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Easy Sudoku for 28/June/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good morning all.
28/Jun/16 12:00 AM
Hi Hal!
28/Jun/16 12:00 AM
'Morning Wolf.
28/Jun/16 12:01 AM
HalT & everyone!
Sunny, but hot again.
Floor guys started this morning. They're doing prep work so far. We make counter top, back splash & lighting selections today.
28/Jun/16 12:02 AM
Hello, Wolf. You sneaked in while I was typing!
28/Jun/16 12:02 AM
Goodnight everybody... time for bed.
Have a good day everyone...
28/Jun/16 12:03 AM
Bunch of early birds.
28/Jun/16 12:06 AM
Chirp chirp!
28/Jun/16 12:17 AM
Is that the Pillsbury Snow Boy or the Goodyear Tire mascot? Either way it would make a great Halloween costume, warm enough for the chilly October night.
28/Jun/16 12:41 AM
It's the Michelin tire logo, Dot.
28/Jun/16 12:57 AM
28/Jun/16 2:17 AM

If I give a third of my money to charity and a quarter of what's left to you, I am left with 45. How much did I originally have?

Answers to my ‘‘charitable’’ inbox please.
28/Jun/16 2:18 AM
28/Jun/16 2:19 AM
Ooooh, I dedicate that last post to Queen Anne!!!
28/Jun/16 2:20 AM
Had a great small time with Katitude and Rob yesterday. Katitude wasn't feeling her best so we took it easy. We had a Hawaiian lunch at the King's Hawaiian Local Place right next door to their bakery factory. Then we went to my home town where my dad and my siblings and I grew up, Gardena, CA.
28/Jun/16 2:22 AM
We went to a little community fair at the Japanese Cultural Institute (my dad was a part of the group who organized, funded, and built the place). It's a fund raiser to support the institute so that they can place the JFW Post 1961, judo club, kendo, aikido, Japanese language school, art classes, etc!
28/Jun/16 2:25 AM
While we were there, we saw the students of the local Polynesian dance group. When we first came in their little 4 to 8 years were doing the Tahitian dances. Ack! Back when I could do a Tahitian dance, I had a definite waist line! I was amazed that I understood the teacher as she called out the dance steps to the little girls!
28/Jun/16 2:31 AM
Stinking hot here, but still bearable. See how I feel in a few hours.
28/Jun/16 2:49 AM
Good mAen, good people. Thank you, Serena. I never knew the Michelin logo had a name. A further surprise is that the name means drunk or glutton or fatso, depending on the source.
28/Jun/16 3:53 AM
Oh, shosho. What a rich life you've led.
Get well soon wishes to Kstitude.
Stay comfortable.
28/Jun/16 3:55 AM
Good morning.
28/Jun/16 3:55 AM
28/Jun/16 3:55 AM
Thank you, Plum.
28/Jun/16 3:56 AM
Actually getting my financial life sorted out, with help from nice bank lady last evening.
28/Jun/16 3:58 AM
New cards, passwords, etc.. What a mess it's been since I fell for that scam!
28/Jun/16 4:00 AM
Same here ,Cathy with very high humidity.
That's supposed to be sweat not tears!
28/Jun/16 4:03 AM
Good afternoon to all! Another hot day here, pushing 38C. with humidity. We did get some rain last night though, so that helped the local farmers.
28/Jun/16 5:39 AM
Never saw 'him' sit before...
28/Jun/16 6:24 AM
Good morning all.
28/Jun/16 7:12 AM
Going to be 11*C here. Just right. Put on a jumper and go for it!
28/Jun/16 7:13 AM
Morning all,fron Dunedoo ,NSW
We should be home later today, can't wait to get into my own bed.
28/Jun/16 7:38 AM
Which reminds me, I need to rotate my tyres.
28/Jun/16 8:12 AM
Wow_Axel, mine rotate as I go along.
28/Jun/16 10:38 AM
Cheeky Peter, but that isn't unusual.
28/Jun/16 10:44 AM
It was somewhere South of -4 degrees here this morning, to be followed by 12 degrees later in the day.
28/Jun/16 10:47 AM
As I can no longer drive my Austin 7 I'm keen to sell it. Without even advertising it I've had two enquiries, so it shouldn't be too hard to sell. I'd like to keep it in the local area if I can. Given where it was made you might call it a BREXIT.
28/Jun/16 10:53 AM
My Chrysler will be feeling lonely if the Austin leaves as I passed my Subaru on to my daughter a few weeks ago. I'm thinking of getting an electric scooter
28/Jun/16 11:02 AM
If no-one beats me to it, this will be a PC.
28/Jun/16 11:04 AM
The electric scooter has a range of about 40km which would be enough to get me to the shops and back.
28/Jun/16 11:06 AM
It's time for bottom of the page.
28/Jun/16 11:07 AM
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