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Easy Sudoku for 28/October/2009


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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A monumental battle this morning. An Osprey alit on the branch of a scrawny waterside cedar, and was soon driven off by a half-dozen crows, who materialized out of nowhere. The gulls ignored the whole bubsiness, munching on crab and quahogs. There were no ducks around, but some Canadas continued on their way south. The swans have not yet arrived for their winter stay.

28/Oct/09 12:00 AM
28/Oct/09 12:03 AM
Good Maen, everyone!
Ahhhh... to be at your window, Ian!
28/Oct/09 12:04 AM
And there I was, minding my bubsiness.
28/Oct/09 12:10 AM
When does a skeleton laugh?

... When something tickles his funny bone!
28/Oct/09 12:13 AM
Hopefully you learn something new everyday! Makes life more interesting! In other words, I had to Google this. I had never heard of a 'rain chain' before! Sounds like an interesting alternative! (That's one of the reason's why I like this site... many opportunities for learning new things, it seems.)
28/Oct/09 12:26 AM
Mornin' Goblin! Funny!
(In reality, that funnybone nerve is no laughing matter! I had to have mine moved outside my elbow bones into the surrounding muscles due to it being pinched. So... don't ever grab my arm by the elbow to help me across the street... I may just hit you with my purse! It shoots me right up to the sky!)
28/Oct/09 12:45 AM
Good Maen, y'all!
28/Oct/09 12:52 AM
Good Morning, Sudokuland! I am not pleased with my Weasley clock today. It reports 1 out of town for work, 1 at school, 2 sick on the couch, and 1 (supposed to be napping) banging on the keyboard with me.
28/Oct/09 12:54 AM
Dreary view out my office window today, but inside, all is well. Oldest cat, Holmes, is fifteen today and is rallying extremely well from his bout with pancreatitis. He'll get lots of spoiling today (as if he doesn't already ...)
28/Oct/09 1:03 AM
Cloudy and cold here today. It almost feels like snow.
28/Oct/09 1:11 AM
Two:oneeight Hi to all.

Gslftsg uli gsv Wzb:

R'n szermt lmv lu gslhv wzbh!
Nzmzpvo...zmdhvih gl nb rmylc kovzhv.
28/Oct/09 1:18 AM
I'm enjoying a crossword. Not eating it, but stuck on one word for now. Good afternoon.
28/Oct/09 1:27 AM
andré, "crosswords" have me "talking like that" too...
28/Oct/09 1:44 AM
Kind of nippy around the edges here this morning. 36f / 5c
28/Oct/09 1:46 AM
We have rain and LOTS of falling leaves this morning. Had them pretty well raked up yesterday and the driveway is covered right now. Ah, the wonders of Fall.
28/Oct/09 1:59 AM
Think of those rock-hard biceps and rippling abs you're building up with raking, Kathy!
28/Oct/09 2:01 AM
Two words....leaf blower.
28/Oct/09 2:18 AM
Hey, Fiona! Site's back up!
28/Oct/09 2:19 AM
HI all! What happened? And why today?
28/Oct/09 2:22 AM
oh well, let's get back to business - yesterday's riddle brought in loads of wrong answers - I had Mr Reid with the 'flu, sneezing, hiccuping, and even something else, but what I was looking for was that he was just laughing!
28/Oct/09 2:25 AM
28/Oct/09 2:25 AM
And voici today's one - please read the instructions carefully; there will be no half marks, or "sort of right" answers accepted! Answers to the Indian Summer in France inbox please!
Here is a group of common three-letter words. Can you take these and turn them into half as many 6 More...
28/Oct/09 2:28 AM
The Maltese Falcon...SS...I think.
(sorry I am thinking out loud).
28/Oct/09 2:28 AM
1:55 Maen! The rain chain is found mainly on the plain.
28/Oct/09 2:28 AM
what are quahogs? I need a dictionary.
28/Oct/09 2:29 AM
BTW my mouse-hunting expedition of yesterday was successful. RIP Mickey.
28/Oct/09 2:31 AM
Don't ask The Family Guy Fiona...
28/Oct/09 2:35 AM
Ah, so you LIED , Kathy! You didn't RAKE up the leaves, as you suggested, but BLEW them into piles! My guess is that you could have done that even without a leaf blower ...
28/Oct/09 2:36 AM
Says the blowhard from the West Coast!
I did BOTH! You can't use the blower in the flower beds. There would be mulch all over the lawn. I am a neat and tidy gardener! (and we have the only large maple in the front yard so the neighbors on either side DEFINITELY know where the leaves are coming from!)
28/Oct/09 2:45 AM
Oh, Fiona! Not even a humane trap for the sweet little thing? No relocation? Mice have feelings too, you know.
Well, I guess yours doesn't, any more.....
28/Oct/09 2:49 AM
Quahogs are large clams, Fiona. Make excellent chowder....
28/Oct/09 2:55 AM
Lunch time! I shall work on Fiona's puzzle while eating my dainty salad. Wonder if I have any clam chowder.....
28/Oct/09 2:57 AM
You need a cat Fiona!
Hubby found a partially decapitated mouse behind the sofa last night. Nearby cat seemed to have a smile on his face! Glad he didn't eat it!
(You'd think a mouse would be crazy to come into a house where cats live!)
28/Oct/09 3:13 AM
Why do I always forget the,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,'s?
28/Oct/09 3:15 AM
Kathy, we have 6 very large and 14 medium large maples in our yard... guess what our favorite Autumn activity is??? (Hint: We don't have a blower!) Stupidly, we planted 14 of them! But they sure are pretty in Autumn and they provide good shade in Summer! Unfortunately neighbor just to the west of More...
28/Oct/09 3:26 AM
No cats thank you Shiela, almost as bad as a mouse in my book. And no humane traps either, Kathy - and relocation was from the garage to the bin earlier today.
28/Oct/09 3:28 AM
You could hide their bodies in the bags of leaves, Sheila, and no one would be the wiser!
28/Oct/09 3:29 AM
Judy, Ian, Old Hickory and Jill on form today with correct answers. Kathy is still crying over a mouse I think.
28/Oct/09 3:30 AM
It is another beautiful Autumn day here. My favorite time of year!
28/Oct/09 3:33 AM
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