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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2007


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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all - another beautiful day in So. Oregon.

Join me and Kermit the Frog - Sufferging from "LIME IN THE COCONUT" on my Utube.

Who's the lovely couple.
29/Oct/07 12:04 AM
29/Oct/07 12:04 AM
suffering not sufferging.
29/Oct/07 12:05 AM
Welcome to daylight savings time. Who are the newlyweds? 3.27
29/Oct/07 12:05 AM
It always freaks me out when I get two pictures for solving one puzzle.
29/Oct/07 12:07 AM
from sunny and warm (this report is going to get boring) Arizona
Daylight saving???? Who changed, Australia???
29/Oct/07 12:19 AM
Cute avatar, Dave ... is your club head big enough??
29/Oct/07 12:25 AM
2:54 Hi to all. Happy couple as it should be.

Thought for the Day:

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.
29/Oct/07 12:26 AM
Happy Birthday to GMo and to Kat may your birthday be a good one x
29/Oct/07 12:27 AM
29/Oct/07 12:27 AM
"Beautiful times not needs any comment".
Beautiful time to all of you.
29/Oct/07 12:28 AM
, Grannie Mo
, Kat
29/Oct/07 12:30 AM
Birthday Greetings to my 'twin' Kat
29/Oct/07 12:31 AM
GrannieMo and Kat Don't celebrate too much....
29/Oct/07 12:34 AM
All the better to hit it straight and into the ever present 'bush' at the end of the fairway.
29/Oct/07 12:40 AM
GrannieMo and Kat! Have a truly splendiferous day!!!
29/Oct/07 12:42 AM
Many thanks to Canuk Greg and Jane for the info on chess pies. Think I better stick to eating them, rather than making them.
29/Oct/07 12:42 AM
HELP! I would be ever so grateful if someone could explain something to me. My computer (going on 9 years old) was pre-programmed to automatically change the clock at the start and end of Daylight Savings Time. When this happens, the clock adjusts to the new time and all the icons on my desktop More...
29/Oct/07 12:49 AM
Better get out and get some projects done. It's going to get hot this afternoon. 93.... I Love It.....
29/Oct/07 12:51 AM

29/Oct/07 1:05 AM
3:04.what a happy looking couple.Happy Birthday GrannieMo and Kat hope you both have a great day.
29/Oct/07 1:57 AM
all. Computers are a mystery to me, as are most things technical!
to GrannieMo & Kat, the birthday twins! And belated to fi and all those whose celebrations (birthday, anniversary, etc.) I have missed the past couple months. I am trying to cut More...
29/Oct/07 1:59 AM
29/Oct/07 2:24 AM

to GMo and Kat! Hope you both have a great day

Do we know this couple?
29/Oct/07 2:25 AM
29/Oct/07 2:28 AM
29/Oct/07 2:35 AM
mutlu yıllar (happyphırthey)
29/Oct/07 2:35 AM
Good afternoon to all! A nice (and happy) looking couple!
29/Oct/07 2:41 AM

SPECIAL SONG FOR MO: Happy Birthday Mo, and I'm thinking that all your friends in Australia would love to see you celebrate your next birthday down-under, so this song is beiong posted on their behalf for you. James Taylor singing "You've Got A Friend." Cheers!
29/Oct/07 2:46 AM
Greg, thank you, that song is beautiful. Yes I hope to be in WA next year. Any chance you will be there then? I remember you talked about visiting Australia when you finally take the plunge and retire, or will you still be too young?
29/Oct/07 3:03 AM
Jane - have you done ANY updates (Microsoft) since last Spring? A DST update could have been included without a specific reference.
29/Oct/07 3:06 AM
GrannieMo...your avatar reminds me of my cleaning when we got down here to Arizona. When I pulled a glass globe off a ceiling light, there was a skeleton of a scorpion.
29/Oct/07 3:16 AM
And your avatar reminds me that I have a date to play 9 holes tomorrow morning followed by lunch with the girls at the club.
29/Oct/07 3:23 AM
Working on it Mo. Hopefully we'll rub elbows!
29/Oct/07 3:27 AM
to you,
to you,
dear Kat and GannieMo,
to you!
May your day be wonderful with a and lots of !!!
29/Oct/07 3:46 AM
GrannieMo & Kat - Happy Birthday from beautiful sunny Texas!!!

29/Oct/07 4:08 AM
Let's end this page
29/Oct/07 4:08 AM
And start another one
29/Oct/07 4:08 AM
Now I can go to school and get some work done.
29/Oct/07 4:09 AM
Grannie Mo, hope the golf goes well tomorrow - where are you playing?
to Kat too!
29/Oct/07 4:13 AM
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