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Easy Sudoku for 27/November/2014


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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27/Nov/14 7:44 AM
27/Nov/14 7:44 AM
My work is done, it's nap time!
27/Nov/14 7:45 AM
Gosh CP. You had better trim Tigger's nails. It looks like he scared everyone away.
27/Nov/14 11:11 AM
With the short work week, it feels like Friday already, but it's not.
27/Nov/14 11:27 AM
With two glasses of wine for dinner, it feels like 9:30pm, but it's not.
27/Nov/14 11:28 AM
I also refuse to shop on Thanksgiving. There's something very wrong with the whole notion of employees having to work, and people insisting on shopping.

Black Friday, I don't mind; however, I don't wake up early, camp out, or do all my shopping that day.
27/Nov/14 11:32 AM
Silverteen and I usually go out at 11am and just browse. It's more about being together than shopping for us, and we go with the understanding that driving and waiting is going to be longer. We chill while everybody else runs around like ants on a destroyed mound.
27/Nov/14 11:33 AM
Love the analogy, Silvergal.
27/Nov/14 12:38 PM

Wishing all in America a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! I will be cooking so probably won't make it onto the site until night.
27/Nov/14 12:59 PM
I have never shopped on T-day and won't. I've only ever shopped once on a Black Friday and that was in 1979 with my very pregnant sister-in-law while visiting them in Duxbury, Massachusetts. She loved shopping so I went with her that day. I don't like shopping on regular days, so I certainly don't want to be out with the mobs!
27/Nov/14 1:01 PM
27/Nov/14 1:06 PM
Today's daffynition:- Tulips – what people use for kissing.

Today's factoid:- Celery has negative calories - it takes more calories to eat a peace of celery than the celery has in it.

Find the deliberate mistake. You may post to my inbox if you wish.
27/Nov/14 2:01 PM
Yesterdays post had two mistakes - Factoid was spelt incorrectly and the possessive apostrophe on Today's was missing.

CP and Silvergirl got it right. I received no more answers so I can only assume the rest of you got it wrong.
27/Nov/14 2:05 PM
Or maybe we don't consider ourselves to be English teachers and really don't care.
27/Nov/14 2:55 PM
I think it's my bed time. Night all.
27/Nov/14 2:58 PM
G'night Grumpy!
27/Nov/14 5:46 PM
R.I.P. Phillip Hughes.
27/Nov/14 6:10 PM
Yes, RIP Phillip Hughes, he will be missed by many.
27/Nov/14 6:18 PM
I was saddened to hear Philip Hughes passed away. So young and so sad to die playing sports.
27/Nov/14 10:55 PM
Went doing something he loved doing. He was a rising star and will be sadly missed.
27/Nov/14 11:00 PM
28/Nov/14 7:21 AM
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