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Easy Sudoku for 29/January/2020


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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2:02. Good Morning, all.
29/Jan/20 12:08 AM
Good night Tom and all.
29/Jan/20 12:34 AM
29/Jan/20 1:48 AM
Tom, Hal, and all to follow!
Sleep well, Anne.
29/Jan/20 1:50 AM
No jokes yet from Mr. Cee? Let me rectify that....

How do you ask a dinosaur to lunch?

Tea? Rex?

29/Jan/20 1:53 AM
What does a Scandinavian coke addict do?

29/Jan/20 1:55 AM
My friend went completely bald years ago, but he still carries a comb with him.

He just can't part with it.
29/Jan/20 1:59 AM
If I ever find out the name of the surgeon that screwed up my limb transplant, I'll kill him....

with my bear hands.

29/Jan/20 2:03 AM
29/Jan/20 2:17 AM
What is happening to the site? Mr Cee is threatening to show us his suspenders and Batty is telling us she's 85 million years old. Ha! And I thought she was older than that.
29/Jan/20 2:23 AM
2:33 a bit slow today.
29/Jan/20 3:29 AM
It's still apropos to say Good Morning here - so I shall!
29/Jan/20 3:50 AM
Loved your jokes, Kathy - thanks! Hope you had an enjoyable afternoon yesterday lunching, card-playing & catching-up with friends.
29/Jan/20 3:52 AM
No sunshine yet, but we're having pesky snow squalls to 'whiten' our world … covers the winter debris anyway - have a good day Tom, Hal, Anne (when you arise), Kathy, Denny, From, Shosho, and those who saunter in later!
29/Jan/20 3:56 AM
Since Joyce said it was OK, Good Morning.
29/Jan/20 4:01 AM
Just curious, is everybody seeing the Snowy Mountains panorama in the heading bar, and is a small chunk of the left hand edge showing on the right side? That's what I see.
29/Jan/20 4:05 AM
Yes, Keith, I see a snowy mountains panorama & I'm happy they are up there on my screen & not here! - although it is no longer morning here...…
Can't tell if some of the left edge is from the right side though - how is that evident?
29/Jan/20 4:17 AM
Good mAen, good people. I, too, see the snowy mountain banner. However, if I am looking at what Keith is looking at, I think Keith needs new glasses?
29/Jan/20 4:29 AM
I wonder if Keith can see 👀 his way to 22?
29/Jan/20 4:29 AM
Looking very hard.
29/Jan/20 4:39 AM
I think I can see it from here. Gallump.
29/Jan/20 4:39 AM
29/Jan/20 4:39 AM
29/Jan/20 6:26 AM
Morning all,nothing wrong with Keith's eyesight,he got his 22.
29/Jan/20 6:47 AM
A blast from the past.
The only cow in a small Irish village died and the villagers had no milk. They found that they could buy a cow from Scotland quite cheaply, so they had a collection and bought the cow. It was marvellous, produced lots of milk every day and everyone was happy. They decided More...
29/Jan/20 6:59 AM
1:39, got a bit muddled in the middle. Good morning everyone.
29/Jan/20 7:12 AM
Old photo too.
29/Jan/20 7:16 AM
Funny joke, Jim!

Good stuff, Batty!
29/Jan/20 7:27 AM
day 2 in school English class will learn how to apply for job looking foorward to it.
29/Jan/20 8:24 AM
i see the panorama view of mountains, but no extra bit repeated, not even if i stretch out the window to its fullest width
29/Jan/20 9:09 AM
if From knows kathy is batty, does that make From an old member fron ancient days, or merely a perceptive recent member?
29/Jan/20 9:10 AM
G'day folks, Here is today's Wednesday puzzle, even if it hasn't reached Wednesday in your part off the world.


Here is an out and in puzzle. Your aim is to make a word each time by adding
a letter until the longest word and then by subtracting one.
You can More...
29/Jan/20 9:26 AM
Well the fire crisis over here isn't finished yet. The Auroral Valley fire has come to life again and is burning near the southern border of the ACT. It is rated as out of control, but the fires have had quite a long time to prepare for it, so we are hopeful it will be contained. As we are at 33 More...
29/Jan/20 9:34 AM
The bad news is that we are about to have some catastrophic weather, strong winds and extreme temperatures. It is only 35 today, then up to 38 on Thursday, and 42 on Friday and Saturday, before it drops on Sunday and there is a chance of rain. We are pretty well prepared, but not entirely confident.
29/Jan/20 9:41 AM
I’m not all that concerned about this Coronavirus yet unless it starts to spread to other imported beers.
29/Jan/20 9:41 AM
Coronavirus won't last long

It was made in China
29/Jan/20 9:42 AM

Did you hear about the two psychiatrists who passed each other on a walk?

One said to the other, “You’re fine, How am I?”
29/Jan/20 9:44 AM
We have had a visit from a loss assessor to assess the damage from the hail storm. He was a very pleasant young man, seemed to accept that the damage was due to the hail, gave us good advice and set the process of fixing the problems in place.
29/Jan/20 9:44 AM
Recording on an Australian tax help line,

If you understand English, press 1.

If you do not understand English, press 2.
29/Jan/20 9:46 AM
Good ones Mr. Cee, Phantom should reappraise your skill with jokes is not limited to retelling ones, those original ones are great. The psychiatrist one is a bit old.
29/Jan/20 9:49 AM
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