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Easy Sudoku for 28/April/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: Gath

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Other things I particularly enjoyed from April 27 Archives:
Scott from Ohio - very cute joke about Grandma's explanation! Glad you persevered in overcoming the database error.
Angie in Wisconsin - I had never heard of yoopers & trolls even though I went to Univ. of Michigan & have visited More...
Good Maen
After posting my comment I read the ones before mine.I hope I didn't spoil the cheerful mood. Just felt too bad for the family and thought of sharing my feelings.
Whoops, didn't mean to send that yet, oh well.

Spring is here, I was just out for a short walk and the lilac's are just about ready to open! Can't wait for their lovely fragrance [rosy]

Warren, your right, it works! [unsure] it told my real age [grimace] .
why do I keep getting signed out!
Gath, help! how come it looks like I am signed in, but when i post the comment nothing shows up but the words? Is there a time out like in the chatroom?
Warren it worked but I won't tell you how much chocolate I put in!
Kathy I have to keep looking to find these thoughts, research research ....
Lk it does that to me all the time glad I'm not the only one it does it to!!
Jess/Tassie - Very much agree with you about b's!

Ingrid from Stockholm - You were right to remind Mary from Perth that she will be an 'oldie' someday, too. We once had a discussion here about what times of day m a e & n actually are. Now I am wondering, at what age does someone become an 'oldie'? Comments anyone?
well kathy imho one never becomes old as long as he/she stays young at heart...
3'28. G'Maen, all.

Of course it works! All the computations are just gibberish. The final number you get is simply 100 times the number you chose plus 2005 or 2006 (depending on whether or not you've had a birthday this year) minus the year you were born, which of course is your age. More...
First time commenting, but I've been on the site for a couple of months. Try not to miss it, but busy somedays. Great site love to read some of the comments. Like your new grey out addition. Works great.
robin,thank you for the explanation..but i was busy whole afternoon trying to spell out the one hbury..i never thought i'll get an answer for that and it was a mild surprise when i saw one
3:14...very good for me this morning. What a pretty girl. Does anyone know who she is...I'd like to introduce her to my son, the starving artist.
It would be interesting to meet the person who figured out that formula for the age. Speaking of 'hocolate' here is an oldie but still a good More...
Kathy, for this site, does 'oldie' refer to age or the length of time you have been posting and doing the puzzles?

I agree with ap, young and old is all a state of mind, so in that case there are times I am only about 21
To Kathy in Florida: GO BLUE, Sister!!!!!
I plan on arriving the second way! I like your way of thinking!
Larry the math wizard... I was also thinking that it didn't matter how many times you did anything, the key was subtracting the correct number before or after your birthday and the year you were born. Very clever.
Warren - you always make me smile! You come up with all kinds of good stuff. How's your neighbor lady doing?
Bill K - nice to see a comment from you. I forgot how old Emma Rose is? That is such a beautiful name!
Sweta - glad to see you back! Did you get the e-mail I sent after I got back from Daytona Beach?
Sweeta, thanks you for sharing that story about the government insensitivity. How tragic for the family.
It is nice to hear your sweet voice again here on Sudoku.
Lizbaby4...That happened to me a couple times before. Posted late in the evening and the posting not only showed up at that More...
I'd like to stay and chat but I have a golf time this morning. See ya!
Judy from San Diego - I've been an 'oldie' (both in age & as a long time commenter) since last October (?), but had never found a sister 'Wolverine' until now!! When were you at UM? I was there from 1964-66, but, sadly, decided to drop out & settle for only an MRS rather than a BS in Nursing More...
Kathy,I also went to UofM.I never heard of those things either and get back to Michigan quite often.All my family are still there.I can't beleive we are on the bottom of page 2 already!Wow.
LK - when is Suzanne headed to MN? Are you still planning to get together? Did you find a prom dress for your daughter? What's it like?
Kathy I think this smiley fits you to a T! Suzanne is coming the end of June and yes we are still planning on getting together! Can I get your phone # in case we need bail money! (kidding)

Yes, we found a dress after only going to 5 stores it is a sea foam green, More...
Jeannette P. - glad to discover yet another Wolverine here! Maybe we'll find out there are even more among us??? Where is your family in Mich? Rob's parents are now deceased, but his brother lives in Chelsea & I have a cousin in Lansing.
Am I correct that we have on this site both a Jeanette from Dallas, TX and Jeannette P. from Denison, TX??
Good Maen all! Warren, outstanding post with the home remedies, i laughed my a.. off reading them. Linda and Kathy, good thought re: the bail money...who knows what will happen if Linda cuts loose with the naked Karaoke..
good Maen on this sunny Thursday morning in the Pacific Northwest.

...ora et labora...
Would have posted the mathmatical explanation, but Larry beat me to it.

Off to the next level...
My neighbor is doing remarkably well. I attribute it to the jokes from this page that I read to her every night. Even the bad ones! I think she'll be excited that someone remembered her in a message, thanks.
Howdy, ya all!!!!!!!!!!

Slow today must be tired, looking forward to the weekend!!!
You don't have to spoil the fun. There are those who are not math-wise. Just try to convince someone that 1 + 1 equals 1!
LK - am sure all the guys (particularly Baz & Beehive!!) enjoyed the dress description . But that's okay. We're all trying to learn to skim over the comments we don't have any interest in. Having three daughters I shopped for many a homecoming & prom dress in various cities all over the More...
Oh, wow, Kathy ... same years, but I finished up in '68. I also had lots of friends in nursing ... an Mrs. is good, too! Hail to the Victors!!
Just seen other former Michiganders here, I went to U of M as well--GO BLUE!!! My family is all in Warren, still.
Yes Kathy,There are two of us. I live 45 miles north of Dallas and she uses one n in her name.I grew up in Detroit and moved to the burbs after the riots.My mom and one sister live in Sterling Heights and one sister lives in Warren. I miss Ann Arbor and especially the U of M football games.Sometimes I even miss the cold and snow (but not to often).
2:42 - and who is this young lady?
Suzanne - Do make sure you have a photographer standing by for THAT evening!! A shot of Linda doing naked Karaoke probably has a much better chance of being shown here than the one of you, Ed, & me. And you DO have my phone number in case you need me - ha ha!!
4am, must be bedtime - took ages - 5:08!!!!!
Wow ..an alumni meeting of the Wolverines!!Only on a site like this can you meet so many from all over the world.Thanks Gath, I love this site.I'm addicted to the puzzles.
Kathy, Marilyn, Jeannette P, and ?? ... are you REALLY surprised that we met on a brainy site like this? ... tee-hee!
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