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Easy Sudoku for 27/August/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Hi, all!
27/Aug/16 12:00 AM
27/Aug/16 12:08 AM
27/Aug/16 12:08 AM
Very cool! Is this phenomenon very common?
27/Aug/16 12:16 AM
I saw these cacti when I was in Arizona a few years ago... amazing at how **HUGE** they grow!
27/Aug/16 12:42 AM
27/Aug/16 1:35 AM
so close . . .
27/Aug/16 1:36 AM
27/Aug/16 1:36 AM
We're off on another journey tomorrow. Driving to our daughter's in Charlotte in the morning. Then flying to St. Louis on Saturday and to the younger daughter's in Jefferson City MO.
We will be there for a week. Our granddaughter will be 16 on August 31.
27/Aug/16 3:07 AM
Stupid ghost post!

from Charlotte.
27/Aug/16 3:11 AM
Have s safe and trip HaIT
Lots of free things to do in St. Louis and the custard ice cream is great , I am wanting to go to the Missouri Quilt shop - Hamilton Mo - love a good quilt shop
27/Aug/16 3:23 AM
Went to the pool this morning and glad that I did - still with the walker but able to walk in shallow water today ! Did a stretch class and felt good - of course I am now resting with my packs but only to ease it up a bit
27/Aug/16 3:26 AM
Three chipmunks, one blue jay and one cardinal in the garden this morning. With all we spend on sunflower seeds and peanuts, we've determined the critters eat better than we do. (We draw the line at serving wine with their meals, though ...)
27/Aug/16 3:31 AM
good people of Sudokuland.

Cathy- that sound like the start of a good joke...3 chipmunks, a blue jay and a cardinal walk into a bar...
27/Aug/16 5:02 AM
I'd love to see the chipmunks after a couple glasses of wine. They would have probably broken into song.
27/Aug/16 5:06 AM
Happy Friday day off!
Went to the grand opening of the local Nordstrom Rack, followed by a Starbucks Frappucino, now off to lunch and errands with my 94 yo mom
27/Aug/16 5:14 AM
Morning all, great picture and better still an informative caption.
27/Aug/16 5:16 AM
I think if I don't decide it's close enough now ...
27/Aug/16 6:24 AM
I'm going to miss my chance.
27/Aug/16 6:25 AM
Looking around for anybody coming along with me.
27/Aug/16 6:25 AM
1:19, good morning everyone.
27/Aug/16 6:25 AM
27/Aug/16 6:25 AM
Morning Chris ... you pushed me!
27/Aug/16 6:26 AM
Morning all
27/Aug/16 7:15 AM
Good morning everyone. Cathy - speaking of birds. I'm currently involved in a citizen science investigation into the affect of feeding and watering birds in backyards. In Oz feeding is not generally encouraged, because our birds don't have a tolerance for common bird seed and feeding mince is not More...
27/Aug/16 7:37 AM
I'll try a different puzzle today. I will call it a H*M*PHONE puzzle because if I replace the *s with Os, meaning a word sounding the same, the censor will reject it. These ten groups of words consist of A, a word or phrase, B. a synonym of A., C. a h*m*phone of B., and D. a synonym of C. For More...
27/Aug/16 10:14 AM
Is everyone busy solving Wombat's puzzle?
27/Aug/16 1:21 PM
Not quite Sarah.
27/Aug/16 1:29 PM
Have been having a very lazy day.
27/Aug/16 1:30 PM
Reading and snoozing in bed all morning.
27/Aug/16 1:30 PM
Out of bed for lunch, and now here.
27/Aug/16 1:31 PM
Think I'll go and tackle Wombat's puzzle.
27/Aug/16 1:32 PM
OK, can't leave it alone: 3 chipmunks, a blue jay, a cardinal, 2 blondes, a red head, a pirate with a parrot, a rabbi, priest and a salesman walk in to a bar. The bar tender looked up and said: 'What is this, some kind of a joke?'
27/Aug/16 2:43 PM
fellow puzzlers, hope all is well in your world and if its not may it be on the improve soon.
27/Aug/16 6:11 PM

Not like me to be posting this time of day, but Ive got the sleep during the night sorted, and I get up in the morning, have breakfast, then head off to make a start on my 10k steps. That gets me sorted til around 10am, then its pot luck after that.
27/Aug/16 6:13 PM
Molly, if my memory serves me half well you have become a lurker so you might see my good wishes......
27/Aug/16 6:14 PM
Glad I came back to see what went on later - Good one, JEB!
28/Aug/16 10:41 AM
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