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Easy Sudoku for 29/January/2017


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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all. Where ever you are.???
29/Jan/17 12:46 AM
🌥Good Maen - could I get a cup of chai here please - thinking my day out - husband birthday tomorrow - will have to find a daily queen open in our winter's month to get some ice cream - his favorite
29/Jan/17 1:00 AM
29/Jan/17 1:04 AM
Good Maen, good people. Hi HalT, mymare and Julie.
29/Jan/17 1:13 AM
Mymare - mmmm. Chai. I like the crunchy cookie mix in DQ's ice cream cake. But since Skye is GF we don't get it for extended family birthdays anymore.
29/Jan/17 1:16 AM
This week for Skye's 17th bd (Feb 1st) I'm going to use a couple of Duncan Hines fancy cake mixes I've had squirrels away in the pantry. Boston Cream Pies (which are cakes, not pies), one mix is GF and the other has wheat flour. Should be an interesting side by side comparison.
29/Jan/17 1:20 AM
Well, the Boston Creams are going to be for the extended family bd party where there will be enough cousins and aunts and uncles to help eat dessert. For the family at-home day of I'm making a small GF cheesecake.
29/Jan/17 1:23 AM
from beautiful OK
29/Jan/17 1:25 AM
Still have bd shopping to do. Oh, and some Christmas shopping, too! We missed Starr and Quill over Christmas so we've kept the tree up with some presents for them underneath. But there are a few extras we've decided to do. We have our belated all-our-kids Christmas next weekend, too!
29/Jan/17 1:28 AM
Hi, Sue!
29/Jan/17 1:28 AM
Plum, my daughter can't have gluten. She mixes her rice flours to bake, even made Harry a carrot cake [his favorite] and he did not taste the difference.
29/Jan/17 1:29 AM
to Skye, Harry's is the 7th. It is a big 0 for him, so big that his dad and sister are coming from CA to have a party.
29/Jan/17 1:31 AM
Great nephew's 18th birthday is today so we are going to Owasso to help celebrate.
29/Jan/17 1:33 AM
Looks like there are a few birthdays in our extended family. Hope everyone has great celebrations!
Good choice, Skye! Hubby's favorite birthday cake is Boston Cream Pie, too, so I make it every year!
(Made the mistake of buying one once and it was terrible!)
29/Jan/17 1:51 AM
Going to a friend's funeral this morning. She died of a massive heart attack. She was in her 60's.
(Please don't smoke.)
29/Jan/17 1:54 AM
That is REALLY extending the holiday, Plum! I always buy wrapping paper after Christmas when it is at least 1/2 off and put it away for the next year. But, you get to use yours!
29/Jan/17 2:23 AM
Happy Saturday!
29/Jan/17 2:53 AM
Good morning to all! Typical winter day here with some snow and cool but mild temperatures. Okay by me!
29/Jan/17 3:12 AM
Gray day here, overcast and chilly.
29/Jan/17 3:14 AM
Close enough to go for it.
29/Jan/17 3:14 AM
29/Jan/17 3:14 AM
29/Jan/17 3:14 AM
Well Oz, you get to host a classic tennis match. The men's singles final will see Nadal face Federer. Talk about going back in time. Should be a classic match for all times. I wonder if any Sudoku players are going to the final?
29/Jan/17 3:15 AM
Well, Keith was ready to pounce. Good gallump Keith!
29/Jan/17 3:16 AM
Good afternoon - snow is in the air....and as long as that is where it stays, that's just fine with me.
29/Jan/17 4:57 AM
29/Jan/17 5:38 AM
Was suppose to meet up with brothers this morning for breakfast, our monthly meeting, but middle brother rushed to the hospital where my niece was taken. She had a severe asthma attack. So I went for a run instead.
29/Jan/17 5:41 AM
Baby bro didn't have his phone with him and didn't get the text that the meeting was cancelled. So after 50 minutes of waiting, luckily he used his wife's phone and found out. ARGH!!! That boy needs to take his phone with him!!!
29/Jan/17 5:43 AM
Morning all, lovely church.
It seems February is popular for birthdays , our grandsons Geoff will be 30yrs on the 3rd ,Dillan will be 29yrs on the 8th , Shaun will be 26yrs on the 16th, plus Dillans fiancée will be 30yrs on the 16th too.
29/Jan/17 6:03 AM
We have the two G grandsons coming today , have to Torryn proof the house.
29/Jan/17 6:06 AM
I always ''baby proof'' before a visit, too, Amelia.
Some in the family contend that the little ones should learn not to touch things. My feeling is I don't want to spend all the time policing them and seeing them get into trouble. I just remove the temptation. My house, my rules.
29/Jan/17 8:13 AM
I agree ,Kathy you can then go off and grab a coffee without worrying what he is doing !
29/Jan/17 9:01 AM
Quick post - from Adelaide. We came over to see an aged friend who i unwell.
29/Jan/17 9:40 AM
Top of the morning to everyone whether it is your birthday or not.
You still have over 24 hours to post Saturday's puzzle. Note I wrongly classified MIAMI as a state. I loved Hal's response that it was also spelt FLORIDA.
Although I'm not scheduled to post a puzzle today, I'll More...
29/Jan/17 9:54 AM
Not going to the tennis Greg, but will be watching it on telly for sure....
29/Jan/17 10:01 AM
Here is the easy up and down.
Morning all, or what ever time it happens to be where you are. Today's puzzle asks you to start with a single letter and make a seven letter word, and then go back to a single letter. You have to do this by adding (or subtracting) one letter at a time and making a More...
29/Jan/17 10:03 AM
Wombat, you have me confused enough with what puzzle is due when that I havent even attempted to an answer

Hopefully the above makes some sense to someone!!
29/Jan/17 10:05 AM
We are in for a run of stinking hot weather for the next week or so with today predicted to be 37C (about 98F), and it is staying round about that. The mitigating factor is that the night time temperatures drop back to 15C (about 60F). CP won't be much cooler in Adelaide, if any, and its likely to be warmer at night.
29/Jan/17 10:11 AM
Lizzy - it's a puzzle! Just do it, then send it in! Let Wombat worry about all those particulars!
29/Jan/17 10:13 AM
Lizzy, Sorry to be confusing. Iv'e posted two puzzles with one more to come.
1. Was posted on Saturday, due Monday.
2. Was posted Sunday, due Monday (Easy)
3. To be posted Monday, due Wednesday (Hard)

Also the time when each poozle is due is at the end of the poozle.

Put simply you have until midday Monday to post the first two and until Wednesday to post the third.
29/Jan/17 10:21 AM
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