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Easy Sudoku for 26/May/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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26/May/10 12:00 AM
Hello, Chris (and Dorthea and appy?).
26/May/10 12:00 AM
26/May/10 12:00 AM
good maen
26/May/10 12:00 AM
Eveyone from the last page here?
26/May/10 12:01 AM
all for the birthday greetings!
(Almost forgot it was my birthday!) 'Celebrated' the first of my two-day Sudoku birthday by having my boxing glove-sized bandage taken off my hand. Stitches come out in a week. Hope you'll all forgive me for not thanking you all personally this year. Can't because other hand is complaining of being over-used.
26/May/10 12:02 AM
1:38. What a beautiful dog - German Shepherds are probably my favourite breed.
26/May/10 12:03 AM
Good dog.
26/May/10 12:04 AM
Happy birthday, Sheila - do not overdo it - we know you are thanking us!!!
26/May/10 12:04 AM
Where did appy go? She was here a few minutes ago.
26/May/10 12:05 AM
Good dog Nice Gem.
26/May/10 12:06 AM

Hello, Gem! You're a beautiful dog!
26/May/10 12:18 AM
2:40 Hi to all. Hello Gem.

Thought for the Day:

Cherish all your happy moments: they make a fine cushion for old age.
26/May/10 12:24 AM
from So. Oregon - sorry Dave it is not a beautiful day for your birthday.

But anyway. Enjoy the cool weather.
Wine will warm you up.

26/May/10 12:28 AM
Shiela - hope that the hand won't complain as you lift glasses to your lips and sip away, or picking up chocolates to savor on. A balanced meal - Strawberries, Chocolate & Champaign. Good for Breakfast or Lunch and finishing off a Dinner. chocolate
26/May/10 12:32 AM
Maybe the weather will be better tomorrow for Dave's actual Birthday. Hoping - I want to enjoy a beautiful day also.
26/May/10 12:34 AM

A speeding driver was pulled over by a policeman. He asked, "Why was I pulled over when I wasn't the only one speeding."
The police replied, "Have you ever been fishing?" The man then said, "yes".
"Have you ever caught all the fish?" asked the policeman.
26/May/10 12:37 AM
everyone from overcast and probably rainy So. Oregon.
Thanks Eve, tomorrow will be better except today is my golf day.
Shiela, thanks and hope you had a good one.
26/May/10 1:04 AM
I posted my favorite birthday video on my page.
26/May/10 1:10 AM
Please accept my sincere thanks to all who have sent messages of condolence. For those interested, I have posted on my page, three pictures of the floral tributes to Orn. Being Buddhist, funerals are dealt with in a different way as I have tried to explain on my page.
26/May/10 1:16 AM


26/May/10 1:17 AM
A lovely tribute, Ian
26/May/10 1:21 AM
Oops! I hogged 22. Sorry, Keith. I wasn't paying attention!
26/May/10 1:22 AM
The answers to yesterday's puzzle:
1. distorts
2. misplace
3. location
4. sleeping

Judy, June, Jamie, Sue, Greg, CP, Amelia, and Saylz had their on!
26/May/10 1:25 AM
The Wicked Witch of the West Coast has been whining again. Excuse me, everyone, while I try to appease her.....

Here is what the chips are worth in a chip trading game:

3 green chips have the same value as 5 blue chips.
2 red chips have the same value as 1 yellow chip.
4 red More...
26/May/10 1:39 AM
Well!! Of all the ... ! I should be insulted ... but, like a petulant child, I guess that I enjoy the attention!
26/May/10 1:49 AM
What would a day be without somebody picking on Judy?
26/May/10 1:53 AM
Like a day without sunshine, Keith.
26/May/10 1:56 AM
Oops1 Sorry! Not Keith. JAMIE!
26/May/10 1:56 AM
That's okay - we are both old, hairy guys (though I am not sure about Keith's hair after yesterday).
26/May/10 1:58 AM
Old and hairy ... not a pretty picture ...
26/May/10 1:59 AM
Thanks, Batty! Good try, but just because it got numbers don't mean it hard!
26/May/10 2:15 AM
I won't comment on Keith, Judy, but I am NOT a pretty picture!! Why do you think I use a flower for my avatar?
26/May/10 2:50 AM
You're coming out? Just kidding, Jamie!! And ... you're fine, just the way you are!
26/May/10 2:54 AM
There is no satisfying that witch. Maybe if I wore a bunny costume....?
26/May/10 2:54 AM
Nope, Kathy ... already taken! Besides, the frantic little piggy suits you better!
26/May/10 2:57 AM
OMG, old and hairy ... guilty as charged. I must admit, I was too busy in FarmVille to come here and try for 22. Just for Judy ... let the chips fall where they may. What an inbox.
to both Shiela and Dave.
26/May/10 3:00 AM
Good grief! Aspersions are being cast upon Keith, and he's in FarmVille, playing with his sheep!
26/May/10 3:09 AM
Hello Gem. You're a beauty!
26/May/10 3:20 AM
26/May/10 3:42 AM
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