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Easy Sudoku for 27/March/2010


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Good Maen, good people!
27/Mar/10 12:00 AM
Good Maen
27/Mar/10 12:00 AM
Plum, John!
Sunny, but a little crisp at 22°F!
(My tulips are leaning over a bit. Don't think they like that temp.)
27/Mar/10 12:01 AM
Good Morning to everyone!

Shiela - I can't believe you have tulips already! It was about 18 here this morning!
27/Mar/10 12:05 AM
I'm so cold IN the house I can't imagine trying to step foot OUTside yet. We have crocuses blooming. The irises and daffodils are poking up. The tulips won't show up for a while yet. I planted so many, I'm looking forward to May. I wish my relandscaping hadn't taken out the fritillaria. I must More...
27/Mar/10 12:10 AM
Don't feel too left out, Debby. I have 6" to 8" tall tulip leaves, but no flowers yet! Others in the area say their daffodils are blooming, though!
27/Mar/10 12:13 AM
2:00 Good evening everyone. I hope you have a lovely weekend whatever your plans are.
What an exciting photo!
27/Mar/10 12:25 AM
Good Morning Michigan.. and good Maen to all who come on line later. My tulips are up.. deer ate them down. Not all of them but still a shame to see a clump chewed down to the ground. They still may get a bloom.. small. It is cool but forecast to be sunny here in Tennessee. Looking forward to a walk in the park when the temps and asthma allow.
27/Mar/10 12:28 AM
GmaJackie - One year the deer ate every single tulip blossom in my garden!!! So.....I spray "Deer be gone" once they start growing. I have heard "Irish Spring" bar soap will deter them also.

Shiela - Believe it or not.....we still have a few small piles of snow down the driveway in the shade!
27/Mar/10 12:34 AM
good morning everyone. hope everybody has a great day.
27/Mar/10 12:38 AM
Good morning all. I'm glad I live in sunny calif. My Daffodils are almost through flowering, and its really cold. about 65. I lived one year in Colorado and loved it, snow and all, but that was when I was young.
27/Mar/10 12:41 AM
This picture reminds me of my yard. So much tall grass around everything. Not being able to lean over is the pits. Got a new outdoor table, about 6 feet long, and Crystal put my empty flower pot on it. Now for the nursery and the tomatoes etc. to put in them. I love table gardening, and the vegetables are welcome.
27/Mar/10 12:50 AM
pot = 6 pots.
27/Mar/10 12:52 AM
Good morning all. Sunny and crisp this morning, looks like a pretty day.
27/Mar/10 12:55 AM
The buds on the maples are big and bright red this morning with the sun shining through. Nice.
27/Mar/10 1:00 AM
This is the best time of year in Southern California backyards. In the cool, damp mornings and evenings, the delicious fragrance of my orange tree blossoms is so overwhelming that it reaches out and chokes you!
27/Mar/10 1:18 AM
Evening everyone.
Visited Mum this evening, she is doing ok.
Mum did have a Heart Attack, they are still doing tests, not sure if she has a 'clot in the lungs' or not. The possiblity of another Heart Attack has not been ruled out!
She is comfortable, and bored!!
And will be in Hospital More...
27/Mar/10 1:27 AM
Choking is a GOOD thing??

Oh. Sorry.

That looks like a Dino photo to me!
27/Mar/10 1:27 AM
Nice and aarm down here in South Florida where it is about 80F (27C or so).
This photo is proof that with a digital camera, a person relly will take a pic of anything. We once were sparing with what we took pics of when we used real film and it cost $$$ to see each one. 250 photos from a two week vacation was considered extravagent.
Now I take 200 photos on a trip to the woods.
27/Mar/10 1:27 AM
Geez, "warm" is what I meant.
27/Mar/10 1:28 AM
Thank you everyone for the emails, messages both on here and on my page, for the prayers and thoughts. They are greatly appreciated by myself and sibblings and our families.
27/Mar/10 1:28 AM
I relly need too dew better onn my speling. Sometoime these posts border onn ilegibbl.
27/Mar/10 1:29 AM
I think the picture belongs to Dino!!
27/Mar/10 1:30 AM
Thank you for the update, Rolanda. Please let your Mum know that good vibes are coming to her from around the world
27/Mar/10 1:30 AM

Just goes to show, again, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", Jim.
27/Mar/10 1:33 AM
Okay! Time for the weekend puzzle! (Especially chosen for Judy)

Words pertaining to a theme are shown with all of their vowels already in place. Fill in the consonants that will complete the words. What is the theme?


1. __ai__ More...
27/Mar/10 1:37 AM
Well, I need to figure out a dessert to take to church tomorrow evening. Holy Week begins. I think I'll change to my Easter avatar.
27/Mar/10 1:49 AM
Rainy, windy and cold here today. I'll change my avatar, too. Something a little bright and cheery.
How anyone can eat those things, I'll never understand, but they're cute! There is a Washington Post contest every year here. People make dioramas using Peeps. Some of them are very clever. I'll try and remember to post a web site when the winners are announced.
27/Mar/10 2:01 AM
1:53 Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place.

27/Mar/10 2:13 AM
Good morning to all. I hope that a few of our fabulous photographers are planning trips to the outback now that there is outragous amounts of water so that those of us who travel vicariously through their wonderful shots can see the amazing sights. Plenty of time though as they are saying that More...
27/Mar/10 2:18 AM
THAT's the kind of thoughts we need, andré.
27/Mar/10 2:22 AM
Sunny here, but ridiculously cold--hats and gloves this morning. Yikes.
27/Mar/10 3:18 AM
Sure I see a bit of green in that dry grass!?!
27/Mar/10 3:53 AM
Oops sorry, Good Morning SA.
27/Mar/10 3:54 AM
Good mAen, everyone. Actually just past noon here.
We are enjoying spring in all its splendor here in East Texas. So many things are blooming--dogwood, azaleas, redbuds, and also the pine trees. Everything is coated with yellow pine pollen. As a result, the allergies, sinus problems and asthma More...
27/Mar/10 4:13 AM
Hazel - I have NEVER before or since sneezed the way I sneezed in Palo Duro Canyon (Texas panhandle) one March. That allergy attack was debilitating. Ugggh. I can't imagine living in Texas in the spring.
27/Mar/10 4:48 AM
Good morning. You are all talking of spring. We should be going into autumn, except the temperature still feels like a hot summer! I also thought 'Dino' when I saw the photo.
27/Mar/10 5:08 AM
everyone, beautiful day here 60° and sunny. Better enjoy today as the weather says rain for tomorrow.
27/Mar/10 6:09 AM
1:39, everyone. I'm with you on that Kathy - it does look like a Dino photo.
27/Mar/10 6:52 AM
My son, who has lived in many areas, and now lives in Fort Worth, says Texas is the absolute worst for allergies. Poor guy does suffer.
27/Mar/10 7:36 AM
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