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Easy Sudoku for 26/February/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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No Whee though. A dry new page!
26/Feb/16 5:58 AM
Good morning all. No more sleeps. Enjoy your day folks.
26/Feb/16 6:33 AM
Jane lands in about 2 hours. See you later Sacky.
26/Feb/16 6:46 AM
Morning all, not a happy cat.
26/Feb/16 6:50 AM
Joyce, you are welcome to the Bat Crown so generously donated by Kathy. I'm not the nocturnal type and it would not be fair to the bat to keep it indoors during the dark hours.
26/Feb/16 8:33 AM
Morning everybody
A tad envious Sacky... enjoy your travels...
26/Feb/16 10:24 AM
maen all!...hope you guys have been doing okay...lots of chatter on this 'easy' page...long time no see!...later...
26/Feb/16 11:18 AM
Wombat, I see your Doggies got up last night. Gotta be happy with that!
26/Feb/16 12:22 PM
Brumbies and Cats turn tonight!
26/Feb/16 12:23 PM
Yes Peter, It was a good clear win. I'll be watching the Cats and barracking for them tonight.
26/Feb/16 12:37 PM
Thanks, Wombat & it will be fitting since I am a night-person! Although most of the bats around here should have hibernated; are far too sensible to be subjecting themselves to our February weather.
26/Feb/16 1:19 PM
Hello Deltz - you've had an interesting winter so far this year, although it may not have been too bad depending your location - hope you too are faring OK! Nice to have a pop-in visit from you........
26/Feb/16 1:22 PM
Me, too, Bean - envious of the travelers as well as all of you folks along their route who will be gathering to fete the Jane & Sacky; have great fun & create wondrous memories!
26/Feb/16 1:25 PM
OK- now I'm going to try Serena's puzzle & maybe legitimately earn some silly prize!
26/Feb/16 1:27 PM
kind of late for me but wanted to say hello to all of you!
26/Feb/16 2:11 PM
That was a great looking cat in the Sudoku I had one very similar that I called Mo-Jo!
26/Feb/16 2:14 PM
Going to take my shower ...good night to all of you!
26/Feb/16 2:15 PM
Serena, since you have had at least one dog most of your married years until about a year ago, you know all the pros and cons from personal experience. I lived with at least one dog most of my life, except for my college years and a 9 year stretch starting about 10 years ago. We lost our ''dog of More...
26/Feb/16 6:20 PM

Half time

Brumbies 24, Hurricanes 3

The Hurricanes were second last year so expecting them to come back in the second half.
26/Feb/16 8:34 PM

Full time

Brumbies 52 Hurricanes 10

Who's next!
26/Feb/16 9:28 PM
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