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Easy Sudoku for 26/September/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all .
26/Sep/16 12:01 AM
always love a path to walk down
26/Sep/16 12:11 AM
Maen - Starting late today!
26/Sep/16 12:50 AM
look down, look down that lonesome road,
Before you travel on.
26/Sep/16 1:10 AM
Happy Sunday!
26/Sep/16 1:23 AM
Good morning.
26/Sep/16 1:23 AM
Either I'm early or everyone else is late.
26/Sep/16 1:24 AM
Hello HalT, mymare, Denny and Aileen.
26/Sep/16 1:25 AM
Hoping for another beautiful day today. Forecast looks good.
26/Sep/16 1:26 AM
More packing on the schedule today. Nearly ready to go, 2 more sleeps until we hit the road.
26/Sep/16 1:29 AM
Enjoy your holiday in Tasmania CP.
26/Sep/16 2:30 AM
So, what's the plan CP? Drive caravan to Melbourne, then fly to Devonport? ... or is it a one day's flight?
26/Sep/16 4:13 AM
Have sight-seeing plans or folks to visit?
26/Sep/16 4:13 AM
Is that a creek? Or a path near the creek? Or a path in an area named for a creek?
26/Sep/16 4:15 AM
...and good afternoon folks - we had a major cool-down; a drop of 40*F in one afternoon. Think I'll find something else to discuss than the weather...it's so darn changeable!
26/Sep/16 4:16 AM
Stringybark Creek is a small creek in the Wombat Ranges, Victoria, Australia. Ok, but that does not answer the question. However, quite nice for Keith and Wombat!
26/Sep/16 4:17 AM
Maybe this is a photo of this road: The road becomes gravel at the point you enter the state forest. This route can be difficult to drive in winter, particularly after rain and one must be cautious due to the frequency of logging trucks which also use this road.
26/Sep/16 4:20 AM
Ahhh, thanks, Sarah - a different subject!  That's precisely what I was wondering with nearly the same questions just where is the creek?
26/Sep/16 4:21 AM
...and speaking of Wombat - don't forget his next H*M*PHONE puzzle; I've been 'puzzling' over one answer for several hours!
26/Sep/16 4:25 AM
26/Sep/16 4:27 AM
26/Sep/16 4:28 AM
26/Sep/16 4:28 AM
Gee, a whole range dedicated to Wombats. Such a country.
26/Sep/16 4:32 AM
Is that ''stringy bark'' on the road? I do love the names of places in Australia.

26/Sep/16 4:53 AM
As I mentioned to Wombat, I need to go grocery shopping. But, then I saw his new puzzle.....
26/Sep/16 4:56 AM
Interesting name, and a lovely place for a walk.
26/Sep/16 5:06 AM
Morning all,I wouldn't like to meet a logging truck on that road.
Joyce,CP will take the the caravan onto the Spirit of Tasmania boat that leaves the Port of Melbourne and arrives at Devonport 12 hours later.
26/Sep/16 6:55 AM
Stringybark Creek and the Kelly Gang.

A group of four policemen from Mansfield set out to search for the Kelly brothers who they thought were hiding in the bush near Mansfield. They set up camp at Stringbark Creek on 25 October 1878, not knowing that the Kellys were living in a small hut on More...
26/Sep/16 8:14 AM
1:30. Good morning everyone.
26/Sep/16 9:27 AM
Peter has given an excellent description of the fight at Stringybark Creek. There is much more to the history of the Kelly Gang including several books.
There is also a series of paintings about the Kelly Gang by Sidney Nolan. One of them is about the Stringbark confrontation. Try Googling it.
26/Sep/16 9:29 AM
Wow - one picture & all this exciting history emerges - thanks, you two!
26/Sep/16 9:32 AM
And thanks, Amelia, for that ... wondered if there was a 'ferry' but all I found was a map ...& I did know Tasmania was an Island nation!
26/Sep/16 9:34 AM
I suppose it's time for someone to arrive to take us around the bend... time's awastin'
26/Sep/16 9:35 AM
For Keith, wombat is a common place name in Australia. In fact I'm in the process of selling my country residence which is called Wombat Lodge and which has Wombat Hill within its boundaries, and there is a Wombat Range nearby. All of these names were used before I purchased the block. In fact More...
26/Sep/16 9:40 AM
I've just followed my advice and Googled Sidney Nolan and the Wikipedia site has a good selection of his Ned Kelly Series. It is alleged that one of the policemen tried to hide in a hole, and Nolan has imagined this as a wombat burrow and depicted the lower part of a policeman's body outside a hole, and a wombat and Anne's favourite bird, a magpie in his picture.
26/Sep/16 9:49 AM
Isn't Ned Kelly the subject of an Aussie folk song?
26/Sep/16 10:45 AM
He's our most notorious bushranger, HalT and I think there is more than one song about him.
26/Sep/16 10:55 AM
Thanks Amelia for answering Joyce. That's exactly what we're doing of course.
26/Sep/16 10:56 AM
OK, CP - now you need to explain why it is an 'of course'! ...I suppose others can/will chime in too, since I realize you're busy stocking the caravan in preparation.......
26/Sep/16 11:01 AM
Stringybark refers to the trees and the way they shed their bark, in ribbons or strings. other gum trees are paperbarks, and ironbarks.
Mr P just informed me he went to the site of the Kelly ambush when he was in the area last year.
26/Sep/16 11:02 AM
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