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Easy Sudoku for 29/October/2011


Choose a number, and place it in the grid above.

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Submitted by: sudoku lover

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Why is a ghost like an empty house?

… Because there's no body there!
29/Oct/11 1:57 AM
Good morning people of the world.
29/Oct/11 2:03 AM
National Forgiveness Day.
29/Oct/11 2:03 AM
GannieMo and Kat, happy advancing in age.
29/Oct/11 2:04 AM
What a game last night, nice comeback by the Cardinals. The game did end before morning here.
29/Oct/11 2:18 AM
Just to show you I am kinder than Fiona.....
Everyone look carefully at today's puzzle. A little more to it than you think......
29/Oct/11 2:44 AM
to all from So. Oregon - going on 9 AM and up to 36° today.

Kat Gannie MO - celebrate through the weekend.

in advance for forgiving me all my faults on National Forgiveness Day.

or am I More...
29/Oct/11 2:50 AM
The ghost of Halloween.
29/Oct/11 3:56 AM
I was not familiar with these sheep statues before! I'm going to have to research them. Thanks Eileen. I love learning something new.
29/Oct/11 4:06 AM

“Under a bushel ne’er hide your light.”
(I’ve twisted it round so it rhymes right.)
But – “never cast pearls in front of a swine” –
- a different conclusion than in the first line.

How then to decide from conflicting advice?
By spinning a penny or More...
29/Oct/11 4:20 AM
29/Oct/11 4:22 AM
Gannie Mo!
29/Oct/11 4:23 AM
I have been told that it is time to get off the computer and do something productive.
29/Oct/11 4:24 AM
Love it, Ray! Especially that last bit of advice!
29/Oct/11 4:26 AM
What happened when the vampire met the werewolf?

… They became the best of fiends!
29/Oct/11 4:58 AM
What Central American country has the most spooks?

… Ghosta Rica!
29/Oct/11 4:59 AM
What would you get if you crossed the Wolfman with a dog?

… A werewoof!
29/Oct/11 4:59 AM
Did you hear about the ghost who went on safari?

… He was a big-game haunter!
29/Oct/11 4:59 AM
What game do baby ghosts like to play?

… Shriek-a-boo!
29/Oct/11 4:59 AM
What's fat, furry, and terrorises the fridge?

… Garfiend!
29/Oct/11 4:59 AM
29/Oct/11 5:32 AM
Fun and clever poem, Rayray. It brightened up a drab, cold and wet day for me.
29/Oct/11 5:58 AM
Nice poem, Rayray.
29/Oct/11 6:35 AM
Good afternoon to all! A rather bullish picture today.
29/Oct/11 6:40 AM
Mo, Kate and Fii (NT). hope it is wonderful for all of you!
29/Oct/11 6:41 AM
Rayray, interesting subject matter for you. You forgot to empty your pockets before you did your wash, right?
29/Oct/11 6:45 AM
2:13 Old Egypt, a fascinating culture. The Tutankhamun exhibition is here till early December.
29/Oct/11 7:07 AM
I cannot BELIEVE that Hal thinks baseball is boring ... this from a man whose favorite spectator sport is watching cars go round and round in a circle for hours!! Talk about watching the grass grow ... ROFL!
29/Oct/11 7:57 AM
I must disagree with the majority here - the game last night made me sick?!?! : (
I will say that if I had no vested interest, I would have probably enjoyed it tremendously, but I DO care.
29/Oct/11 8:27 AM
Where does a vampire keep his Easter candy?

… In his Easter casket!
29/Oct/11 8:30 AM
How does a monster begin a fairy tale?

… "Once upon a slime . . ."
29/Oct/11 8:31 AM
What's worse than a vampire with a toothache?

… A skeleton with arthritis!
29/Oct/11 8:31 AM
What happened when the ghost disappeared in the fog?

… He was mist!
29/Oct/11 8:31 AM
What does a vampire take for a cold?

… Coffin syrup!
29/Oct/11 8:31 AM
Where do ghost ships like to cruise?

… In the Scare-ibbean Sea!
29/Oct/11 8:31 AM
Morning everyone. Lovely sunny day here.
29/Oct/11 9:17 AM
The day is almost over and I am just finding time to do the puzzles. Seems like I have been on the go all day. Don't know why but the kids are out of school today, they seemed to be every where I had to go.
29/Oct/11 9:25 AM
Very Happy Birthdays to GMo and Kat!!!
29/Oct/11 9:59 AM
Oh, don't stop now.
29/Oct/11 10:05 AM
I enjoyed your poem, Rayray! Reminds me of the old adage: "If you come to a fork in the road, take it."
29/Oct/11 10:05 AM
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