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Easy Sudoku for 26/December/2013


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A Thought For The Day:

The cool part about naming your kid is that you don't have to add 6 numbers to make sure the name is available.
26/Dec/13 12:00 AM
Hello to CoolKid.
26/Dec/13 12:01 AM
26/Dec/13 12:09 AM
A now to wish a Merry Christmas to those on this side of the world.

26/Dec/13 12:11 AM
Merry Christmas to all.
26/Dec/13 12:12 AM


In the today we have DotCom, Heidi, Keith, Wolf, Canuk Greg, shosho, Glenn, Kathy, and HalT. You can add this to your tree
26/Dec/13 12:13 AM
Oh, look, it's me, on Page One! Merry Christmas to all those for whom today is Christmas.

Is it Boxing Day anywhere else but England?
26/Dec/13 12:14 AM

to all the topsiders!
26/Dec/13 12:18 AM
For Today:

A beheader

1. A celestial attendant of God -> A forest reserve in SE Nigeria
2. ***** Cane -> Nickname for Andrew
3. Tree or shrub with bright red berries and shiny evergreen leaves with prickly edges -> Runner-up in the sixth series of X Factor
4. No More...
26/Dec/13 12:19 AM

And yes Sarah from DC Boxing Day is celebrated here in Australia too. We have a lot of sporting events starting on Boxing Day including the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race and the Boxing Day Test Match in Cricket to name a few. Not to mention the Big Boxing Day sales!!!
26/Dec/13 12:24 AM
Merry Christmas to all celebrating, and enjoy Boxing Day for those ahead of us in time!
26/Dec/13 12:34 AM
Merry Christmas - watching a very bad version of The Nutcracker -
26/Dec/13 12:36 AM
To everyone and their families
and a joyous
couple of days
wherever you are
and wherever they are.
26/Dec/13 12:50 AM

Hope today is a little less stressful than yesterday was for you Mr Cee, kids in hospital at any time of the year is no fun, let alone this time of year. Hope young Mr Cee is feeling more comfortable as each hour passes.
26/Dec/13 12:57 AM

Thank you Lizzie very much appreciated.
26/Dec/13 1:05 AM
Christmas is complete - my son called from Japan and I spoke to my 2 grand d's? I also spoke to my sis in London. It can be difficult when a family is so spread around the world.
26/Dec/13 1:13 AM
Merry Christmas to all, near and far! May the joy and peace of the season be with you always.
26/Dec/13 1:20 AM
26/Dec/13 2:18 AM
26/Dec/13 2:22 AM
Hello all, and a very merry Xmas to all those up there, and Boxing Day to all us down here!!! We are off the see the 2nd 'Hobbit' this afternoon, and looking forward to it muchly! But for now it is finally off to zzzzzzzzzzzz!
26/Dec/13 2:29 AM
And to you, too, little Sheltie.
26/Dec/13 2:29 AM
26/Dec/13 2:53 AM
I waited, but no Keith!

26/Dec/13 2:53 AM
But, I digress......

26/Dec/13 2:54 AM
Mr Cee and G-H, I am so happy to hear that Greg's surgery was successful. Certainly not the best way to spend Christmas day, but with that outcome, I'm sure you don't care. Sending a big box of to Greg! Tell him he should open it immediately!
26/Dec/13 3:02 AM
to topsiders!
And a Happy Boxing Day to down under and UK!
26/Dec/13 3:02 AM
Well am going to use all the smilies I have for Christmas in my shout to everyone! A Merry Christmas and peace and love to all!
26/Dec/13 3:03 AM

That's what my dad would yell up the stairway every Christmas morning to wake us up. I hope everyone enjoys their holidays.
26/Dec/13 3:04 AM
I know we are all hoping to hear good news from Ian. More going out to Anne.
26/Dec/13 3:04 AM
And More...
26/Dec/13 3:04 AM
I'm pretty sure that and his More...
26/Dec/13 3:05 AM
Oh! I almost forgot!

Happy Boxing Day!
26/Dec/13 3:06 AM
Got to go, my guests will be arriving soon! See you later!
26/Dec/13 3:06 AM
I'm glad Greg's surgery was successful. I have no idea what age he is. Here's hoping for a rapid recovery.
I hope Ian has good news about Anne today as well.
26/Dec/13 3:06 AM
Now, I need to get cooking!
26/Dec/13 3:08 AM
Have had a wonderful day down under.
I hope you all have a wonderful day.
Good news Mr Cee.
Hope Ian has some for us soon.
Good luck to anybody brave enough to tackle the Boxing Day sales..
26/Dec/13 3:32 AM
Merry Christmas!
Wrapping the little gifts to go in the stockings (both Hubby and Grunt are night owls, so I have the run of the house right now)
26/Dec/13 3:49 AM
To all you topsiders celebrating today.
26/Dec/13 5:54 AM
I'm adding some more healing vibes for Mr Cee's Greg and hoping for good news about Anne.
26/Dec/13 5:57 AM
26/Dec/13 5:59 AM
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