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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2005


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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First to post again, I think!!!
Trevene from Trinidad
2:24, thought I was done, then saw an open square
You might be first but I was last trying to be first. see yesterday.
I might be first!!! but only because I haven't finished yeaterday's tough yet !!!
5th after 2 'service unavailable's
4:22 pitiful I know
3:09 ooooooh, stealth bomber
3.05 It's that Stealth fighter plane again.
Any tips on how to solve this puzzle quicker? Love the conversations
easier to get on today!
I finished this in 1.49. I started when it came up. My stupid keyboard stoped working on me so I missed out! =(
Of course, I didn't do the puzzle before posting! There weren't any numbers!

sweetie, if you're pitiful, I don't know WHAT I am! 4:37 when the numbers appeared after submitting the comment.

Pete(PD), Thanks for the chuckle!! Great way to start my day of toil. Where's Port Douglas?

Trevene - Welcome back!
Stealth in a blizzard!
2:20; don't think I will ever break 2 minute barrier, but also thought that about 3 minute one.
Trevene hope you are feeling better today. Glad to see you back.
Have just not had the time to get on and have missed.....just been to see '40 year old virgin' very very funny hope all are well and that Liam is thriving and that baby in Adelaide (I think) is also doing well
Good morning everyone....no pic today!! Just for those who care...we have had lots of lovely rain in the last couple of days (40mls) and the most amazing thunderstorms crashing through our valley!!
jh the way we amuse ourselves.
Port is in Far North Queensland, Australia, about 1 hour drive north of Cairns. We have the world heritage Daintree rainforest at our back and the Great Barrier Reef out front. There are definitely worse places to live.
3.07 Strange pic.. what's that?
3.40 - very stealthy indeed.I wonder if this is a rebel spy plane plotting ways to usurp the throne of QRP.If so,I'd like to know who's funding the coup d'etat -perhaps it's Ted,since he seems to be the only one with cash around here.Fancy flashing it about on all those airfares-dead giveaway(no pun intended).
hi all (just in case don't get on again)

Joke of the Day:
Why do seagulls fly over the sea? Because if they flew over the bay they'd be bagels.
wow green eyed monster coming out.
shabayah love thunder storms, but don't get very many big ones.
Pete lucky, wish I had some better views. Should by a home along the American River, but haven't won the $147 million lottery yet.
Oh my, the number of comments yesterday was incredible. Hello everyone, great comments.
if anyone lives in the lower mainland take the time to check out Art Knapps Xmas tree display. they have just started working on it but this year they have really outdone themselves. the colors, the ornaments, the vignettes......
3.45 hello everyon. If a stealth bomber crashes in the forest would anyone hear it?
Very rainy and wet here. this weekend we change the clocks to Standard time (back one hour)
Afternoon all. Not posting a time, have a pounding headache, so the time is not good (that's my excuse anyway). To get in the mood for Halloween, all those with Sky tv, watch living tv 9.oopm fri, sat, sun & mon, Most haunted live. One of the best things on. In my humble oppinion.
there are four stages in life, they are....
number one.... you believe in santa claus.
number two.... you don't believe in santa claus
number three.. you are santa claus.
number four... you look like santa claus.
hey LP welcome I saw your note from yesterday. Welcome back trevane sorry you werent feeling well. 2:06
3:50 Good morning all.
k from brissie No that's why they call them stealth.
Goodnight all.
3:21 Damned database errors.Hi guys,eastenders and bleak house rocked last night.
bad joke moment...What did santa say to the 3 blondes on the corner?Ho ho ho.
andré love the joke. told my roommate and she dead laughing
Retract former statement,alterego joker surfaced for a moment but don't worry,he's back in his box.My thought for the day 'just because you're paranoid doesn't mean their not after you' this one goes out king and queen red pen.
Have to say interesting conversations yesterday. Being a parent to an 18 yr and 22 yr old girls I can really relate to all comments. Its nice knowing that no one is alone raising teenagers. My husband always said the aliens came and took our daughters when they were 12 and didnt return them till they were 19....... all worth it though!
2:14 after a great night's sleep. little liam is starting to get the hang of this nighttime thing...
then i read pams comment... i guess in another few years i can throw sleep out the window again and replace with worry!
R from Poco, we change our clocks the other way this weekend! Great, I love daylight saving!!
Funny picture... a mutant UFO, perhaps?...
yes unfortunatly you will Lisa
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