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Easy Sudoku for 27/October/2015


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the 'no Site' this morning. Lots of computer trouble .
27/Oct/15 10:13 AM
27/Oct/15 10:25 AM
Oops. all.
27/Oct/15 10:26 AM
Oh well. As least I got first again.. after Gath, that is.
27/Oct/15 10:29 AM
And we get to fill in a complete grid today.
27/Oct/15 10:30 AM
Nah.. I was here before you Hal.. became side tracked when I went to see if we had ANY puzzles at all to do..
Obviously I should've come back and commented before doing the puzzles..
27/Oct/15 10:38 AM
I was going to come out with all sort of witticisms about the lack of comments... but now that I'm not here alone they are sort of redundant..
27/Oct/15 10:39 AM
Gotta say though.. with my headache [stuffed up with a cold.. dripping nose, streaming eyes and I cannot stop coughing] a blank grid is exactly how my brain feels and about as much as I can cope with..
27/Oct/15 10:41 AM
ok.. looks like I am in the running for a hat trick, a CP.. any number that I feel like...
27/Oct/15 10:42 AM
Whatever you say, Bean.
27/Oct/15 10:42 AM
27/Oct/15 10:44 AM
The weekend puzzle answers will be posted tomorrow. Patience June, and Kathy. I'll accept your answers via the email you sent. Stay tuned tomorrow folks. Cheers
27/Oct/15 10:44 AM
BTW Gath.. s**t happens.. all in all I think we are pretty well looked after by you
Have a good day everyone..
oh.. btw... any suggestions on how to stop the coughing and feel better that doesn't involve brandy, lemons & honey wouldn't go astray. Its too early in the day for that remedy.
27/Oct/15 10:46 AM
ha ha Hal
27/Oct/15 10:46 AM
Hi Greg .. lost track of where I got up to with your puzzle.. but do keep them coming..
27/Oct/15 10:48 AM

Good morning all, so pleased to see the site up and running again
27/Oct/15 11:01 AM

Head over to medium if you want a puzzle to do, if I can finish it without resorting to check moves you will be able to!!!
27/Oct/15 11:12 AM
27/Oct/15 11:17 AM
Home from our weeend in Sydney.
27/Oct/15 11:17 AM
Had a good time.
27/Oct/15 11:18 AM

I agree with Bean Gath you do a great job with this site, hiccups happen to everyone!! Glad you were able to get it fixed
27/Oct/15 11:20 AM
Yesterday we went looking for breakfast, I just wanted yoghurt and fruit and Mr P wanted something cooked. Mr P's request was easy, mine virtually impossible. Today we founf the perfect place for everything we wanted - locally here in Canberra.
27/Oct/15 11:20 AM
I'll post the happy smilie anyway, even though I got to 22 earlier than mI thought.
27/Oct/15 11:21 AM

No place like home hey CP
27/Oct/15 11:22 AM
27/Oct/15 12:25 PM
And now even better with a puzzle!
27/Oct/15 12:47 PM
Lovely gangly puppy dog ...
27/Oct/15 12:48 PM

Thanks, Gath, for fixing everything. We're lucky to have this site and appreciate you keeping it up and running. Glitches happen everywhere from time to time.
27/Oct/15 1:00 PM
Afternoon all, going to be a big dog.
Thank you Gath for saving my sanity !
27/Oct/15 1:03 PM
There was no Easy when I came to see if the site was up, but by time I did Tough, Hard, and Medium, there it was! Perfect timing for me. When I was a little kid, we had a black dog, but with much shorter legs.
27/Oct/15 1:06 PM
27/Oct/15 1:09 PM
Me too, Sarah. It was a dachshund.
27/Oct/15 1:11 PM
33. The beer, not the number.
27/Oct/15 1:14 PM
And my bedtime... night all.
27/Oct/15 1:34 PM
I was able to complete all the other puzzles early this morning and so now I have completed the easy. OK to wait till tomorrow Greg. We just have to learn to be patient!
27/Oct/15 2:27 PM
Mixed news from the orthopaedic surgeon. Separated joint in my shoulder is at low end of scale and shoulder blade pain probably caused by bursitis. So I've had an injection into that area and there is some relief already.
27/Oct/15 7:08 PM
It did it again - repeated a post from the other day.
27/Oct/15 7:10 PM
Went to hydrotherapy today - for my shoulder.
27/Oct/15 7:12 PM
It Went well. A few twinges but ok.
27/Oct/15 7:16 PM
27/Oct/15 7:17 PM
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