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Easy Sudoku for 27/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good mAen to all. Are those the red skies in the morning, or the red skies that bring warning?
Judy...if I promise not to use my red pen (did you know that purple ink for correcting children's work has been found to be less threatening?) will you try?

You could take that one a long way...
grrrr Judy. I'm off to bed again. Scaredy cat!

Sorry, typo, meant to say 'a little tiny joke.'
That's so true Susan and I do use it expecaly when someone posts hours before so they will notice what we post maybe the next day even. I do like the bold print.
I want to sign up for the lab section of that class.
majestic colours!
Keith are you offering to demonstrate?
'night all. Where's Warren when you need his knowledge?
couldn't resist it, Keith we want someone to conjugate not forn.....
I always sit in the back and quietly observe...but I generally get good grades.
SUSAN - just wondering, as we haven't heard about it for a while - dare I ask - is it still raining with you??? Hope not!! and if it is, then have you got the green wellies yet?!!
...he's sitting in the back with me.
KATHY - don't know if you saw my post the other day - wanted to know where you were visiting in Europe...
CATHERINE - où es-tu Catherine??? trop longtemps sans nouvelles...j'espère que tu vas bien...
KEITH - who is sitting in the back with you???
keith and warren in the back seat together conjugating?
see what you started kathy
2:52- beautiful sunset.

Hello all....I am up early which is a bugger as I thought I would sleep in today. I think my tummy is a mixture of excitement and nerves

I woke up and thought 'I'll just roll over and savour the start of my holiday'....but....then the mind kicks in and a million thoughts (slight More...
Hey Beehive...it's only about 5am in Geraldton while I am posting this but I have been meaning to mention something to you.
My nephew's son (who is now 9 weeks old) was born with only one kidney. I think it is called 'Renal Genesis'? It wasn't picked up on any of the ultrasound images that his More...
WooHoo! Finally remembered Mother... 4:27!

Gath may have to add 'conjugate' to the black list of words...

Wishing Dave, Deb and Mamacita(still) a very Happy Birthday. I hope you all get everything you dream of.
Susan/Ingham, I really feel for you living near roosters. We bought a house, had 6 roosters next door and 6 months later sold the house. It was too much. Hope by now you are sound asleep...ZZZZZ
Wishing you a Happy Birthday,may the sun shine on you and the wind always be at your back.
Have enjoyed your jokes and comments these last few months, enjoy your vacation Deb.
TO SUSAN AND OTHER INTERESTED 'LINGUISTS': Sorry, I had to leave and have lunch with my sister. I didn't realize that dropping the conjugation bomb would lead to so much creative wordplay! Moving from English to Science, I do believe that conjugation is a reproductive method of lower life forms More...
great picture
have a great day/night one and all
Deb just a quick happy birthday for today if you are still at home
travel safely
Happy Birthday to Deb and Dave!

Judy From San Diego; Great game! too bad Miami was resting a bit. We are home now; Go Heat!

Jim from Jupiter: site would not be the same without you. You are an inspiration to us all.

Yeah, right!
Observing...not conjugating...observing. I leave conjugating to the linguists.
2:33. I'm still getting my best times ever and I'm still running a fever. Think there's a connection?

Love the sunrise/sunset. I get up incredibly early so I see alot of sunrises but not a lot of sunsets. I'm not sure how to tell the difference.
wuts up
I believe that the 'verb' in our English educational exercise should not be 'being ___' but rather 'getting ___' - although an argument can be made for the former by some cunning linguists...
GLENN: Your astute observation and linguistic expertise has knocked me flat on my back!! ...
Hmmm - that brings to mind some interesting possibilities...
I haven't been to San Diego since 1973 when I was transferred overseas with the Navy, but a trip back there sounds more interesting now...
Tsk, tsk!
Hum...being conjugated as opposed to getting conjugated...seems rather passive either way.
KATHY: Thanks again so much for the pictures you sent of us as college freshmen. We were so HOT! And so YOUNG! Tee hee!
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