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Easy Sudoku for 28/February/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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03:03 Good Mean every♥ne

Strangers are just friends waiting to happen
2:47, my best time ever. Cute baby - have a great week - Good Maen, everyone.
3:36 Brings back memories beautiful pictures.
Hi to all.

Thought for the Day:

Happiness is a butterfly, which, when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
here i am!
YVETTE: There is another 15 letter word that does not repeat any letters - dermatoglyphics!
Hi Deb! I tried to send this to you some time ago in response to some lists you posted, but couldn't get it to go through. This morning you've shown me how: Some years ago I attended on conference in a big city hotel. We were there to discuss problematic interactions among a particular part of More...
That is a beautiful thought and so true
I'm the pokey one today with 3:35. Great jokes as always, Deb, and a thought-provoking poem as well. Have a happy Maen, everyone!
Good maen sudoku world
Good Maen! My brain doesn't work fast enough in the morning to finish these in a respectable time. I enjoy reading Deb's jokes though, and won't that baby love for that picture to be shown when he/she's grown up and dating??
I wanted to ask about foster care. How is it that a couple have a child who is taken from them and placed in 'temporary' foster care after severe abuse. The couple go on to have 3 more children, and the same happens to these children but the govt services wait until each has been badly abused in More...
2:54 - cute baby and bubbles!
Two guys from Freo die and wake up in hell. The next day the devil stops in to check on them and sees them sunbaking by the fire. the devil asks them, 'What are you doing? Isn't it hot enough for you?'
The two guys reply, 'Well, you know, we're from WA, The Golden State, the land of sunshine. We love the heat.'
If we can strip criminals of their rights, why can't we strip parents of their rights? The children have been in 18 foster homes so far. Yet so many would be adoptive parents would have given them great homes. As with your concern over ethnic matching and Warren's heartbreak, it's another example of bad decision making by the powers that be.
The devil decides that these two aren't miserable enough and turns up the heat. The next morning he stops in again and there they are, still lazily kicking back, drinking away on a couple of stubbies of Emu Bitter. The devil asks them again, 'It's awfully hot down here, can't you guys feel it?' More...
cont. We love the heat.' This gets the devil a little steamed up and he decides to fix these two guys. He cranks the heat up as high as it will go. The people are wailing and screaming everywhere. He stops by the room with the two guys from Fremantle and finds them kicking back in board shorts and More...
The two Freo lads reply, 'Well, ya know, it kind of reminds us of home when the weather's this nice.' the devil is absolutely furious, he can hardly see straight. Finally he comes up with the answer. The two guys love the heat, so the devil decides to turn all the heat off in hell. The next More...
Hey Deb,

Loved the poem. That was extremely sweet to read.

Better time today - still not too great.

Good Maen!
The devil smiles and heads for the room with the two Freo boys. He gets there and finds them rugged up in their swannies, mittens & beanies. NOW they are stamping up & down, cheering, yelling and screaming like mad men!!! The devil is dumbfounded, 'I don't understand, when I turn up the heat you're happy. Now it's freezing cold and you're still happy. What is wrong with you two?'
The Freo lads look at the devil in surprise, 'Well, don't you know:'
'If hell freeses over, it must mean that the DOCKERS have won the AFL!!!!!
2:45 - slowish time but very cute baby. Happy Maen, all. and hope you have a great week!
Loved your joke. My husband (an ardent Freo supporter) didn't find it quite so funny, he walked off muttering something like 'We'll win it before hell freezes over' Aaaahhhh, the eternal otimism of a Freo supporter!
Deb - Loved your poem about the old woman &
Andre, your TFTD about happiness. Great thoughts to start a new day & a new week.

Here's another TFTD to keep in mind:
'All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.' [peace] [heart]
Hope everyone had a great weekend, Christina from nfld/france, I didnt see dr. terbuger himself but a nurse wrote the message down and was going to give it to him when she saw him later in the day. Hope everyone has a great Maen, as I am sure i will.
That last comment to Deb & Andre was mine. My supporting member connection suddenly disappeared! ???????
To Mel from Perth
I'm glad someone enjoyed it. It kept rejecting me as a word for drinking out of stubbies sounds similar to another banned word & I had trouble posting it. Third time lucky when I changed it to 'drinking' from a stubbie
Am trying again. Let's see if this works now???
Hi mel & anne!! Any tennis or badminton scheduled this week?
Mary from Southern Ontario - did you have your surgery or just more tests?
Good Morning! This is a great website! 3:36, which is very good for me.
Hello Kathy, yes, I play on Wednesday & Friday. Had a big long chat to Greg (BEEHIVE) tonight, he can speak to me but I can only type to him, which makes it a very interesting & funny conversation.
We were also doing the suduko puzzles at the same time trying to race each other.
5:18 - getting closer to 5 minutes. I hope this is a good sign, but the puzzle seemed much easier

Good bubbly fun. Wish I was in a nice warm bubble bath myself!
Anne - what fun! I've got to get going on connecting to Skype. Will rely on my husband to help me, otherwise I would be struggling with it like you did.
Hello everyone! Cute baby -- whose? My husband bought me a new toy this weekend a laptop so I can play sudoku while watching the kids in the yard. Now THAT'S addiction! Deb, how's your Mark doing today? Does he still have a fever?
Kathy, yes, try to connect. I am going to get a headset or microphone so I can talk as well.
Must go to bed now.
Have a nice evening/day & goodnight to those down under. ZZZZZZZZZZ
Having coaching tomorrow night - hopefully it will have cooled down a lot by then. Finding it difficult to play games, just having coaching, until Charlie gets a little bit older and is having solid food (not much longer now!) otherwise hubby is left holding a very grumpy baby!
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