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Easy Sudoku for 26/December/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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26/Dec/15 12:00 AM
Merry Xmas to us up north.
26/Dec/15 12:00 AM
If that date is right, that little bundle would be 9 now.
26/Dec/15 12:11 AM
Merry Christmas! I won't even specify location after yesterday's discussion.

26/Dec/15 12:20 AM


In the today we have Judy and Joyce (1/2). It's trophy time.
26/Dec/15 12:24 AM
The high school choir held a concert on the last Saturday evening before Christmas this year.
The choir, made up of both boys and girls, sang five popular Christmas carols as well as a selection of medleys. Five of the choir had short solo parts, one each, in the five
Christmas carols. More...
26/Dec/15 12:33 AM
Good morning to all! A great picture to celebrate Christmas!
26/Dec/15 12:53 AM
Finally we can say Merry Christmas to all, those down under, topsiders, easterners, westerners and off world folks up on the space station!
26/Dec/15 12:55 AM
Serena, your son is on the Parent's page today.
26/Dec/15 1:00 AM
Happy Christmas everyone.
Sorry about silence up to now but I have been doing quite a lot of cooking.
26/Dec/15 1:06 AM

Merry Christmas!
Whatcha cookin', Rayray?
My contribution to the family potluck last night was a Cranberry Pecan Cheese Ball appetizer, and Cream puffs & eclairs for dessert (see photos on TOS)
26/Dec/15 2:01 AM
Merry Christmas everybody
26/Dec/15 2:07 AM
I hope those downunder enjoyed their celebrations.
26/Dec/15 3:36 AM
Good morning,
26/Dec/15 3:41 AM
Boxing Day today - or St Stephen's day (as in Good King Wenceslaus - ''on the feast of Stephen'').
26/Dec/15 3:43 AM
Our Christmas Day was very quiet and very pleasant - not too much food as there was just the two of us and we catered carefully.
26/Dec/15 3:45 AM
Might be a different story tonight as 4T and girlfriend will be here, and more food is planned.
26/Dec/15 3:47 AM
Serena, you may have to explain what shool years your class names belong to as we don't have those terms here. I think freshman is year 5 (5th grade), sophomore - year 6, junior = year7, and senior - year 8. Or I might be either 2 or 4 years ahead of myself. It doesn't matter at all to the puzzle, just might puzzle some aussies.
26/Dec/15 3:53 AM
Good morning people of the world.
Merry Christmas and Boxing Day.
26/Dec/15 4:04 AM
Learning a major lesson today.
Double check battery stock.
Assemble before the big day.
Charge before big day.
26/Dec/15 4:05 AM
Santa did get a big thrill, when one item was taken out of the box before hand to charge and she wrapped an empty box. The look on the girl's face when she opened an empty box was priceless.
And the gifts that were boxed in empty cereal boxes was a big hit.
26/Dec/15 4:07 AM
To Keith, who I hope your coffee shop is open so you can connect to the cyber world.
26/Dec/15 4:08 AM
I have been noticed not assembling or charging or programming. Hope you all have a spectacular day.
26/Dec/15 4:09 AM
Freshman, Sophomore, Junior,, and Senior are the 4 years of high school so it is 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th. The terms are also reused for college.
26/Dec/15 4:49 AM
Oh, wow.
I finally got to play with my new toy. :)
Did not realize, even though I zoom in and out continuously, how blind and small my old screen was until today. Santa, brought me 27 inch computer screen. Wow, it is huge. Though next I my need the big TV screen to be able to see.
26/Dec/15 5:55 AM
Thanks Serena. Realized after I posted that I had mixed Middle School into that lot.

26/Dec/15 6:14 AM
Happy Birthday Lee, Puddy and Pata.

Ipswich, Qld or Ipswich, UK?
26/Dec/15 6:17 AM
Morning all, that baby could be an ornament on a tree.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all our northern friends.
26/Dec/15 6:29 AM
Ella and Cailin are visiting today while Mum and Dad are working, better get dressed before they get here.
26/Dec/15 6:34 AM

And today we have Boxing Day because we are that cool. The Sales are on and for some the recovery has begun.
26/Dec/15 8:10 AM
Good morning all. Our Christmas showed that good can come from tragedy. Hubby's brother died suddenly at Easter time. He left 3 children, who are young adults. We rarely saw them as they grew up, but 2 have now become good friends. One called in to see us Christmas Eve and the other joined us for Christmas dinner.
26/Dec/15 8:30 AM
Merry Christmas, everyone!!!
26/Dec/15 9:33 AM
After all the cooking for the brunch, my brother and I are . . .
26/Dec/15 9:34 AM
Luckily we didn't put up a tree this year or my cats would have ended up
26/Dec/15 9:35 AM
And a for my non-Christian friends!!!
26/Dec/15 9:36 AM
I got some interesting presents from my baby brother. He is infamous for getting the most weird presents. Three Christmases ago he got a very expensive coffee. Eaten by a civet and excreted by said civet. Washed (hopefully very well) and roasted. Kopi Luwak coffee I hear is the most expensive coffee in the world.
26/Dec/15 9:39 AM
It was interesting but alas I'm not a coffee connoisseur and the coffee was wasted on me . . .
26/Dec/15 9:40 AM
This year he gave me an emergency kit - 16 meals freeze dried and ready to go with water! If the predicted big one shakes my home state up, my stored water and now this gift will help. And if my home goes, I still have my tent! He also got me a book of childrens' wrong answers to test question - 'F for Effort' It's hilarious!
26/Dec/15 9:43 AM
The other brother got me a selfie toaster! I send in a selfie and the company produces a plate to place in the toaster that will toast a picture of me on each bread!
26/Dec/15 9:44 AM
26/Dec/15 9:44 AM
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