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Easy Sudoku for 26/July/2014


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Hello page three.
26/Jul/14 8:34 AM
Well, as you know, we have been discussing kittens/cats for a few months now. Thankfully, we missed the cat show, and had planned to go to the shelter. Man and I were waiting till closer to school, when the girls would be spending more time at home and we would have gone on our beach vacation. Seemed like a good idea to us.
26/Jul/14 8:37 AM
Well, by now, I am sure you figured out what Man told me. He has gotten smart, he calls from afar, to tell me news, I do not want to hear, and it will be another hour or two, before he gets home.

MIL, has two, unseen, by us, kittens coming for the girls. We have Saturday, I think, to get all of the kittens needs. I am not happy.
26/Jul/14 8:40 AM
Dootie and Lizzie, the sleeping toddler story isn't that interesting. I got her to lay down and cozied up next to her on the couch. Then I slowly and repetitively took my hand and rubbed from the top of her forehead to her eyebrows.
26/Jul/14 8:48 AM
Serena, way back when, my youngin's took their naps, I would lay on the bed with them and hold their hands. I would rub softly, till they settled down, 10-15 minutes, they were snoozing.

Oh, the good old days.
26/Jul/14 9:52 AM
maEn all. Another Friday, another week almost over. Is it just me, or does it seem to everyone that the days, weeks, months just fly by?
26/Jul/14 10:34 AM
Good Morning
26/Jul/14 11:45 AM
'ello, Rolanda. Are we the only ones here today?
26/Jul/14 11:59 AM
There might be a lurker or two!
26/Jul/14 12:31 PM
... or 3 ... unless it's just a drive by.
26/Jul/14 12:36 PM
Hello, G-h and Keith. Nice to have some company this Friday evening (or Saturday PM).
26/Jul/14 12:49 PM
G-h, where's Mr Cee these days? Haven't heard a peep out of him for a month or so.
26/Jul/14 12:51 PM
Karen - How did the first day go? You haven't had a cigarette today, right?
26/Jul/14 12:57 PM
Sorry HalT, I have failed today. I gave myself, 5 cigarettes today and a plan of when I could smoke them. I intentionally, missed my allotted times and I was fine. But then, I lost my sunny disposition. I went for a walk, did the dishes, folded laundry and chased some dust bunnies, then went for More...
26/Jul/14 1:12 PM
Too quiet here tonight. I'm going to get some rest.
26/Jul/14 1:13 PM
I have one cigarette left, which I am saving for my bedtime. If I do not smoke, I will only add 4 cigarettes, for tomorrow. Which also seems to be a problem. Shopping. I shopped today, though Man does not know that. We are going shoe shopping for the girls. I believe, I recently told a story about how the girls and Man shop and shoes, I think are the worse.
26/Jul/14 1:15 PM
All will be alright, just need to find my happy place and stay there.
26/Jul/14 1:16 PM
Humph. I don't think, HalT, has ever said it was quiet when I am around.
26/Jul/14 1:17 PM
Karen, don't get discouraged. The fact that you WANT to quit is a good start. Keep trying.
26/Jul/14 1:17 PM
Did I say that? I don't remember saying that. I think you need a glass of wine Karen. But no cigarette.
26/Jul/14 1:20 PM
Seriously, it's my bed time.
26/Jul/14 1:22 PM
I copied and pasted from your post and I was yacking away.

Too quiet here tonight.
26/Jul/14 1:23 PM
Hal, the older one gets the faster time goes by. At least that is what I have been told.
26/Jul/14 1:27 PM
I will be fine. I have a list of some of, what to expect. I have sent my timeline and goals. I know, I have a trigger happy, temper, at the moment, and I know I can adjust, to be my happy go lucky self, again. I also, know, that I need to avoid, any stressors, at the moment. Love my MIL, but for More...
26/Jul/14 1:27 PM
It is only 10:30 and he is going to bed!
Talking about time going by fast and going to bed.
26/Jul/14 1:28 PM
Karen, take some deep breaths and think about something you enjoy.
26/Jul/14 1:30 PM
it is 11:30 for Hal,
26/Jul/14 1:31 PM
26/Jul/14 1:33 PM
Time for bed here also.
26/Jul/14 1:34 PM
What the heck one more for a CP
26/Jul/14 1:35 PM
How did we ever go to bed together? He generally goes to bed after Leno's opening, but Leno is gone I think.
I cannot imagine myself, being able to go to bed at 10:30.
26/Jul/14 1:35 PM
Weekends, like holidays, are just another day. I've been known to drive 35 - 40 miles to town, just to discover the firm I need to do business with is closed.
26/Jul/14 2:57 PM
Everybody's different, Karen, but cutting back or tapering off never worked for me. I quit once for 5 years, then tried one ''out of curiosity.'' With the first puff, it was like I'd never quit, and I was back on them again. The only thing that really worked for me was cold turkey and 100% More...
26/Jul/14 3:36 PM
Good afternoon. Tremor a little better - well at this moment it is. So frustrating. No energy to read all the posts, either.
26/Jul/14 3:51 PM
I just shared this tale, with a friend.
I have no idea, what is going to work for me. In the 29 years, I have had this way of life, this is my second attempt to quit. Last year, I was working with a counselor and we seemed to have a really good plan, until I found out she has never smoked in her More...
26/Jul/14 4:09 PM
BTW, I learned today, do not use my girls. Someone made the mistake of telling me, if I love my girls, then I should have not problem quitting. Oh, not the right thing to say to me. Not at all. Not good. Nope, I would not recommend, nor would I ever think of using a child against a person.
I may More...
26/Jul/14 4:13 PM
May you find the exact method that works for you.
26/Jul/14 4:17 PM
I will quit. Like I said, this is a new experience for me and I am really surprised how emotional, it is. I do not think I am a big emotional person, so something not expected. Give me a minute, maybe two, and I will adjust and become, my silly self and start telling idiotic experiences again.
26/Jul/14 4:19 PM
Keith, I know I have never told you this before, but you did good and a great example for me. I really do not know, if I could do this cold turkey.
From my first and last attempt, I do know, I cannot do it alone, which is why I went public, on this site and told Man. I did not tell him what I More...
26/Jul/14 4:24 PM
WooHoo. Time for another thrill.
26/Jul/14 4:24 PM
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