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Easy Sudoku for 28/July/2016


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Night all.
28/Jul/16 12:00 AM
Hi, everyone!
28/Jul/16 12:00 AM
28/Jul/16 12:00 AM
That's OK, Hal - I had my caps-lock on and that slowed me down.
28/Jul/16 12:05 AM
🌞 starting my journey on the site
28/Jul/16 12:36 AM
28/Jul/16 1:19 AM
Hi, everyone. Landscape guy coming tonight to toss around ideas for freshening up our front and side yard. Hope the weather will cool down so we can start digging. (I'm tired just thinking about it).
28/Jul/16 1:31 AM
28/Jul/16 2:10 AM
Had a lovely afternoon with Katitude and Robert yesterday!
And an Obon odori practice in the evening with my friends!
28/Jul/16 2:23 AM
What change does he make?
28/Jul/16 4:19 AM
Good afternoon to all! Quirt here today.
28/Jul/16 4:22 AM
Quirt right.
28/Jul/16 5:08 AM
Definitely quirt, Keith.
28/Jul/16 5:20 AM
Yea, that too folks.
28/Jul/16 5:21 AM
I actually meant Greg, just read my posts wrong.
28/Jul/16 5:21 AM
We're unmerciful, aren't we Greg - picking on a simple typo.
28/Jul/16 5:22 AM
28/Jul/16 5:23 AM
3 way race?
28/Jul/16 5:23 AM
What fun would that be?
28/Jul/16 5:23 AM
We'll see if it happens.
28/Jul/16 5:24 AM
28/Jul/16 5:24 AM
28/Jul/16 5:24 AM
And I laugh, because I have picked up a bit typo in each post I've made this morning including this one which I've just gone back and corrected.
28/Jul/16 5:24 AM
Waah, I was busy correcting typos!!
28/Jul/16 5:25 AM
And you were way too quick, Keith.
28/Jul/16 5:26 AM
6 posts to my one!
28/Jul/16 5:27 AM
I woke poor Mr P up when I got up so I'm off to console him with a cuppa tea! (Nothing else)
28/Jul/16 5:28 AM
Morning all, I wish that guy could change a few things going on in the world today.
28/Jul/16 6:21 AM
1:55. Good morning everyone.
28/Jul/16 6:23 AM
Going to golf today , will see how my knee holds up. 🙏
28/Jul/16 6:23 AM
Good morning all.
28/Jul/16 6:25 AM
Have a good round Amelia. When I was at Matric I tried golf, but haven't fitted any in since. (Early 70s)
28/Jul/16 6:27 AM
I wont be doing a pre-swim warm up lunch again, although I did get half way through a 1500m. It definitely slowed my friend and I down.
28/Jul/16 6:32 AM
Apple pruning today. Enjoy yours folks!
28/Jul/16 6:33 AM
CP, you and Keith remind me of the Spell Master,
28/Jul/16 9:35 AM
Morning everybody...
28/Jul/16 11:38 AM
Spellmaster... there's someone we haven't heard of for a while Greg.
28/Jul/16 11:40 AM
just wondering if I should CP and flip the page...
28/Jul/16 11:40 AM
decisions... decisions... where is Shosho..
28/Jul/16 11:41 AM
Or will I just set it up....
28/Jul/16 11:42 AM
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