov/15 4:40 AM
26/Nov/15 4:56 AM
over cast but not cold
26/Nov/15 5:15 AM
Doing at the OK niece, sister & husband are here from Texas. Heard we are making today
26/Nov/15 5:18 AM
I guess my 30 miles is traveling but not too far.
26/Nov/15 5:24 AM
Two little guys having fun!
26/Nov/15 5:25 AM
Morning all, watch out for the front driver ...he is going to sleep.
26/Nov/15 7:01 AM
Sentimental story for the day:

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3333338/You-no-idea-gift-giving-Father-took-nine-yea r-old-girl-breakfast-begged-spend-time-receives-touching-anonymous-note.html

Way To Go Dad! ONYA!
26/Nov/15 7:02 AM
Remove the pesky space in 'yea r' (took-nine-yea r-)
26/Nov/15 7:04 AM
The link opened for me without the space correction. Great story. My father - and mother - spent so much time like that with us that one wonders what parents find that is so much more important. Smartphones don't help, I'm sure.
26/Nov/15 7:27 AM
Lovely photo of kids having fun!
26/Nov/15 7:52 AM
Happy 2 days off in a row!
Hubby had a job interview in LA (been laid off almost 4 yrs now), and he took me out for a late breakfast @Marie Callender's (we had a coupon) when he came back.
Braved the market for a couple of items I didn't find when I went last night, but the More...
26/Nov/15 8:12 AM

Aileen, good luck for hubby at the interview. I hope he is successful, not pleasant being unemployed.
26/Nov/15 11:29 AM
Morning everyone.
Enjoy your celebrations wherever you are.. whatever you are doing
26/Nov/15 11:47 AM
26/Nov/15 12:49 PM
Hey! What a slow day! I'll race to the bottom of the page!
26/Nov/15 1:53 PM
26/Nov/15 1:53 PM
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