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Easy Sudoku for 28/May/2006


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: Gath

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To Susan from Ingham: If you want to go to the chatroom for a second, I'll tell you about the 'contact us' button.
In the past week we've only had a few showers of rain. Did you read my post saying that from mid Feb to mid May we had only 6 days without rain in 83? It was unusual to have so much rain after Feb/Mar. The ground is still muddy which is bad for a district that relies on agriculture. Hubby should be 1/3 the way through his contract but hasn't started. We don't wear wellies here, thongs only.
Susan, good point about not knowing the occupations of many commenters. I can think of a hairdreseser, an interior designer, a manager of a children's home, security worker, pharmacist, nurse, midwife, occupational therapist, engineer, and LOTS of retired folks who have more free time to spend solving puzzles & chatting!!
Fiona from France - Sorry I forgot to comment about your question re: our trip to Europe. My husband is waiting for my help outside right now so I'd better go, but I promise I will answer this evening!
Ian did you have to go and cut your hand just before I tried the chatroom? I had a good chat to beehive instead. It was good to see a familiar name as I don't normally go in there.
Susan - I still think that is match to beehive.

Kathy - you forgot there are a couple of proffessional stirrers here as well.
HELLO!Mmm...I'm enyoying an icecream cone and read the comments.
5:35 :( this is not a good time
Paul, that is a great time if you ask me. I usually get like 25-30 min. per puzzle. I would thrilled to have a 5 minute time!!!!!!
Um, are you talking to me t rex? because my name is GARY not PAUL.
Yeah I was talking to you Gary, I don't know why I wrote Paul. I must have miss read your name. Sorry. I feel like such an idiot!
thats ok t rex. i don't see how got Paul from Garyt. hanks for the compliment though.
2:51 Good mAen! It's fun to break the 3 minute mark!
I don't how I did it either. My hands are sticky from my ice cream cone. I have like three scopes of butter peacan on my cone and keeps running down my hand :(
Butter peacan tastes sort of similar to eggnog to me.
thats nice to know
The pic makes me home sick
Shot! Almost to scopes of ice cream fell off my cone and went down my shirt just now!!!!!!!!
I have to go now to clean the ice cream out of my shirt and bra..... it's sooooo cold.....
talking of food. thought i would try the new sandwich at our favorite fast food place. it was very good, but afterwards i was sick all night. very sick all night. regular is ok for me now. no more super sizing for me. I may have thought i was hungry, but i wasnt as hungry as my body was.
I've been away from home for about 4 hours, so, went back and read all the comments since I last posted.

Bostonian, I sure hoped somebody else would have solved the problem you posed. Even though I taught basic math in a continuation high school for about 4 years, I lack some of the More...
Q.How dies a cheerleader answer a phone??

A.Give me a H, Give me a E, Give me a L, Give me another L, Give me an O, What does it spell? HELLO
Feeling guilty doing puzzles when it's so nice outside.
My computer was giving me a hard time this morning so comments didn't post. Alex if serious was out of line.

Dave, How did your post get on todays comments? Is that the old cut and paste deal? I will be skillfully taught by Barb's sister Sue when she comes down Farther's Day. Now More...
Geez, Ed, you sure took the 'love' out of 'lovebug'! Bah, humbug??
Getting serious. Red Hot Chili Peppers, new double album Stadium Arcadium is so good (or so bad).

Vexillology is the word for 'flag studies'

The Nine Volts band, a cross between The band and Husker Du. To some degree.

Barbaro is getting frisky, eating like crazy and eyeing up the fillies. What a guy.
2:25 very easy today, I came to Australia to get
away from snow! Ex-Ottawan!
Hi, Judy, Judy, Judy!

Snow is nice to play in, but I don't want to live in it ever again!
Yesterday I drove for two hours, Tampa to Sarasota and the front of my van had, trust me, 300+ dead funky love bugs. When they get in our house I catch them and take them out side without killing them. I respect their right to live, but as Kathy said they can be a nuisance.
I washed my truck to no avail, they stick like stink on s**t. That's it on the love bugs.
No one in the chatroom
Good maEn to all
liked the joke about the thermometer. Here is another one: Two nurses pass in the hall and one of the nurses has a thermometer above her ear. The other nurse says, Oh that reminds me, now I know where I left my pencil.
Wow - 2:17... my best time ever for easy. Not sure if I like the picture - a foretaste of our coming winter here in New Zealand??? Happy Sunday to you all.
Hey y'all! 2:50 today...must be the great mood I am in from spending the day out in the sun and fresh air doing what I love...SAILING!!! Sign me up for more tomorrow (although it is a race, not a pleasure sail so it is a little more intense)! WAHOO!!!! :o)
very chilly here overnight but not that cold and blue skies and sunshine all day long
have a great day/night one and all
Judy, That from was from me. Oh boy.

I miss the snow. As a snow ball thrower, I always loved to blast Barb, not to the face mind you.
ED: You guys don't yell at each other, but you zing one another with snowballs ... hm-m-m ... :)

We go up to our cabin to downhill and cross-country ski and play on our snowmobile, but I really don't ever want to LIVE in snow full-time again. Been there, done that.
To Susan from Ingham
Good comment about the sports category! I suggested this a few weeks back and got attacked as an anti-sports nut and as someone just too stupid to skip comments that don't interest me. I was also accused of being insensitive to sports fans. But you are obviously able to put these things in a more sensitive manner than I am.
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