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Easy Sudoku for 26/December/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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en tous les cas il est australien.
Pourquoi Bill a disparu du jour au lendemain?
André n'a pas l'air très vrai non plus!
Ah cet internet n'est pas très net!
when I wrote to catherine last night I was struggling to contain the overdose of champagne, so made a big mistake when asking her if she'd enjoyed her meal, foie gras being a xmas staple here! As for dexterious, a french confusion there, but you and Mr Collins are right of course - you can go to bed a happy man/woman tonight!!
suite: au fait peux tu me dire ce que je dois mettre dans le cheese cake pour qu'il ne ressemble pas à un bonhomme de neige à Miami?
c'est vrai que Bill n'est plus là, mais peut-être juste parti pour les fêtes. ces sites peuvent être un moyen de se cacher derrière un tas de personnages - je suis sûre qu'il y a des gens malheureux, seuls ou tout juste tarés qui y participent et on ne peut pas savoir qui est qui
Please you wrote me? last night? page number?
Sweetheart, if you don't know by now, you never will!!

XY XY XY XY XY XY AND xxx! Mistletoe or not.
Best tasting tonsils, rising in a curve, what more do you want??

ce qui est amusant c'est de délirer un peu mais je ne peux pas le faire en anglais! Je ne peux d'ailleurs pas faire grand chose en anglais. Enfin la version marche beaucoup mieux que le thème! J'ai trouvé un site d'apprentissage sur la BBC.
WOW!! 2.58!! NOT BAD..
XX is a girl, XY is a boy, but what's XXX???
this is getting very complicated and your chromosomes must be a bit miffed at being doubted around the world. All this carry on about rising in a curve - there are loads of bits of me that rise in a curve, so you could well be a woman, then again there's the obvious bit of male anatomy, the adam's apple of course, which could prove the contrary...
XX+XY=xxxxx or war!
oh hurry up and reply, I'm going to have to go and get dressed again - I seem to spend half my life talking to you in my dressing gown.
I wasn't very good at science, that's why I became an english teacher...
xxxx could be twin girls????
xxx is what XY's do to XX's. Don't tell me you've never been kissed!! If not, consider it done!

Still confused??
X, x. xxxx=kiss!!:)
but the question remains - who is XX and who is XY?????
I propose we show in sudokuland a Dragqueen!
I'm beginning to think we have an agent provocateur present.
oh oh oh! agent provocateur! Miraculous I speak english!
isn't it funny how the same people pop up each time we're on? 'the dragqueen' comment is catherine, definitely! col and you could well be one - rarely one without the other. HH, your suspected alter ego who took umbrage over that has disappeared since...then there's Lynne...and dennis of course, but the less said...
Havnt been on for a week or so-5 year old son did fatal damage to hard drive. Now fixed and children have playstation for christmas. Have the computer all to myself :-)
Hope everyone had a good peaceful christmas. We sure did..
in French you 'propose', in English you 'suggest'; word order for the rest of the sentence not correct 'a drag queen in sudokuland',; not keen on the use of the verb 'show', but alternative depends on your precise meaning, which is unclear!
Had christmas in Burra with family. Came back through Barossa (Kap). Made me think of my sudoku friends.
qu'est ce que j'ai écrit de travers dans dragqueen? Drag Queen? Dragqueen? ou ça n'existe pas en angleterre?
need your help on this one - I suspect drag queen to be written as two words - confirmation please
well I may be a princess but I still have to clean my own castle so shall have to sign off for now and do some post-festive tidying up - will you be around later? 'I hate to have to say it...etc etc' ha ha, got my own back there! have a nice sleep whoever you may be, although I quite liked the idea of paul!!
You have obviously read my conversation with HH (whom I call Hilly) exchanging some personal details. (Med. 20/12/05 p.2). The statement therein about promises is sacrosanct to me.
Thus, I promise you, I am Spellmaster, aka Paul, 100% XY. I shall not discuss this again.
I suggest (d'introduire )to show in Sudokuland (où dois je mettre la drag queen)?a drag queen.
No double meaning!
I am going to cook frogs with parsley and garlic.
yes, I do recall you yacking on about promises while I was in the throes of demanding an apology (which I never got, sunshine!!) Okay, point taken, but you really only have yourself to blame for any misunderstandings, don't you? - we women are always right you know!! Glad to see my use of syntagma went through security - I wasn't just very sure if it was correct!
fancy some of catherine's frogs then? and here's us having the foie gras leftovers! Must go, sleep well and dream of green syntagmatic (there's no way that's right!!) princesses! catch you later
happy ......... day
Merry Christmas to all, got to the internet at my son's house. Didn't have time to read the postings. Best wishes to you all.
a french speciality and very nice they are too!
Syntagmatic is perfectly correct. Yes, around 1330 your time and again around 2200 your time.
Now, are you suggesting that I am a hopeless addict who has nothing better to do with her time than sit and make appropriate (or inappropriate), comments ? 'Rarely one without the other' ?????? I resent being sterotyped thank you very much. LOL I would like to state for the record that I was More...
oops - stereotyped
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