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Easy Sudoku for 26/August/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Unbathed fairies? When did I miss that one?
26/Aug/09 5:56 AM
My daughter asked me that many years ago Jamie. So what's the answer?
26/Aug/09 5:58 AM
Plum got it correct now!
26/Aug/09 5:59 AM
CG - don't think I have any idea!? Now off to try and find out why the refrigerator wasn't delivered between 1 & 3 like promised! Of course if I hadn't been here . . .
26/Aug/09 6:09 AM
Well, I won't let you lose sleep over it while you think about it all night Jamie. You call a fairy who hasn't taken a bath "Stinkerbell."
26/Aug/09 6:17 AM
Today's photo caption:
"My blurry garden with its blurry cats hiding in it."
I personally prefer well-focused cats to blurry anything.
26/Aug/09 6:32 AM
Good Morning Sudokuland.
Hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
ASBO, MENSA and Stinkerbell? Think I need another coffee.
26/Aug/09 6:37 AM
I am officially giving up.
No matter which way I do it, at least one letter/number does not work. This will not surprise those of you who have followed my gargantuan but unsuccessful attempts at math problems in the past.
I am now gathering More...
26/Aug/09 6:55 AM
Oh Kathy, don't quit. Obi-Wan Kenobi says to use the Force to guide you. I know I heard him say "Use the Force Kathy... use the Force and you WILL succeed."
26/Aug/09 7:02 AM
Broni, throw lots of Baileys in your coffee and you'll catch up to the rest of us very quickly!
26/Aug/09 7:05 AM
Goodness Greg, it is only 7am here, imagine what I would be like by 8am?? Yep just like the rest of you. Hehe!
26/Aug/09 7:11 AM
Some things are beyond even the Force, Greg.
I did know the 'Stinkerbell' one, though!
26/Aug/09 7:12 AM
Sorry Kathy - maybe my train of thought is not direct enough. The ASBO is an anti-social-behaviour-order,used to restrain; mostly young (but seomtimes older); offenders. However ruffians nay often regard this as a 'qualification' and will boast about their ASBO to their peers as a kind of brownie More...
26/Aug/09 7:30 AM
Good Morning all! The kiddo is making a board game for a school project. Together we have thought of a few things for the squares. Can anyone out there help us add to these? Pretty please?

Step in dino poo - go back two space
Chased by TRex - run ahead four places (really More...
26/Aug/09 7:32 AM
Good Evening to everyone.....

Roses, Peonies?
26/Aug/09 7:34 AM
That is a very clear explanation, Ray. Thanks.

Off to a baseball game...
26/Aug/09 7:41 AM
OH happy time, picked up the girl an hour ago.
Have not got a kiss or a hug yet, not from my lack of trying.

It is now only about 13 hours until I can return her and the drama will start all over again.
26/Aug/09 7:42 AM
I went the Rockies/Giants game last night with my son...
The Rockies finally pulled it out with a Grand Slam in the bottom of the 14th inning... That was almost midnight!

And tonight is the AAA game between the SkySox & Reno. ...gotta get my peanuts..!
26/Aug/09 7:50 AM
Rick and I went on a Motorcycle ride today. It was a beautiful day for a ride! We went over to a small town about an hour from here, with friends, had lunch, and came back.
26/Aug/09 8:01 AM
Colo Jim - Sounds like fun.
26/Aug/09 8:02 AM
Kate/Sydney - Is there any special theme you are following?
26/Aug/09 8:04 AM
oh oh oh....Dinosaurs?
26/Aug/09 8:05 AM

Kate: I have a question, too.

Are the players allowed to do anything aggressive, like slay a 'raptor, or is that off limits?

26/Aug/09 8:09 AM

And how do you follow a pterodactyl? Jump in your Cessna?

26/Aug/09 8:13 AM

How about 'discover fire?'

26/Aug/09 8:15 AM

And the wheel?

26/Aug/09 8:16 AM

Not to mention learning how to serial post?

26/Aug/09 8:17 AM
Discover a ladder - by putting rungs onto stilts
26/Aug/09 8:20 AM
I shall be posting some cornflakes to all my friends. The postage cost is reasonable.
26/Aug/09 8:23 AM

But they may get damaged in the stamping machine.

26/Aug/09 8:27 AM
The stamping machines are serial killers
26/Aug/09 8:27 AM

No, cereal killers...

26/Aug/09 8:29 AM
26/Aug/09 8:29 AM

Maybe surreal killers?

26/Aug/09 8:29 AM
*MACHINE [gutter press bad spelling]
26/Aug/09 8:30 AM

Was Cornflake an MP?

26/Aug/09 8:30 AM
as anybody dropped an haitch?
26/Aug/09 8:30 AM

And is "Stamping Machine" the name of a notorious street gang?

26/Aug/09 8:31 AM
Yes. He was in the military police
26/Aug/09 8:31 AM

No, but I dropped a stitch...

26/Aug/09 8:33 AM
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