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Easy Sudoku for 26/June/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi Emily
is any one there oooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
haley r u there
Scott I am here
people people people
You can talk to me
what up people y does it take so loneg to it to come up on the skrin
hello there
Waz up everybody
Haley or Scott are you there
You need to do better than that; in your best interest you need a code and a cypher between the two of you. Be very careful everyone will be here soon. Some friendly advice FROM a person July 1 'easy' who has been and done that!
message received g!
no! I'm turning green!
Take your point what now then
do you think everyone's here yet??!! Shock horror what will they find? A rapidly turning green princess and a salmon fisherman!
If they are here they already know who we are.
What I would really like is to give you my e-mail address, but I don't want to advertise it to our spectators.
you're sweet, but you don't know who I am any more than I know who you are, which could pose problems, as you can imagine
I mean I'm absolutely gorgeous and all that but then you only have my word for it, don't you!
And soooo intelligent too, but you've already worked that one out!
I know, it's crazy and I feel like a silly teenager but I really like talking to you and I sense that you like it too. Or am I just being a stupid old man? If that is so, we can go back to as we were.
keep talking you old fogey! I enjoy the chats and as they are they do no harm - go back to as they were with you refusing to apologize, and winding me up the whole time?? Oh whatever, just make sure you give me at least one compliment a day to keep me happy!!
wonder how many nosy parkers have cottoned on to the site - hands up you lot!!
If that is your considered desire then so be it.
If you change your mind, find a way to tell me.
short of trailing half way round the world to visit, I don't see what's possible! Anyway, you really should be getting some sleep, just imagine a whole night to dream of me!!, Ha ha, chance would be a fine thing, wouldn't it - but I 'll give you a clue to help you along - remember that princess More...
and if ever you're in an airport or train station, you never know, at least you'll recognise me!!
anyway, shall have to go and let you sleep, maybe see you later or tomorrow, sweet dreams! p.s.Dennis is on today's easy at the moment!
I'll tell you a secret too. Believe it or not there's a fair bit of 007 in me.

I'm going to sign off and turn in. I'll hopefully see you as normal tomorrow - around 2000 mine and 1000 yours.
Goodnight. xxx
that's Goodnight, sweetie!!
is your middle name Sean!!! That'll be the Irish in you I suppose!! sleep well à+ (will explain tomorrow)
i think this has every indication of turning sour. f you are married with young kids, paul i think you are single. show your above postings to your partner/s then you'll know whether this is harmless. you have so much to lose f and i think admiration and infatation is turning to obsession in p's More...
to above message - watch your spelling - you are giving your identity away
In case you come back, yes some of us are curious followers of your soap opera & sympathise. Who knows why we are attracted to anyone. Go for it, find out about each other. If you're not into codes get a yahoo or hotmail email verify each other then change to another email address - even a More...
that was'nt from Cathy but i can copy her type of writing? Byeee from me. i am just concerned for them specally fiona?you read magazines about internet relatonships do'nt you.
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