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Easy Sudoku for 28/January/2012


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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28/Jan/12 2:36 AM
Good Maen all...and congrats on TOPP, Sue!
Love your avatar...looks like an oil painting.
28/Jan/12 2:41 AM
I want to get out and water ski on that glass!
28/Jan/12 2:43 AM
28/Jan/12 2:57 AM
A bright beautiful sunny Friday from the land of Ahs.
28/Jan/12 2:58 AM
I have my usual Friday morning chore, then back to that book. I ignored it yesterday.
28/Jan/12 3:00 AM
all - where ever you may be hiding.

28/Jan/12 4:56 AM
Oh, no, Karen. Poor Thing 1. Earaches are a hideous thing to go through. I had a LOT of them as a child and ended up with a lot of scar tissue in the ear canal. I still get earaches, and have to have a tube put in my ear every 3 years. I wish Thing 1 an easy time of it.
28/Jan/12 5:06 AM
I would love to be out on that still water in a canoe. Nothing to disturb the quiet there.
28/Jan/12 5:07 AM
Good afternoon to all! I'll bet the white water is just around the bend. Rafting anyone?
28/Jan/12 5:41 AM
A rotten day here in Ottawa. Several hours of freezing rain and now it's cool enough for snow. Messy roads, messy sidewalks, messy everything!
28/Jan/12 5:42 AM
Andy Murray is a bridesmaid once again. Too bad. I would have liked to see him make the Aussie final. C'est la vie.
28/Jan/12 5:44 AM
Tried to post after my last and got page not found. See that others were able to post during that same time frame. I wonder if that is why there are so few posts. - note a 2 hour gap.
28/Jan/12 6:23 AM
The other day while eating some "Aussie Style" Licorice (made in USA) - it got me thinking of the cellophane wrap bars of licorcie I would get at the movies as a kid. Even remember the name "Sweitzer's Licorice"

28/Jan/12 6:23 AM
That got me thinking of the various candies we use to get at the movies in the '50s. I came up with around 40 different varieties.
28/Jan/12 6:24 AM
Let's see how many different candies (sold in theaters) this site can come up with:

I'll start it off with 5 (from my list of 40). It's up to you to add to the list - not more than 5 (let other rack their brains) & no repeats.

1 Sweitzers Licorice
2 Cinnamon Imperials
3 Sugar Daddy
4 Malt Balls
5 Necco Waffers
28/Jan/12 6:24 AM
28/Jan/12 6:48 AM
6. Milk Duds
28/Jan/12 6:52 AM
28/Jan/12 6:56 AM
Mary Janes
Candy Cigarettes
28/Jan/12 7:10 AM
3.51 good morning all
28/Jan/12 7:59 AM
Junior Mints
28/Jan/12 8:05 AM
28/Jan/12 8:20 AM
Juicy Fruit gum
28/Jan/12 8:25 AM
Aha, June, was it you right at the back rolling the Jaffas down the (then) wooden steps right in the middle of the horror scene! Plonk, plonk,plonk plip plonk! (the plip was the step with the loose board)
28/Jan/12 8:25 AM
Chocolate Freckles
28/Jan/12 8:27 AM

A couple is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. As they sit down to dinner, the wife says, "Remember our honeymoon? We'd be sitting here having this meal naked."
The husband replies, "Sure I remember. Those were the days, weren't they?"
The More...
28/Jan/12 9:34 AM
quiet today - I should be out to a Church outing - but I can't wait to eat dinner at 6:30 -- I'm an early bird diner ! we have a service project planned for tomorrow - Board games with a local school - anyone up for a game of Sorry !
we are giving new books and new games after the outing -- Yahtzee maybe ? anyone ?
28/Jan/12 10:52 AM
I got Uno also !!
28/Jan/12 10:54 AM
1:41 Morning all
28/Jan/12 10:58 AM
Good morning from here too.
28/Jan/12 11:40 AM
Eve, I love Milk Duds - I like to mix them with my popcorn
28/Jan/12 11:40 AM
Mr P is watching the last of the cricket.
28/Jan/12 11:41 AM
"Last of" because there are only 2 more to get out.
28/Jan/12 11:42 AM
There was a pre-innings poll to see how may thought the day's play would be over within an hour.
28/Jan/12 11:42 AM
Most said no.
28/Jan/12 11:43 AM
But Australia has got 2 out, with 2 to go and 15 minutes of that time left.
28/Jan/12 11:44 AM
The day here is alternating patches of sunshine, with patches of grey.
28/Jan/12 11:44 AM
Another one out, one to go, 13 minutes left.
28/Jan/12 11:45 AM
Don't trust the weather enough to hang the washing out.
28/Jan/12 11:46 AM
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