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Easy Sudoku for 26/June/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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one month and four days Linda - that doesn't count!!
26/Jun/07 6:02 AM
Susan, this is for your daughter! ♪♪♪ to you,
to you,
to Susan's daughter,
to you!
I hope you enjoy your special day and your sleep-over.!
26/Jun/07 6:07 AM
26/Jun/07 6:14 AM
Great photos, Billy!!
26/Jun/07 6:30 AM
Fiona ... Just received your email - didn't realise it was your birthdat, today, sorry! Hope it was a good'un!
26/Jun/07 6:55 AM
Bus driver in Glasgow .... he was driving his route the other day when a dwarf got on the bus and started shouting about the bus being late and ranting and raving about getting 'soaked through'. The bus driver asked the man what bus it was he wanted and the dwarf said it was the No. 66, the bus More...
26/Jun/07 7:00 AM
Grandma had been placed into a new nursing home. The nurse wheeled Grandma out on the lawn, in her wheelchair, so that her family could visit her in the gardens. Grandma couldn't speak very well, but she could write notes when she needed to communicate. After a short time out on the lawn, Grandma More...
26/Jun/07 7:01 AM
It's me, sharon but decided to use the Egyptian name Wagdy gave me. Don't know what it means but I love the sound of it. Hey Wagdy, let's get together while you're in Los Angeles. Just tell me what parts and we'll meet at a restaurant there!
26/Jun/07 7:15 AM
Glenn, your last joke was soooo bad, it was funny.
Hugh, you, too. I judge you two tied for first place.
26/Jun/07 7:16 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Fiona and Susan's daughter!
to you.
May your special day be just what you'd like it to be!
26/Jun/07 7:17 AM
26/Jun/07 7:22 AM
Good Choice of Name need this one again on Halloween.
26/Jun/07 7:24 AM
Eve did you read my note yesterday?, It's me sharon but I'm using my Egyptian name Wagdy gave me.
26/Jun/07 7:37 AM
Fiona, Just in case you hadn't seen it, Carla's beautiful picture graces easy word search today!
26/Jun/07 7:39 AM
It's pi$$ing down here in Canberra ....about time too!
26/Jun/07 7:40 AM
Hey Kym...you go girl...Just saw pictures of Gath today, an he's a real Hunk!!!! Good that he's smart and has a job too.
26/Jun/07 7:42 AM
Wadgy - have a safe and comfortable flight to the US.

I believe the noise levels have gone up in WA, ACT and NSW and fallen in Victoris...wonder why!
26/Jun/07 7:43 AM
Shosho...I like the sound and looks of the name too. Enjoy!
26/Jun/07 7:44 AM
Thank you Mamacita! You adorable lady!
I keep missing Wagdy on his way to my home town. Would have liked to meet at least one sudokuist.
26/Jun/07 7:57 AM
Fiona and Susan's daughter enjoy the sleepover. Wagdy have a safe trip and enjoy your family. Glen thanks for the chuckles today and thats only as far as page 2 will read the rest later
26/Jun/07 8:00 AM
Hugh you haven't lost your touch still finding great jokes
26/Jun/07 8:20 AM
Good Morning All
may you have a very special day

26/Jun/07 8:25 AM
oops missed the last lot of BD pics for susans daughter
26/Jun/07 8:26 AM
safe travelling to Wagdy
enjoy your special time with your family
safe travelling June from Epping
hope you have a great trip
enjoy your time away and your anniversary
26/Jun/07 8:28 AM
Beautiful cat. It can cross my path any time.

Today's Canadian content ('Can con') is Anne Murray's Snowbird. The picture quality is pretty bad, but the sound is good. Enjoy!
26/Jun/07 8:53 AM
Fiona - hope you have a lovely day
26/Jun/07 9:06 AM
Somewhere in here are the details for friday...

Bonjour PERTHITES....

We're having a tete a tete at EPIC café
'ot 'ocolate or cafe au lait
gateaux, roulade or parfait
a petit choux fleur or souffle
english? maintenant non - franglais
Promenade avec a swagger or a More...
26/Jun/07 9:08 AM
How are you going Rose - all back to 'normal'? I think I need another day in bed...
have a good day/nite all...x
26/Jun/07 9:15 AM
this is so tempting.....think I'll go for it....
26/Jun/07 9:15 AM
beautiful day in Perth, clear skies and not as cold as Wang....
26/Jun/07 9:16 AM

ok - must do some work now...
26/Jun/07 9:18 AM
Morning all.
26/Jun/07 9:23 AM
Good Morning
good sleep here last night and starting to feel normal again ........ poor normal

you must be still tired after all your travelling in the last few days. I cant thank you and More...
26/Jun/07 9:36 AM
The kitty's eyes creep me out....

Hope everyone has a good day!
26/Jun/07 9:39 AM
So did you guys actually go into the adult store? Can you answer the eternal question: are batteries included?
26/Jun/07 9:39 AM

this rose avatar is for you, especially for your birthday
it is called the 'Fiona' rose
I send it with all my love and good wishes on your birthday
26/Jun/07 9:39 AM
Monkey Mea
Col usually has all the battery answers
Col DID NOT do the Bar Tour
26/Jun/07 9:44 AM
I'll never tell.
26/Jun/07 9:44 AM
I have viewed the birthday party photos on Billy's page WOW what a party !!!!!
26/Jun/07 9:50 AM
I can't tell
26/Jun/07 9:50 AM
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