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Easy Sudoku for 27/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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Good Morning, all. Black thick of fog here on the Southern New England coast, but continuing to warm up and no wind.

gotta be quick
But not quick enuff you fool.
Where is everyone?
2:11 Maen
So it's midnight east coast Australia time. Still 10pm in west oz is it not?
Yep, just got past 10 here in WA
Sunrise or sunset? And is it over snow?
No sunrise like that around here today.
Maen all
Good Maen all. Beautiful photo.
1:55 Gorgeous sunset!
2:49 maeN all
3:05 - looks like the closing scene in an old western movie...
3:56 today. Incredible colors in that picture.
Good Friday Maen, all!

The resident Gruff was awarded his Varsity letter for Track last night at the school track & field banquet!

Nice surprise because he had an injury at the end of the season...

Wonder if he'll let me 'borrow' the letterman jacket that I'm sure we'll be ordering soon...

Good Maen all! Happy start of the Memorial Day Weekend to those here in the U.S. And we are going to have summer weather for the unofficial start of summer! Gotta love it!
Whoa, now it gets confusing - just where is Kate from. Is she from Sydney (Lane Cove) or is she from Mel/Perth. My point about putting the recipients name in the body of the comments box. We can all read, you know.
Aileen..Congrats for Gruff. Both my kids ran track until we had knee blow-outs. Good luck in the jacket department! Yeah....a 3 days weekend. Off to the Cajun Festival ♥♥♥♥♥♥
the one note is to Kate from Mel in Perth

The only thing I remember about Lane Cove was visiting a hi-rise apartment there.
Yes dodo, but there are three comments from Kate.
Nicki/Florida - thats why I keep saying to put the recipient's name in here rather than up in the name field.
That way, all the comments that you post come under your name, so it doesn't look like you are stealing someone's name. Get it, its quite easy really.
It is quite easy really to address your messages this way too and have someone read it!
Mel, yes I know that, but to someone else it looks like I have written that comment and that is just stupidity in itself.
Where is the Cajun festival that you're going to?

I've always wanted to go to the Strawberry Festival (in Garden Grove), but am reluctant to deal with the expected crowds/traffic.

Then, there's always shopping at the Memorial Day sales!

Good morning to all.Deb/Brisbane; Happy birthday to you♪♪♪♫♫♫♪, and hope you and Mark have a wonderful holiday. I know you and the other sudoku members will have a blast! Welcome to our newbies, Carol, Pasty and Laura. Enjoy your stay and add your voices often. Congratulations on the new home More...
From beehive, see how easy it is to be dishonest and pinch somebody's name. You could write all sorts of malicious comments under their name, and then the real owner would only have to try and deny them.

2:26 and teeming rain here, but a beautiful weekend is forecast and I'm ready for it. Enjoy yours!
Mel - thats why as a member I dont, (and cant), do it, apart from the example above.
Thank you Mamacita!

To Beehive, you're right, but it's a tempest in a teapot. As one of my Thai friends used to say, 'You must learn to lerax.'

Of course, the 'Name/From' could be changed to 'Posted by/From' with 'To' on the next line, with 'All' as the default.
BEEHIVE: I have stopped putting someone else's name in the heading. You actually make sense on this one, and besides, you scare me!!! :)
Judy - now that cracked me up! Me! Scare anyone? Make sense? Wow, bouquets and a brick in the one comment. You are learning, I like it.
I was even going to suggest to Gath that maybe free registration with a valid email address, (like a lot of sites), be a requirement before you can post a comment, but on reflection, it probably get rid of all the plonkers, and then what would Baz and I do for a living?
Maen all Beautiful picture getting better each day with Sudoku I love it!!!

To Beehive: But of course, until the comments are restricted to Supporting Members (who log in), name-pinching is still possible, no matter what the message-grid configuration.

I personally like that I can comment even though I am not a supporting member, but I wouldn't mind having to put my email address in to Gath just in case something came of some comments. As long as it wasn't posted - I get enough junk mail. Though can't he get those through cookies anyway?
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