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Easy Sudoku for 28/July/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Good Maen, good people.
28/Jul/17 12:00 AM
9->1 today.
28/Jul/17 12:05 AM
good morning Plum and all who follow
28/Jul/17 12:36 AM
Checking back only to discover that I am the only poster so far today.
28/Jul/17 12:37 AM
Oh, good! Thank you, Rage. You posted while I was writing my post. I felt lonely.
28/Jul/17 12:38 AM
everyone! Another very, very quiet day. Everyone still in bed?!
28/Jul/17 1:29 AM
Time for Bed But Before I go, June, while I don't know you, I know your grief, so I want you to Know I'm thinking of you today and sending you Fifty(50) big HUGS.
28/Jul/17 2:28 AM
That goes for me too June.
28/Jul/17 3:46 AM
Evening fire in Summer.
28/Jul/17 4:00 AM
1:37, not the puzzle to do 1->9 on! Good morning everyone.
28/Jul/17 5:58 AM
Woohoo an extra day off work today! A couple of things I have to get out of the way, but it also means I can go for a nice long run this morning - planning on 32km but let's see how it goes.
28/Jul/17 5:59 AM
Morning all,that is a big bonfire.
28/Jul/17 6:09 AM
In this season of massive fires in several countries, this bonfire looks downright stupid and dangerous. There is grass in the foreground and maybe a bit of shrub on the right. Not a great place to light a fire, I think. I hope it's just the photo, and that this was a safe and at least relatively contained fire.
28/Jul/17 6:20 AM
One of the huge fires in Montana was started by some idiot burning a pile of weeds!
28/Jul/17 6:21 AM
Usually, the ads on this site are of items I have recently purchased or researched. Today, however, I have ads for plus size bathing suits. Since I weigh under 100 pounds, they seem a bit misdirected.
28/Jul/17 6:24 AM
I posted a Short ECCO puzzle late yesterday so some of you may have missed it, so I'll post it again.


It is an ECCO puzzle about cities.. Don’t forget that the last letter of each word is the first letter of the next. The number of letters are indicated.
28/Jul/17 9:32 AM
Yes, I'm alive and well, thank you. It's just been a busy day.
28/Jul/17 10:41 AM
Good morning - still, just.
28/Jul/17 11:27 AM
gorgeous sunshine out.
28/Jul/17 11:27 AM
And no frost this morning because it was raining.
28/Jul/17 11:28 AM
Keith should be enjoying dinner if he is an early diner. Or maybe he is just out, which lleaves me to gallump ->
28/Jul/17 11:32 AM
Thank you for your thoughts for me today. I got a lovely surprise when there is a photo on the parents page taken and submitted by Sharon. It is of Laura chasing bubbles in our back yard.
28/Jul/17 11:33 AM
To 22.
28/Jul/17 11:33 AM
June got it!
28/Jul/17 11:34 AM
ssed you by half a hour CP. Not out for lunch today?
28/Jul/17 12:01 PM
Missed out on 'missed'' by two letters. When will I learn to proofread before I send.
28/Jul/17 12:04 PM
Peter, I've just checked out the injuries list for the Bulldogs. There are 11 players on the list, seven of whom I would have in my first 22. Five of them are described as indefinite or season for the length of the injury. No wonder they aren't doing as well as last year.
28/Jul/17 12:08 PM
The Cats are resting a couple of players, but only have one real injury affecting selection. They are probably trying out a few youngster against one of the lower teams.
The Cats have 14 0n their injury list, but cockatoo has been selected to play, but I'd only see about 3 of those in the best 22, and only three for the season. In fact 5 are Test.
28/Jul/17 12:21 PM
Night all.
28/Jul/17 12:23 PM
We're struggling along a bit here. Where is everyone. Someone will probably slip in and stop my CP run.
28/Jul/17 12:23 PM
You see Hal did. Goodnight Hal, I hope the fleas and bugs don't bite. That is part of a traditional rhyme, but I can't remember it all.
28/Jul/17 12:27 PM
The next milestone is 33. It is a pity Hal didn't stay awake long enough to capture it.
28/Jul/17 12:28 PM
Well it's here now......

Ba Muoi Ba
28/Jul/17 12:37 PM
Now on to forty four......
28/Jul/17 12:38 PM
I'll do my bit to tug on the bottom of the page here. I'm on my phone screen so I can't send an ECCO answer yet.
28/Jul/17 12:55 PM
What I CAN do, now , is give this second cat a pill so it goes down first time. It's taken me a few days to figure out how to win. And I'm winning. I'm also his least favorite human being at the moment. Only three more days of pills. He's getting better. But not as much over it as I'd like. Same as the first cat.
28/Jul/17 1:00 PM
Michigan has finally arrived at the weather that rewards everyone for sticking it out through the rest of the year. Perfect. Glorious. Comfortable. A balm.
28/Jul/17 1:05 PM
With beautiful drifts of chicory and Queen Anne's lace to enjoy in the daylight and fireflies (aka lightning bugs) at night.
28/Jul/17 1:08 PM
I was having a discussion about the range and distribution of fireflies with a friend. I could look it up but I can also just ask here. ...
28/Jul/17 1:10 PM
Chime in. Have you seen lightning bugs? If so, where?
28/Jul/17 1:11 PM
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