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Easy Sudoku for 26/August/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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26/Aug/11 8:16 PM
Away for a couple of days.

Gympie music muster.

Google it if you dare.

Cee YA L8R

26/Aug/11 9:12 PM
Have a good time, Mr Cee!

Just been to badminton again and played almost non-stop for well over an hour. Was my face red!!!
26/Aug/11 9:27 PM

Anne, don't fancy the Dockers chances but we can always hope................

and of course, Gooooo Caaaaats!

26/Aug/11 9:45 PM
The game has just started here, obviously not live, and I just noticed a goal by the opposition.
Thanks for your support, Peter. Meow!
26/Aug/11 9:48 PM

Something to be going on with.......

A butcher in his shop and he's really busy and he notices a dog in the shop. He shoos him away. Later, he notices the dog is back again. So he goes over to the dog and finds that he has a note in his mouth. He takes the note and More...
26/Aug/11 9:50 PM
Mm, just checked the live scores. Off to their usual bad start.
26/Aug/11 9:52 PM
and happy new day to all around the world. It is promised to be a beautiful day in Middle Tennessee. I am going to a luncheon with the Friends of the Library ladies. Our dear friend Katherine will be moving to Denver soon. She will be missed here in Stewart County. Three people More...
26/Aug/11 10:41 PM
Home from work now, and headed to bed - goodnight!
26/Aug/11 11:05 PM
Peter - Loved the joke!

26/Aug/11 11:07 PM
I was rained out of my tennis match this morning after just a game and a half. Now the sun is shining. The weatherman said we would get on-and-off showers all day from Irene, so I guess he was right. I'm glad we're not getting any wind, but our tides are supposed to be two or three feet higher than normal.
26/Aug/11 11:09 PM
Jane, does the high tides affect the breeding of the turtles in the area?
26/Aug/11 11:16 PM

A West Australian judge was ruling in the case of a ten year old boy who accused his parents of beating him.

After reviewing the evidence, the judge announced that his intention to make the boy's grandmother his custodian.

The boy protested this, stating More...
26/Aug/11 11:18 PM

'night all
26/Aug/11 11:18 PM
I've read that joke before a few times but not always with the Freo Dockers in it though.
26/Aug/11 11:47 PM
27/Aug/11 12:00 AM
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